How To Set Up Windows XP Emulator With Limbo

Are you trying to set up a Windows XP emulator with Limbo? Windows XP is of the best with a small number of users continuing to use this 20-year-old OS on their computer. If you like to experiment with XP today, you can then use a Windows XP emulator on Android using the Limbo app.

What Do You Know About Windows XP Emulator?

Windows XP Emulator

An emulator is a piece of software that lets you execute software on a device it wasn’t made for. For example, you can easily execute an Android emulator on Windows to give you access to mobile apps without needing to own a mobile device yourself.

Emulators also create the right conditions for older software to work. That is why some common emulators are game emulators. As it lets you play old console games on your computer, where consoles like the Wii U can be emulated.

You can also do the same with Windows XP. However, a Windows XP emulator is just like a Windows XP virtual machine, allowing you to execute this older system on the latest hardware. The mobile device’s portability like tablets or mobile devices makes it a good choice for executing a portable Windows XP emulator.

You can also control this using your mobile device or use VNC to convert XP into a remote desktop. It allows you to connect and control it from another device like your computer.

How To Download Windows XP ISO

Download Windows XP ISO

Before you start installing your Windows XP emulator, you want Windows XP installation files in the ISO image file format.

If you are using an old Windows XP installation CD. Then you should create an ISO file using it. Rather than the age of the OS, you’ll still want a legal Windows XP product key to enable Windows.

If you don’t have any old XP installation files. Then you might be able to locate these online. For example, you can also use the files provided as part of the Windows XP mode software just to create an ISO file. Well, it is Microsoft’s own XP emulator for Windows 7 computers and is a legal source for XP installation files.

When you have the ISO file, then transfer this to your mobile device. If your device provides a microSD card, erase and connect this to your computer first before moving the ISO file to it. You can then return the card to your device.

Alternatively, just use a direct PC-to-Android cabled connection to copy all files to your internal storage. You can also use Bluetooth to move your files, but mention the size of the ISO file, as it could take a few minutes to complete.

How To Install Limbo On Android


After you have the Windows XP installation files accessible on your mobile device in the ISO file format. Then you want to install the Limbo emulator app. However, the emulator is unavailable in the Google Play Store, so you want to install and download it manually.

You can then install the app from your computer using ADB. On the other hand, you can easily access the Limbo download page from your mobile device’s browser and install the new APK release file (the android-x86-release to emulate PC hardware).

  • You want to let Android APK installations from sources rather than Google Play before doing this. Well, it depends on your mobile device version, Android will ask you for permission to download from unwanted sources after you try to attempt to open the APK file. Follow the instructions on-screen to do this.
  • When the Android has permission to install or download apps from unwanted sources, then try to attempt to open the APK file again. As it’ll launch the package installer. Click Install to authorize the app installation.

How To Use Or Set Up Windows XP On Android

You can also use Limbo to emulate a computer capable of executing Windows XP through an ISO file to install it on your device.

Set Up Windows XP On Android

  • If you like to begin, head over to the Limbo app. Then you want to acknowledge the license agreement when you initially launch it, so click I Acknowledge to accept this.
  • You can also start setting up the perfect virtual PC for your XP installation from the main Limbo display screen. However, in the Load Machine drop-down menu, click Next.
  • Then assign your new virtual machine a name (for example, Windows XP), then click Create to confirm.
  • Limbo also offers you access to a list of Linux OS to download or install. You can then tap Cancel, as you’re installing Windows from the ISO file.

Then you want to configure your virtual machine settings to emulate the right computer hardware for XP. Just click every section to set the following configuration.

  • From the drop-down menu CPU/Board, just set the settings to the following: x64 Architecture, PC Machine Type, 1024 RAM Memory (MB), CPU version, 2 CPU Cores. You can also choose higher CPU Cores and RAM Memory (MB) values whenever your device provides many CPU cores and memory available.
  • At the bottom of the Disks, click the checkbox to turn on Hard Disk A. Then choose New from the drop-down menu. Then specify the image a name, use a minimum size of 2GB, then click Create.
  • At the bottom of Removable, click Open located next to CDROM. Then choose the XP ISO file here.
  • From the Boot, just set Hard Disk as the Boot from Device option.
  • Now under the Graphics, specify vmware just like the Video Display option.
  • From a security perspective, it is not good to provide a Wifi connection to your XP emulator. If you know the risks. Then you can do this at the bottom of the Network section before you launch it.
  • When your settings are in place, click the play/start button to start executing the XP emulator on your device.

How To Access It?

You can also access the Windows XP emulator through the Limbo app whenever you hit Play. However, the above settings are designed to lets you use XP from your device. With the help of a touch screen to switch the mouse pointer. Also, you can use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for quick access.

You will also want to follow the on-screen steps when you initially launch your VM to install XP to the virtual hard drive file you created. As it’ll follow a typical XP setup, allowing you to configure your locale and many XP settings. The installation might take a few minutes to complete.

After you successfully installed XP, you can start using it how it was designed to be used. You want to erase the XP ISO from the Removable section to make sure that the ISO file won’t load the installer files, however.

If you like to remotely access XP, you want to modify the User Interface setting from SDL to VNC to use a VNC client such as VNC Viewer on your computer to remotely access the emulator while it executes on your device.


I hope you understand how to use or set up Windows XP Emulator. If you want to share anything else then let us know below!

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