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iOS 8Whilst the iOS 7 has offered a much required visual makeover, though iOS 8 is all about developing features, simply adding a few new amazing ones, and easing everyday methods. Unluckily, the iOS 8 not completely finish so far. So users will have to wait for a whilst to encounter all that it has to offer.

Pros of iOS 8

New texting features:

Well, Guys, the iOS 8’s predictive typing will store your key taps. For those who guys just speak only in emoji, there are enormous additional keyboards, including every facial expression, animal, flower, device, house, automobile, & astrological sign simply you could ever require. You guys have to just press the smiley face on the main keyboard. Next the globe icon for a couple of seconds. And choose Emoji. Whilst texting, tap Details & easily initiate a FaceTime call or share your location with a friend. Though guys our favorite new texting feature is simple voice texting: just press & hold the microphone button. We also appreciate that you guys can also respond to texts without leaving the application that you are in — simply drag the text field down.

The camera of iOS 8:

Similarly, one best new features are Time-Lapse for making time-lapse videos. The native photo editing method has also upgraded; well you guys can also now straighten and crop photos with a swipe & as well as adjust color and light through a slider. Whether you prefer greater creative control, iOS 8 also has a menu for fine-tuning exposure, contrast, & furthermore.


 Health has four sections: a Dashboard, that simply shows all of your health data at a glimpse. Though this Health Data, which includes everything from Body Fat Percentage just to Forced Vital Capacity to vitamin levels; Sources, that receives filled automatically as participating applications request to add data; & Medical ID. In Medical ID, you are able to enter important information, like medical conditions or allergies. And first responders are able to also find those details even when their phone is locked by clicking the Emergency and then Medical ID. Privacy-minded people who would rather not share this info can choose to hide it.

App Store offerings:

Well, the new, cost-effective Bundles feature allows you to download a complete collection of applications from the exact enhancer for a discounted rate. Four free apps are provided upon launch: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, & iMovie. Several iOS-optimized applications, just like Evernote & BuzzFeed, are suggested. In the Gorgeous Games for iOS 8 section, you will also find a variety of games produced by Metal, a new technology that delivers upgraded graphics, effects, & also frame rates. We examine a few and very influence by their enhancing look. Family Sharing also allows you to pay for and access new applications for family members.

Expanded searching: 

Spotlight is no longer restricted to apps and emails; now you guys are also able to also perform Internet searches.

Improved notifications:

 We like that we can also now get an answer to emails, tweets, event invites, & more directly from the lock screen.

Plays nicely with applications:

None of the existing applications on our test device — from Facebook to Spotify — simply accommodate by the iOS update.


We admire the Tips icon, which provides regularly alternating suggestions for getting the most out of iOS 8 — from the way to quickly respond to texts within applications to the way to get email reply notifications.

Cons of iOS 8

Heavyweight app:

At a cheering 5.7GB, iOS 8 took more than just an hour in order to download on our examine iPhone 5S. Whether you guys have a 16GB iPhone, you probably have to remove photos, videos, music, and applications before you guys can even download the update.

Unintuitive keyboard tabs:

At the time when you are texting, the emoji keyboards are not underneath the clear tab buttons. Why a heart symbol is underneath a smiley header or a pill is under a bell header is beyond us.

No more Camera Roll: 

We liked viewing all our photos in one gallery. However, now photos fall underneath the Recently Added & also the Recently Deleted sections. After 30 days, they are sent to a Collections folder, where they are launched by date and location.


Just with the HealthKit delay, the Health application is mostly useless. After all there is no info being pulled in by third-party applications.

Though after several months of beta testing, Apple also has released iOS 8 to the public on September 17, 2014. This update, available over-the-air or through iTunes is a massive upgrade for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch users.

Whether you are looking to download an appropriate version of iOS 8. That we’ve got you covered as we list all versions available for all devices below…

Similarly, this page will be updated systematically as new versions of iOS 8 are released.

Versions covered: iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.1
Last updated: October 22, 2014


Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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