How to Remove Microsoft Teams if It Keeps Reinstalling

Like all other remote working apps, Microsoft Teams has also become an important part of the work-from-home experience for millions of folks worldwide. It is available for free or as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft Teams is actually a great collaboration tool for workers, however, it is not for everyone actually. Let’s now discuss how to Remove Microsoft Teams if It Keeps Reinstalling

If you guys are wedded to Slack or you prefer open-source alternatives such as Mattermost. Then you may prefer to uninstall Microsoft Teams entirely. Unfortunately, there are also signs that Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling itself if you guys don’t follow strict instructions on how you can uninstall Microsoft Teams/. Because the usual uninstall methods won’t actually work for many users.

Why Do Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling

Many Windows users reported that Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling itself even though they had uninstalled Teams from their PCs. It is incredibly irritating actually. Why do Microsoft Teams keep reinstalling itself? The reason is that you just delete Microsoft Teams and keep another problem that’s name is Teams Machine-Wide Installer installed on your computer.

how to remove microsoft teams

If you guys just uninstall Microsoft Teams, then the Teams Machine-Wide Installer will reinstall it each and every time you sign in to your PC. Therefore, in order to stop Microsoft Teams from starting automatically or installing itself. You should delete these two applications simultaneously actually.

Keep on reading to figure out the detailed steps in order to get rid of the situation – Microsoft Teams keeps reinstalling.

How to Remove Microsoft Teams if It Keeps Reinstalling

The following content basically shows you how you can stop Microsoft Teams from keeps installing through two workarounds on Windows 10. Refer to either Way 1 or Way 2 in order to get rid of the annoying issue.

How to Remove Microsoft Teams using Windows Settings

Uninstalling Microsoft Teams basically needs a Windows administrator account. If you guys are able to uninstall Windows software on your PC. Then you can also delete Microsoft Teams via the Windows Settings menu.

  • If you want to uninstall Microsoft Teams, right-click the Windows Start menu and press the Settings option.
  • Now in the Windows Settings menu, click on Apps > Apps & features. In the Apps & features menu, search for Teams through the Search this list box. If you guys have the Teams Machine-Wide Installer listed. This will then appear alongside Microsoft Teams in the list actually.
  • You guys will have to delete both Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer using this menu. Tap on the Microsoft Teams option first, then tap on the Uninstall button.

how to remove microsoft teams

  • You will have to confirm if or not you want to remove Microsoft Teams. If you want to do this, then tap on the Uninstall button that appears.
  • Now wait a few moments—Microsoft Teams will uninstall automatically. When this process is complete, you then have to repeat the steps above for the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Choose the option, then click on Uninstall > Uninstall in order to remove it.


After just a few moments, the Teams Machine-Wide Installer will then be removed. After this, Microsoft Teams should be completely uninstalled actually. And you guys should not see it appear again unless you select to reinstall it manually.

How to Remove Microsoft Teams via Control Panel

  • First, type Control Panel in the Cortana’s search bar and then open Control Panel through tapping on the result.
  • Now on the Control Panel window, just tap on Programs.
  • Press Uninstall a program that is under Programs and Features.
  • You have to search for Teams and your system will then list both Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Right-tap on each and every one of them and tap on Uninstall.

If you have tried which one of the two ways, then Windows Teams should never reinstall automatically on your PC. If you want to reuse the application, then you should re-download it and then install it.

Clean your Microsoft Teams Configuration Folders and Registry Keys

Well, Microsoft Teams should stop installing itself when the Teams Machine-Wide Installer has been removed. If it continues to install itself, then you guys may want to clean up and delete some additional configuration files too.

You guys can also set a registry key in order to block Microsoft Teams from installing itself for PCs. There the Microsoft Teams has also been installed as part of an organizational deployment. Although this may only work for some users too.

  • First, you will need to check that the Microsoft Teams configuration folder has been removed or not. Open Windows File Explorer and then type %localappdata%\Microsoft\ in the address bar. If a Teams folder exists, right-tap and press Delete in order to remove it.
  • You guys can also create a key in the Windows registry that can stop Microsoft Teams from reinstalling automatically in many conditions. You’ll also need to open the Windows Registry Editor tool to do this—tap on Windows + R in order to open the Run launch box, and type Regedit, then tap on OK to do this.


  • In the Registry Editor window, you have to use the side menu in order to open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Teams\ registry folder. Also, if there is not a PreventInstallationFromMsi key in place, then you will have to create one too. Right-click and then tap on New > String Value, which names the string PreventInstallationFromMsi whenever you insert that.
  • Double-tap on the string that you created and give it a value of 1. Then press OK in order to save. You guys can also close the Registry Editor at this point.

Use the Microsoft Office Removal Tool

For Microsoft Teams in order to reinstall itself, you guys will probably be using Office as part of a Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) subscription. If your subscription has lapsed, then uninstalling Office should uninstall Microsoft Teams too and avoid this from happening as well.

When you are removing Office (that includes Microsoft Teams) via Windows Settings should work for most of the users. You can also remove Office and Microsoft Teams together via the Microsoft Office Removal Tool. This should completely delete all setup files and avoid any automatic reinstallations as well.


  • You have to download the Office removal tool and run the file. After just a few moments, the Office removal tool installer will then open. Begin the installation through tapping the Install button.

how to remove microsoft teams

  • The Office removal tool will then open automatically when the installation completes. You have to accept the terms and conditions through pressing the Agree button.
  • Choose your version of Microsoft Office in the Microsoft Support and Recovery window just press the checkbox next to it. When you’re ready to remove it, then just press the Next button.
  • Well, if there are any further instructions for your version of Office, then also confirm these at the following stage. At the final stage, you have to tap on the I have saved all my work checkbox and click Next to continue.
  • The Office removal tool will then ask you to restart—if this doesn’t happen automatically. Then tap to confirm this and begin the restart. When your PC has restarted, follow any further on-screen instructions in order to complete the full Office removal.

The Office removal tool will then complete the full removal of all Office files from your PC. That also includes Microsoft Teams. This should avoid any further automatic reinstallations through Microsoft Teams, and you guys will have to install it again manually should you want to use it again.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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