In Windows: How to Troubleshoot the Printer Stuck in Offline Status

Printer stuck in offline status

Would you want to troubleshoot the printer stuck in offline status in Windows?  If you have ever tried to print a document in Windows 10. So you probably are aware that it won’t print unless the printer is online. Normally this just includes enabling your printer and waiting a few seconds for the status to change from offline to online. In this tutorial, you will learn the way to Troubleshoot the Printer Stuck in Offline Status in Windows.

But unluckily this does not occur all the time. In spite, the printer will remain in offline status even though your printer is on. And also connected to your PC or to the network. A few causes are there that’s why Windows may not examine that the printer is online. And I will do my best to cover as many methods as possible.

Method 1: Power Cycle Devices

Although the first thing that you have to do is before you get deep into settings and tools is to simply try power cycling your printer and PC. So a lot of times that fixes the issues. Simply disable your printer and also your PC. Then power on your printer and wait until it is connected to the network. If you are using a USB cable, so just wait till the printer is completed starting up.

Printer stuck in offline status

However, now you should enable your PC. And also view if the printer is still displaying offline or not. Then confirm the printer is fully disabled and not just in power saving mode. If you are not confirmed, so then the best thing to do is to unplug the printer for about 30 seconds.

Method 2: Use Printer Software (Printer stuck in offline status)

However, if your printer is still displaying that it is offline. So then you are also able to try to use the printer software that came with your printer. Similarly, these printer utilities are also able to normally examine the printer on the network. Also, fix any problems that are causing the printer to appear offline.

Similarly, if you are containing a Dell printer, then you have to head to the Dell drivers. Downloads the page, search for your printer and then download the printer application.

However, if you do not confirm whether or not printer software is installed on your machine. So you are able to easily check by going to Settings. Then pressing on Devices and at last clicking on Printers & Scanners.


Although Windows 10 will list out the printers on the right-hand side. Thus if there is a software package installed to run the printer. Then it will just say that the App available for this device.  If you tap on the printer and then tap on Manage. So then you will view an Open printer app button.

Printer stuck in offline status

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Method 3: Launch the Printer Online

Most of the time even though the printer is online and connected, the settings are not properly configured. Open the printer queue by going to devices and Printers in Control Panel and double-clicking on the printer.

Now you like to tap on Printer in the menu bar. Confirm to uncheck Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline.

Method 4: Manage the Troubleshooter (Printer stuck in offline status)

However, if the issue is with the Windows printing subsystem. So then managing the troubleshooter probably help. You are able to run the troubleshooter by following the steps in Step 2 to obtain to the Manage your device screen for the printer. At the time there, you will view the Run the troubleshooter link. So on that and it will check the spooler service, the network settings, etc.

Thus the troubleshooter normally works if the issue is related to Windows.

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Method 5: Check the Printer Port

If none of the above methods has worked for you till now. Then the issue is probably related to the port configuration. However, this will most likely just apply to a networked printer, which has an IP address. Similarly, the most likely reason is that the IP address of the printer has turned. But the port configuration still points to the old IP address.

For this, you have to, first of all, find out the IP address for your printer by printing out a network configuration page.

Simply once you have the IP address. Head to the Control Panel, Devices and Printers, and right-press on the printer. Confirm to choose Printer Properties, not Properties at the bottom.

Now tap on the Ports tab and then drop down the list until you view the one port that is checked. Choose it and then tap on Configure Port.

Update the IP Address

However, this dialog will tell you the new IP address. That it thinks the printer has. So if the IP address of the printer is different than the one listed here. In this case, then that is your problem. Simply update the IP address here and you should be good to go.

Moreover, if you receive any kind of error, like the one shown below. When you are trying to configure the port, so then it is probably because it’s configured as a WSD port.

An error occurred during port configuration. This operating is not supported.

Although a WSD port, which stands for Web Services for Devices, is an automatically configured port that you can’t edit. Simply if this is the case and you can not connect to your printer. At that time you have to add a new TCP/IP port (through the Add Port button).

The other less technical option is to follow step 6, which is to remove the printer and then re-add it. Thereby using the current IP address.

Method 6: Remove and Re-Add Printer

If you can not obtain the printer functioning yet, so then your best option probably to remove it and then re-install it. Similarly, when Windows installs a printer, it will just examine it. So check all the settings, and confirm the driver for the printer install.

You can easily remove the printer by moving to Control Panel, Devices, and Printers. Also right-clicking on the printer and selecting Remove Device.

Thus It is also a good idea to restart the PC once before you reinstall the printer. Keep this thing in mind that this will not remove the driver for the printer from your system. If some issue is there with the driver, so follow method 7.

Once you have restarted, then tap Add Printer. So the Windows should automatically examine the printer connected locally on connected to your network.

Method 7 – Reinstall the Printer Driver

However, sometimes the problem is associates with the current print driver. Simply if this is the case, so you should download the latest driver for your printer from the manufacturer’s website. Although, before you do that, so it is a good idea to remove the current print driver.

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Printer stuck in offline status-Conclusion

Well, we hope that you have been able to print by now. In addition to everything above, it’s always a good idea to install the latest Windows updates as those normally have newer print drivers. Which could make your printer work better with Windows 10. If you have any questions, post a comment.


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