Merge Folders On Mac _Ways To Merge It

Merge Folders On Mac

Here are some of the guidelines that how to Merge Folders On Mac. So, Did you ever created a folder, and forgot you did it. You can also create another one with the same name in another spot? This is also possible that you did it for work files, tax documents, or school assignments. Then you also end up with two different folders that are in two different locations that have the same name.

Alternatively, you also create those folders with slightly different names. In this case, if you still have the same problem, right? Then you still have two separate folders that should really be only one.

After that, you can merge folders on Mac. So, that this also has the same name, of course, there are some caveats. Then for those folders, if you want to merge with different names. Then you can also “merge” them manually by just simply moving the contents.

Now, we will also show you how to do both of these. Then you can also clean up your Mac by merging folders.

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How To Merge folders On Mac with the same name on Mac?

If you prepare to merge two folders with the same name. Then you will also need to decide on the final location. This also means that will you move folder A to folder B’s location or vice versa. If you are ready then follow these steps.


1) First of all, you have to select the first folder. Now, this is the one that you also want to move to the second folder’s location.

2) You have to hold down your Option key. Then drag the folder onto the other one, and then release. You have to be sure to keep holding down the Option key. If you see the pop-up message below.

3) By using the pop-up window, you have to click on the Merge option. After that, the Merge option will only appear in the pop-up window if:

Merge Folders On Mac


  • Then you can also continue to hold down the Option key until after you release the folder.
  • This is one of the folders that contain items that are not in the other folder. In case, if both folders contain the same items or versions of. Then you will only see Stop and Replace options.

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Ways To Merge folder On Mac with different names on Mac

In this case, if your folder contains slightly different names. Then you can easily rename one to the other and then follow the steps above to merge them. In this case, if you prefer not to do that or have the same items in each folder. Then you can also perform a manual move of the items and delete one folder.

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1) First of all, Open both folders.

2) Also, if one of the folders that you want to remove items from. Then click on the Edit and Select All from the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Command + A.

3) Now, Drag the selected items from the first folder into the second one.

4) In case, if you have items with the same name in each folder. Then you will also see a pop-up message asking if you want to Keep Both, Stop, or Replace.

Also, if you choose to Keep Both, then the items you move will have the word “copy” added to the end of the filenames. In case, if you choose Stop, then the rest of the items will be moved while the duplicate will remain in the first folder. Now, you choose the Replace, the items you move will replace those in the second folder.

5) When you successfully move your items then you can delete the empty folder if you like it. Now, by dragging it to the Trash.

Ways to Move with Terminal:

In this case, if you are not afraid to get into Terminal. Then you can also use the ditto command to merge your folders. Also, a couple of things to get into before you go over the instructions. So, the Terminal is a powerful tool, so you should only use the commands. Now, exactly as they are typed. This has one character off could cause you to lose some of the data.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is that the ditto command overwrites any duplicate file in the destination folder. This also means if you are transferring a file named “Test” in Folder A to Folder B. In case, if you have another file named “Test” in Folder B. Now, ditto will delete that file and move the one from Folder A.

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So, Before you merge your folders, you can avoid the headache of duplicate files. This is by using a duplicate finder like Gemini 2. Also, it is a great tool that scans your entire computer or a specified folder. This is just by looking for exact duplicates and similar files. Now, you can also choose which files to keep or let Gemini’s algorithm pick the best version. You have to keep and then get rid of the rest by using the Smart Cleanup feature.

So, the things that you have to keep in mind is that here are the steps for how to merge folders on Mac using Terminal:

  • You have to open the Terminal.
  • By using the window, you have to type ditto.
  • Now, drag the source folder if you want to copy it to the window. After that drag the destination folder into the window.
  • Then press the return or enter.

This also depends on how big the folder is, then it may take some time for this process to finish.

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Ways to Move with Finder:

In case, if you have incredible amounts of patience. Then you can also try to manually combine two folders by dragging and dropping the files in them. You Just have to follow these steps to merge folders on Mac:

  1. First of all, you have to open both folders.
  2. Now, Press the command + A or select the files in your source folder.
  3. You can also drag the files and then drop them into your destination folder.

In this case, if any of the files that you are copying over has the same name as a file this is in your destination folder. Now, a pop-up window will appear. Then this will also ask you to select one of the following:

  • To Keep Both – So, This will also keep both of the copies and renames the file you’re copying to have “Copy.”
  • To Stop – Now, this button cancels the copy altogether.
  • The Replace – You have to Press this replaces the file in the destination folder with the file from the source folder.
  • To Skip – The macOS also hide this button, but if you hold down Option. Now, the Keep Both button changes to Skip and will continue. Then you can also transfer skipping the file in question.

There is a somewhat annoying thing that has a dialog box that will also pop up every time. Now, there is a file with the same name as a file in your destination folder. In case, if you want to choose the same response for all of your files. Then you can just check the box next to Apply to All.

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Ways to move folders on Mac:

Also, if you don’t want to mess with selecting files. Then you could just move the folder completely. In this case, if there is already a folder with the same name. This has the new location, the Finder will also prompt you to stop the transfer or replace the old folder.

In case, if you hold down the Option key on your keyboard while you drag the folder over. Now, you will be prompted with a third button, and that is Merge. So, this is where this also gets messy, though. In case, if any of the files have the same name in those folders. You have to Find that will automatically choose the newer file and delete the old one.

So, you have probably realized, with any of these options. Then duplicates are also going to cause some headaches. In case, if you don’t address them before you start merging folders. This is by using a duplicate finder, like Gemini 2. You can also save a lot of time and frustration.

Now, you can also Merge the folders on your Mac that can be quite a handful. Then get messy pretty quickly. Most importantly, if you have copies of similar files living in those folders. This article has helped give you some ideas on where to start with the process. This also gets you on your way to a cleaner and more organized digital life!

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This is also possible that you did it for work files, tax documents, or school assignments. Then you also end up with two different folders that are in two different locations that have the same name. In case, if you need to merge folders on your Mac. Then you have a couple of easy ways to do it. Also, the very first method is ideal if you can use it.

So, Do you need to merge folders? In case, if so then share any tips you have in the comments below! In case of more help with your Mac or other devices.

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