iPhone 6s Themes: How To Install Themes Without Jailbreak

iPhone 6s Themes

Without jailbreaking, you can add themes On iPhone 6s Themes. By theming your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is the main reason for jailbreaking. Sadly, this will also wait that is for a new jailbreak that will also become the ever so long in between iOS releases. Then the jailbreak scene is also becoming less and then reliable that is forgetting. Now the features you want on the latest version of iOS.

Now, this is for those who are also tired of waiting then iSkin is a new platform that can be used directly from your Safari web browser. In order to install themes that are on your iOS device that is without a jailbreak. Then we will also show you how it is used in this tutorial.

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How To Install the iPhone 6s themes on your iOS device without a jailbreak?

This is also possible that this also sounds too good that it is to be true then there is in some of the ways that it is. Also, it is now possible in order to have themed app icons that it is on your Home Screen that is without having a jailbreak. So, this method also works that it is on the iPhone, iPod touch, and then the iPad running iOS 7 and later.

Then why did I say that it is also possible that in order be a little too good to be true? This is for the starters then yes it is also going in order to add themed app icons to your Home Screen that is without a jailbreak. So, that it can exactly what it does. Then it also adds themed app icons that it is into your Home Screen. So, it does not also replace your existing ones.

Now, basically, the iSkin is also going in order to add shortcuts to your Home Screen. So, these shortcuts are also used in order to launch the respective app or web clip link. This is with a simple tap that it is on the corresponding shortcut. Then it also means that you will also want in order to add all your stock iOS icons into some kind of folder. In order to hide them afterward when you have downloaded a themed pack of app shortcuts.

How To Select iPhone 6s Themes?

When you are also sure if you want to proceed then you can also follow these steps in order to select a theme if you want to install:

1) Then you have to Visit the iSkin web page in Safari on the iOS device. If you want to wish this into the theme.

iPhone 6s Themes

2) You have to scroll down and then you have to tap on the Browse all themes button. In order to reveal all of the lists of the themes in order to pick from:

3) You have to pick a theme if you want to install it. Then we will also be using the Midnight theme.

4) So, that you will also want in order to tap on the Application icons button. Then this section will also let you select what apps you want to theme on your Home screen.

5) Click on every one of the app icons so that you will also want in order to get the theme to select them. You just have to make sure in order to give each app so that the name. Then that is if you want it to have from the text fields so that it will also appear at the right of every app icon.

6) Now, if you are also happy with the selection then you have made and the names you have created. You have to scroll all of the ways down and then tap on the Install icons button.

without jail breaking

7) Having a prompt box that will also tell you in order to wait a few seconds. During the installation that can also take place and then you will also be asked. In order to install a configuration profile.

Further More Steps:

8) You just have to Continue just by clicking on the blue Install button.

9) In this case, if you have a passcode and then enter it and then tap on the blue Install button once again. Now, tap on the red Install button in order to confirm.

10) When you install it and then tap on the blue Done button and then you will also be returned to Safari.

without jailbreaking

11) If you get back in the Safari then it will only take a moment that is before the theme pack is installed on your Home screen. Then you will also know the things that are also going good if a green box is displayed that says Installation in progress… in it.

12) You just have to wait for a moment and then you have to go to your Home screen and then scroll to the last page. So, you will also see all your new themed app icons:

Then that is all there is to it! Then you can also move these themed app icons so that this is anywhere you want them and then put all of your original app icons. It is into a folder that it is somewhere so they don’t distract you.

Having More info about iSkin

Now, there are some of the things that you will also need in order to know about using iSkin. Then we will also talk about those below.

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The Third-party configuration profiles:

Having the iSkin is also going in order to want to install a configuration profile. This is which it is untrusted. Also, if you do this that is at your own risk. Now, we also tried that it is all and then everything seems to be alright. Here are some of the people that there are much warier than I am about installing configuration profiles. The reason is that they have got that is much more personal information that is on their devices than I do.

In this case, if you ever want in order to remove it. Then the reason is that this makes you uncomfortable or you want to remove a theme you are using. If you can always launch the Settings app and then you have to go to the Settings. Then click on to the General and then click on to the Profile and then by tapping this that is on the Delete Profile button under the profile if you wish to remove:

Then You can delete individual themed apps:

Now, if you can accidentally add a themed app icon that it is to your Home screen. So, if you don’t want or you choose in order to remove a theme. Then you can easily delete the themed app icons that are from your Home screen. Just by entering jiggle mode and then by tapping on the X button so that it can appear on the icon.

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Having The shortcuts are web clip links:

The reason is that the shortcuts are also web clip links. Then each of the time you can also launch an app. If you are actually launching a Safari link that then links to either the corresponding app. Then the iOS 9 does not like this that much and then it can also activate the breadcrumbs links in the Status Bar.

This is for some of the apps it is just like the Calculator app. Also, having a web interface and then launch this instead of the Calculator app. This is by which it is a very kind of odd and undesirable.

Here are For the some so that this may also be an annoying thing in order to get have to get used to. This also a make-or-break situation that is for me. Then I can prefer my jailbreak, thanks! but it’s still going to be a potential option. This is for those that also want to theme their devices without a jailbreak.

The Wallpapers and more are included:

Also, this is to the app icons that are for your Home screen and then some of the theme packs. It also includes that the wallpapers are to go with them. You can also download the wallpapers that are optional and then you can also keep your own wallpaper. In this case, if you would like to.

Sadly, just because of the limitations set by Apple. Then you can’t theme the UI elements that are just like the Notification Center, Control Center, and more.

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Most of the themes are premium-only:

Then most of the themes are also easy in order to download. So, this is without the creation of an iSkin account. Then there are some of them that are premium and then you will also be asked to make a free iSkin account.

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Some More iPhone 6s themes are always being added:

So, the developers also work hard that is on these themes. Then there are more that are constantly add as time goes by. Now, you can also contribute if you are also a theme maker. Just by following the directions that can also provide that is on the iSkin website.

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So, this is all about to install iPhone 6s themes Without jailbreaking


So, the iSkin is not a perfect theming platform. This is nevertheless and then the ability has to add themed app icons in order to get your Home screen. Sadly, this will also wait that is for a new jailbreak that will also become the ever so long in between iOS releases. It is without a jailbreak and then something that some of the people that are going to really enjoy.

Hope This Guide will help you to install iPhone 6s themes without jailbreaking! If You have any questions then let us know in the comment section! Thank You For Reading this!

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