How To Pin Website On Chromebook Menu Bar

Do you want to pin a website to the Chromebook menu bar? Just like a Windows computer, a Chromebook provides a taskbar under the screen for easy access to applications on the device. Some of them are there by default, and you can also pin any other applications you want. But one thing to know that you might not know is that you can also pin individual websites, too. In fact, you can also make this website open in another separate window and change it into a web-based app.

Steps To Pin Website On Chromebook Menu Bar

Pin Website On Chromebook

If you want to get begin then:

  1. Head over to Chrome and visits a website you like to pin to the taskbar.
  2. Next, tap the options menu located at the top-right of the screen and move to More tools > Create Shortcut.
  3. A prompt appears to enter in a name for the shortcut and then tap the “Create” button.
  4. The website icon will also be added to the taskbar. If you really like to make it work as an app, right-tap the icon and select the “New Window” option. Alternatively, it simply opens in a new tab in the Google Chrome browser like any website. In fact, you probably want to set the other default icons on the taskbar just to open in another window, too.

That’s all about it! The website icon will also appear on the taskbar and can open as a separate window whenever you tap on it. Or else, click if you have a touchscreen Chromebook. Then you can have several windows open at the same time versus various tabs in a single Chrome session.

There are a few things you must do to manage the windows, namely. Just press the “overview (F5)” key on the keyboard. It’ll provide you the same experience to task view (Alt + Tab) on Windows. It will show all your recently open apps or windows and you can then tap on the one you like to focus on.

If you like to erase a shortcut from the taskbar, just right-tap on it and select “Unpin” from the menu.

The process is quite similar to use a website as an application on Windows from Chrome. You can also pin any site you like, but some best ones to use are services such as Facebook or Twitter for social media. Or else Pandora or Spotify for web versions of MS Office or music.

Also remember that Chrome variant 70 and higher support Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), too. And PWAs are just like using websites such as web apps, but with more powerful functionality. For instance, you can install Twitter or Spotify PWAs from the Chrome browser on Chrome OS, Windows, and macOS.


Here’s all about the ‘Pin Website On Chromebook Menu Bar’. If you want to share anything that is helpful or informative for our readers then let us know below!

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