How To Reconnect Logitech Connection Utility

Do you want to connect Logitech Connection Utility? I bought a Logitech MX 1100 Bluetooth mouse, and I was very happy with it. But, when I start using it on my PC or laptop every time I pack up to move somewhere I want to unplug the USB receiver stick. As it is with the connector, so disconnecting it frequently puts a strain on the hardware, and after a few months, my receiver gave out and stopped working. Hopefully, this mouse came with a warranty of three or four years, and Logitech sent me the latest one within a week. Well, this was great, the old mouse can’t connect to the latest receiver.

If you are working with another receiver as I am – if you just connect in the receiver and activate the mouse, that can’t work. If you want to add devices using the control panel, that stops working either. Using these mouses, you’re always going to use Logitech’s custom connection software.

Reconnect Logitech Connection Utility

Reconnect Logitech Connection Utility

Step 1:

On Windows, you can either use the SetPoint Logitech Keyboard or Mouse or the Logitech Connection Utility. You can also install the full SetPoint package from Logitech’s site.

Link: Logitech Connection Utility

*Remember that the connection utility can’t support Mac PC’s, so if you are executing a Mac you want to install the SetPoint software.

Step 2:

Once you’ve installed the Logitech Connection Utility then move ahead and then launch it and open the app. Relax – it can’t install or download anything. Tap the Next button on the welcome page, and the tool tells you to connect the latest receiver. After this, you’ll reach the pairing display screen. It’s quite straightforward or really simple. Just disable your mouse (or take out the batteries) and then enable the mouse. Now, your mouse should be paired with the receiver. But, certainly, this doesn’t work properly.

What’s More?

In case pairing fails, Logitech recommends that you try to contact their customer support – but there is one more thing that you must try first. From the connection utility, move back to the Welcome screen and then tap AdvancedAfter doing this it will bring you to the new window; here you pick the Pair a New Device. A window pop-ups, in fact, it’s quite similar to the regular pairing window but after this one, it’ll create a new example of the pairing process.

All done!


I hope you understand all the above-mentioned steps very well. If you still have any questions circling on your mind then let us know below!

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