How To Use Compatibility Mode In Windows 10

What do you know about Compatibility Mode in Windows 10? We all know that Microsoft launched Windows 10 in the last year, and it’s a much improved OS. However, with this version, Microsoft is looking toward a bright future. But you might have some older apps or programs that you still want to use, but it doesn’t work properly.

Most likely you’ll face problems whenever you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. So, Compatibility mode is the best option in Windows 10 for those older applications and programs that don’t run properly.

How To Use Compatibility Mode In Windows 10

Compatibility mode nothing new. However, there are lots of old programs out there that might not execute properly on Windows 10.

How To Use Compatibility Mode In Windows 10


  • Right-tap your EXE file or program’s shortcut and then choose Properties.
  • When the Properties screen appears select the Compatibility tab then select which model of Windows you like to use. Of course, make sure to tap OK so it will open in the mode that you set.
  • If you’re still facing issues problems getting it to run. Then you can initiate the Compatibility Troubleshooter and work you through the wizard.

When technology continues to develop, some older apps or programs become victims of innovation. We’ve received that report from many readers who use Microsoft Money (Sunset). The problem here is that Microsoft can’t support it, and that holds true for many older programs. Developers can’t support old apps or programs.

I have a program that not just supported, but you can’t download it anymore. The enterprise stopped supporting or maintaining it.


If you’re executing Windows 7 then install a VM with a model of Windows that enables the program to work. If you find it helpful then share it with others and let us know below!

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