How to stop a iMessage from Sending: Tutorial Guide

stop a iMessageThere often occurs a mistake that we sometimes send messages to the wrong person. So when you send an iMessage to the wrong person, however, it is also able to be one of the most shaming things ever. So this is especially the case with messages simply that you plan for your boyfriend/girlfriend. But end up moving to co-workers, friends, or family instead. Here you will learn the way to stop a iMessage from Sending.

I have had lots of conditions where an iMessage I planned for a particular person ended up. However, just  going to someone else all because I was not paying attention. And I will be the first in order to tell you that when you learn the hard way even just at a time. You will become prompted in order to learn the to prevent an iMessage dead in its tracks before it gets to the mistaken person ever again.

In this guide, we will support keep you from standing in similar shoes. And take you via the steps essential to cancel the sending of an iMessage before. So it even approaches Apple’s servers. However, where it would then be pushed to all of the utilzer’s iOS devices and also Macs. 

Stop a iMessage at a time it begins sending

However, the first thing in order to realize is when you send a message simply to a person by using iMessage. There is no receiving it back at a time it hits Apple’s servers. Similarly, this is the cause you have to intercept the message before Apple’s servers receive it. However, this also means so then you have to act fast before the blue progress bar approaches the right side of the screen after sending the message.

So then the trick here is to just kill the Internet connection however, as quickly as possible before the message are also able to successfully reach Apple’s servers. And because iPhones also have both Wi-Fi & cellular data abilities present for getting data in and out. So your perfect bet is to get Airplane Mode turned on as quickly as possible after sending the message.

Non-jailbroken iOS Device

However, guys in some cases, you are also able to pop head to the Control Center. And click on the Airplane Mode button pretty quickly. So then this means swiping down the keyboard so you were only typing on and heading Control Center. In order to click on the Airplane Mode button. Occassionally in few seconds, or a fraction of a second.

The just downside to this procedure is that you are really changing it. Because it is also able to take more time in order to perform these steps. So than it probably take for the iMessage in order to send with today’s high-speed Internet connections.

In order to perform this process:


  • Whilst the iMessage is also still sending, then you have to swipe down to disperse the keyboard and so then launch Control Center.
  • Click on Airplane Mode before the blue progress bar hold out the right side of the screen.
  • So banishes the message saying you about the way Airplane Mode have to be disabled in order to send messages.
  • Although a red “Not Delivered” indicator should visible.
  • Now delete the message from the conversation thread by clicking. And holding on to the message bubble and selecting More > Delete.
  • Turn on again the Wi-Fi and also cellular data by Airplane Mode back on.

Wwhether you view the red “Not Delivered” indicator. So then you have just saved yourself a complete lot of shame. So because this means that your Internet connection failed simply when you toggled Airplane Mode. And that your iMessage was not able to reach Apple’s servers. So then even the best is that your iOS device will not try to instinctively resend the message. But you would have to do this manually. So just remove the message rather and you are golden.

Jailbroken iOS Device

Jailbroken devices have further benefit: Activator. Similarly, with Activator installed from Cydia, you are also able to assign any gesture to turning on Airplane Mode. And that is what we did for this guide after all we have just seldom been able in order to fullfill this task just with the former way of trying. In order to beat the clock in order to head to the Control Center.

Although the activator gestures is also able to be far more time-efficient. So than stock iOS gestures, for this example, we choose to assign a three-finger click gesture in order to toggle Airplane Mode on or off:

With this procedure, you will abide by these steps. Similarly, which aside from Activator, are neccessriliy the same as the old method:


  •  First of all you have to install the Activator from Cydia whether you have not already.
  • Although now you have to assign your favorite gesture. In order to toggle the Airplane Mode on or off.
  • Whilst an iMessage is sending process, you have to invoke your Activator gesture. Just before the blue progress bar reaches the right side of the screen.
  • Here you have to dismiss the message just telling you about the way Airplane Mode needs to be disabled to send messages.
  • So then the red “Not Delivered” indicator should appear.
  • Now you have to delete the message simply from the conversation thread by clicking and holding on to the message bubble and selecting More > Delete.
  • Turn on again the Wi-Fi and cellular data by turning Airplane Mode back off.

Edit: another twist that are able to also support significantly. Just with confirming that you do not miss the mark is SendDelay. However, that will actually provide you more time just before the progress bar hits the right side of the screen. So the detain will provide you more time in order to react. And consequently you will have better luck at turning off Airplane Mode in a timely fashion.

So then that you have successfully stopped an iMessage. Before it could reach Apple’s servers, & also deleted it from your conversation. You are also able to rest confirmed that the person you fortuitiously fired the message off to won’t get it.

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Stop a iMessage from Sending-Conclusion

Well, I hope that you have now learned the way to stop a iMessage from Sending. If you guys have any queries related to this guide. So then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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