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Are you looking for the best iPad Calculator apps? iPad is an amazing tablet for students out there with amazing hardware specs and updated software. However, it lacks some basic tool, a Calculator. Some third-party calculator apps on the iPad are filled with irritating ads. The calculator offers a basic utility and some people don’t use it often but that’s not an excuse to avoid it altogether. We have made a list of Calculator Apps for iPad without Ads.

List Of Calculator Apps For iPad



Technically Siri is not an app but it listen to our commands and if you ask it to fix a basic mathematical issue it generally does it very easily.

Siri uses the most popular Wolfram Alpha engine to check the equations, solve, and give the results in a few seconds.

What did we use the Siri calculator?

Siri provides the ability to some math calculations on its own. Simply hit press the home button for a second, Siri simply pops up and waits for your commands. It can also calculate or compute many advanced math problems through the Wolfram Alpha engine but that is limited by Siri’s ability to actually recognize your query and calculate it.

  • Pros: inbuilt, don’t need an additional download, works with voice
  • Cons: limited to basic calculations need Wifi internet connectivity, you can’t use it in classrooms or library


Siri is best for some basic calculations but you don’t need to use it everywhere. Sometimes it creates too much noise, that’s the reason Spotlight comes in.

Spotlight offers an easy method to find stuff or apps in your iOS devices. Also, you use Spotlight for some advanced or basic calculations on your iPad. And best of all, it doesn’t needs an active Wi-Fi connection just like Siri.

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Why did we use the Spotlight calculator?

Swiping brings up the spotlight, you enter your math question and Spotlight calculates it quickly and shows the result in the box.

You can also solve some basic mathematical problems or equations similar to simple arithmetic, conversion, and algebra with Spotlight. It, however, can’t calculate fractions.

  • Pros: Solve math equations efficiently, doesn’t need any internet access.
  • Cons: It is not very intuitive for difficult calculations

Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus

The app can easily solve basic math and hopefully no ads that take a portion of your display screen. Calculator Plus gives you the answer to all the iOS users. Also, it is the basic calculator app on the Apple Store with some basic features.

It works nicely and it’s UI is clean. It doesn’t contain any ads. You can do complex or long calculations without losing the order track because it shows the order on the top which makes it simpler to use.

Well, it is no doubt the best app but it does not offer advanced features such as trigonometry, log, exponents, and roots.

  • Pros: Lightweight and Clean
  • Cons: Only basic calculation is available

Check Out: Calculator+(Free)

Pcalc Lite:

Now we have some basic apps sorted, but what if we want more. Students using advanced algebra use calculators more than anyone else and then they deserve an app that provides a calculator that solves logs and trigonometric functions. Pcalc does a great job and offers lots of advanced functionalities such as exponents, sine, square, log, square roots, etc.

It offers some constants values that are a plus if you want a reference. Want more iPad Calculator apps? Dive down below!

Pcalc Lite offers an advanced scientific calculator with many features but it is very difficult to keep a record of the functions used. It’s better if it had a choice to show all the earlier functions used in the calculation for ease and to ignore confusion. This feature is also available in the pro variant.

  • Pros: It works on all iOS devices like the apple watch. Also, it deals with all types of calculations – simple to scientific
  • Cons: It has no option to check earlier calculations with complex or long problems.

Check Out: Pcalc lite



Calcbot is another Scientific calculator which come as a safeguard for your all sessions of night assignment.

The keys layout is neatly or clearly arranged in various colors such as the numbers are white. Also, the basic functions like plus, minus, multiply, etc are in blue and other advanced functions are in grey. Calcbot offers all the scientific calculator functions present, although you might see it lacks some inverse trigonometric functions of cosine, sine, etc. Well, you can also hit the up arrow on the top left of the keyboard to reveal the functions.

However, all results are automatically saved in the ledger style list and you can simply tag a result if you try to use that in your next calculations. Also, it makes searching for the particular calculation, later on, if you want to recheck your calculations, you can then click the list rather than repeating it all over again.

Also, you’ll get unit conversions to feature with which you can easily change some common parameters such as currency, area, data size, temperature, length, etc. However, some other units are locked and available in the pro version

  • Pros: Store calculations for later use
  • Cons: You can’t easily use brackets with advanced functions such as tan, sin, cos, etc and needs earlier experience with scientific calculators.

Download: Calcbot

MyScript Calculator

We all can agree rather than all the achievements in tech which has brought us away from paper or pen, nothing beats the natural way of writing. It includes all the amazing features from the above application. However, the app provides an interesting input feature. You can simply use your finger or the Apple Pencil to write down the problem on the screen. It checks the shapes and converts them to digital inputs and then calculates them for you. The result is then shown and saved for any future references.

One best feature, when turned on it allows you to use multiplication symbol and x instead of a dot symbol. It recognizes the dot symbol as a decimal point to ignore confusion. Also, it automatically shows the result which can be disabled if you have a long equation or problem to solve.

Many other interesting features include Palm rejection to secure accidental touches which might be registered by the app. Or else, there is left-handed input, Apple pencil only option is essential if you love to write with a pencil rather than using your fingers.

  • Pros: Clean interface, allows you to solve basic level calculations.
  • Cons: Incorrect interpretation of the character gives wrong results.

Check Out: MyScript Calculator

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PhotoMath is another lifesaver when you want to solve long equations or problems as it does hard work after taking the whole problem through the camera. Then it processes the image and looks for required mathematical formulas. It does it very fastly or efficiently so. We didn’t face any issue with the accuracy or speed of the results.

PhotoMath is brilliant if you don’t want to enter long equations manually into the app to get the output.

After you successfully install the app, simply open it and then point your camera toward a math equation. Photomath will magically display the result under the screen. And the best thing is, it also provides you detailed step-by-step procedure.

  • Pros: Essential for solving printed equations easily.
  • Cons: Accuracy relies upon your handwriting.

Download: PhotoMath


Graphing calculators are very robust while calculating long equations or problems and plotting them on the Cartesian plane. It is a notebook-style calculator where you can easily solve the equations or problems which are shown on the notebook page. In this app, you’ll receive tons of plotting options such as 2d or 3d plotters. You can also solve polynomials up to 3 variables. You can then share the plotted graph with the number of people or use it for your homework.

On the main screen, there is a scientific calculator where you can calculate all the functions which are shown as a notebook. You can also plot the graph after clicking the options button on the top left and choosing the option of either 2d or 3d graph. Also, it offers an inbuilt MathSolver which allows you to solve polynomials, input the constant values of the given variables, and shows the result.

  • Pros: Advanced features for hard problem solving and graph plotting
  • Cons: Minimum space for buttons and normal calculations

Check Out: GoodGrapher (Free)



Geometry is one of my favorite Maths parts until they introduced difficult shapes and figures. It was always annoying to understand where to use which formula to compute the volume or area.

Geometry Calculator is specially designed for this purpose. You can simply compute the Area, volume, or perimeter for the geometric shapes mentioned in the app. It offers some shapes such as polygons, rectangles, triangles, and circles. Also, it offers 3d shapes such as a cube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, etc.

To compute, you want to click on one of the shapes and it displays all the parameters which you can calculate for the shape. Let’s take the example of the trapezium. In trapezium, you’ll see different options to compute the perimeter, area, diagonal, and internal angles. It not just calculates it with the given inputs but also displays the formula and steps which makes it easier or simpler to understand.

  • Pros: Calculations with step by step procedure for easy understanding
  • Cons: There is no choice to store calculations in this app.

Download: Geometry


A calculator is the best calculating tool that come built-in within the iPad. There are also best options available. Here we mention some of the best Calculator apps for iPad without ads. For basic calculations, Calculator Plus is the best option as it lacks irrelevant features to confuse the user. Pcalc Lite comes quite handy when you have lots of homework and don’t have any Scientific Calculator around to compute all those logarithmic equations or trigonometric functions.

Myscript Calculator is another intuitive app that allows you to use your iPad as an actual notepad. It is essential for those who love the look and feel of writing their own problems instead of typing. PhotoMath app is designed for those who would want to solve equations printed on paper after recognizing through image or camera processing. Which one did you use to solve your mathematical problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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