How To Remove Google’s Location History & Activity Data

Do you want to remove Google’s location history and activity data? We all use Google services as they are part of our life. However, if you like to secure your privacy as much as possible. The enterprise offers all of its free services by gathering your data and selling it to others. Also, According to Google, the data collection is to improve our experience with its applications. That is quite true. It can also help you to search for a good restaurant very easily or pick up on an earlier search query.

But do you know how Google was collecting your data? Even if you disabled Location History. The enterprise was still collecting your location data or you can say the company monitors your activity. In fact, we displayed to you how you can stop Google from tracking your activity.

If you’re concerned about your location or tracking activity, you can head over to Google activity control settings and disable all tracking. However, doing so stops essential features in some Google apps from offering you good results. Google Maps, for example.

But now the search engine appears to be taking steps to make it simpler or easier for everyone to control privacy settings. Google launched the new controls that enable you to automatically remove your web activity data or location history. This is a type of “middle ground”. That allows lets you use activity tracking services or location to their full potential, and have your data automatically removed after a certain amount of time.

How Did Google Know Your Activity?


There are two methods to get a copy of all the data Google collects on you: Dashboard or Takeout. Takeout was designed to allow users to collect their data from Google and move it to another service, starting with pictures and contacts but after expanding to Google Fit activity data, mobile device settings, Chrome bookmarks, and also your Cloud Print history.

The dashboard was created with data management in mind. Also, it offers a snapshot of the data Google gathers about you as you use its services. However, it includes the total number of emails, total files in your Drive, and photos Google saves for you. But the important information is what Google dubs “activity data”, like your recent location or browsing history or searches.

Another source of Google data is your profile, which is in your Google Account. At the bottom of the menu, move to “Personal Info”: on this page, you can then view what information Google makes public about you and update info like your picture and birthdate. You can’t just remove this data, but if you like to confuse Google you can enter incorrect information.

Google’s Location History: What’s more?

Google uses your data to create an advertising profile, making its money through ads. However, Google’s parent firm Alphabet posted revenue or ads of $32.6 billion. It can do this by allowing enterprises to personalize their ads. That is why that pair of trainers you’ve been desiring keep following you all around the web.

How To Remove Google Location History & Activity Data Automatically

Google Location History

You can turn on or enable the auto-delete feature through any device with Chrome. Initially, we’ll look at how to use or set it up through your mobile. Move to Google Activity Controls and click “Manage Activity” at the bottom of the “Web & Activity” section. Then you can select to auto-delete activity after 3 or 15 months and then confirm the action. Though it would be good to view more options here.

You can also set it up or use your browser on PC. Move to your Google Account Activity Control then log into it. Then tap the “Manage Activity” link at the bottom of the Web & App Activity.

Then, tap the “Choose to delete automatically” button.

You can then choose the amount of time you want your data to be removed automatically and confirm it.

Note: Keep in mind while you’re there you can easily flip the “Pause” switch to disable collection completely. And you can also view other activities such as Voice & Audio, Search History, YouTube Watch, and much more. And you can then move into each section and manually remove the info, too.


Whenever you talk on your mobile or a Google Home device, like tapping the microphone icon in Chrome or saying “Okay Google”, a record is maintained. Google uses that data to easily understand your voice. Every clip is accompanied by information on when the recording was made and through which application, like Android Google App or Chrome. However, you can also playback the sound clips. They can be removed en-masse or step-by-step. These recordings can be turned off in your account in the My Activity tab

Google knows that people may want to remove their voice history with their voices. So, he introduces commands: “Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you”. These voice steps don’t want to be enabled through the settings menu but you can do it directly.


Here’s all about ‘Remove Google’s Location History & Activity Data’. This is an essential tool. I’d like to view Google add the ability to auto-remove other activities it collects, too.

But make sure, even though your activity or location is removed from the activity control center, there is a recovery of that data on a server somewhere. The only possible way to stop it is to go off the grid. But rather than being “all in” at least there are some methods to soften the constant tracking blow.

Also, as a final alarm – and this pertains to security or privacy – make sure you have 2FA Authentication turned on for every service or app that offers it. That adds an additional layer of security to all the online services you use.

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