Play AVI On iPhone: Ways To Play Videos/Movies On iPhone

Play AVI On iPhone

In this guide, you will learn that how to Play AVI On iPhone devices. Also, these features only work with iTunes-supported files. This means that you can only use stream videos or movies in formats. It is just like the MP4 and MOV. Most of the other video and codecs that notably AVI and are not playable by iTunes.

Although, it is still possible to play AVI videos or movies on iPhone or iPad. So, you simply need to download this in the official VLC player Mobile app. This is available free on the App Store you can also choose one of several methods to get the AVI videos or movies onto your device. You have to read ahead for the step-by-step instructions. This is on how to watch AVI videos or movies on iPhone or iPad.

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Explain The AVI File?

The Avi file was first developed in 1992 by Microsoft. Then the AVI is also the standard video format for Windows machines. Now, the file can also save in a multimedia container format. So, this also stores the audio and video by using a variety of codecs. This is just like the DivX and XviD.

So, the. AVI files also use less compression than you have to store files. This can also take you up more space than there are many other video formats just like MPEG and MOV. Also, the AVI files can create that is without the use of compression at all. Now, this also makes the files lossless which results in immensely larger file sizes. So, approximately 2-3 GB per minute of video. Having a lossless file that will not lose quality over time. So, regardless of how many times you will open or save the file. Moreover, this also allows you for the playback without the use of any codecs.

Ways To Play AVI On iPhone or iPad

1) First of all, you have to download the VLC player for Mobile on the App Store. This is also Free for iPhones and iPad.

2) Then you have to Open the VLC and then tap on the Network tab.

3) You can then Enable the Sharing via Wi-Fi.

Play AVI On iPhone


4) Now, on your Mac or PC, you have to type the network. This will also show in the address bar of your web browser. For Example

5) After that, click on the plus sign in the top-right corner. You have to open the desired AVI file.

6) So, The file will upload to your iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi.

Then after following these steps, the AVI file should also appear within the Media Library in the VLC for Mobile app. Also, the VLC supports virtually every common video codec. So, this guide can also be used for the other file formats as well. In case, if you would prefer to upload files by using a different method. Then tap on the Learn More link in VLC instructions by using file sync or uploading media from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Ways to Play AVI on iPhone with VLC:

The VLC is one of the world-famous free video players. It’s working is with all types of video formats. Also, the VLC player is for the iOS app that debuted on App Store. Then the users can enjoy any video files on iPhone and iPad with ease. You can also follow the tutorial below and then learn how to play AVI on iPhone directly without any transcoding.


1: You have to Go to the App Store to find and then download the VLC player for iOS on your iPhone.

2: Then you have to open the VLC player and enable Wi-Fi Upload. If you will see the toggle switch that turns in to orange.

3: After that, Go to your Mac or PC where you have your local AVI file. Then you can also import the IP address into the address bar.

4: Now, Click on the + button on the top right corner and open the AVI file have to play. After that, the file will be uploaded to the iPhone over Wi-Fi.

The Factors Need to Notice When Choosing VLC:

So, the iPhone user is also quite clear that the VLC allows you to play AVI on your iPhone from your computer. This is as long as you can download and then open the VLC for iOS. You can also turn the Wi-Fi Upload on. Now, click on the + button after you open the AVI file on your Mac or PC. Then you can add and play .avi video on iPhone without converting. So, there is no loss of quality. In this case, there are factors that you need to be aware of.

1. The first thing is that Wi-Fi is needed. A Computer with AVI files and the iPhone needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

2. An AVI video might be bog down by the choppy playback on iPhone. The reason is that the unstable Wi-Fi connection.

3. Also, the VLC player won’t play an AVI file and then results in no audio or picture issue. So, this is also down to the weird codec that VLC won’t support.

4. Having an AVI is non-standard to encode aspect ratio information. So, This also leads to the failure for players and to select the right aspect ratio. In the end, this is in black bars during the playback on some screens such as iPhone.

5. An AVI file, if uncompressed, then is large in size and is compared to the MP4 or other formats. This also eats some of the serious storage space on iPhone. Now, unless you own a larger capacity iPhone then you would have a better re-encode AVI file to MP4. A MOV or other more compressed video format for iPhone.

To Convert your AVI movie to an iOS-readable format to watch it on iPad to Play AVI On iPhone:

Do we suppose that you would like to play AVI files with the default Video app on your iPad? Now, I would suggest you convert them to an iOS-friendly format to be playable on iPad. You can also perform a Google search that can get several free & paid AVI video conversion tools. Besides them, Video Converter for Mac is our preferred option. This will also take care of the job of converting .avi video into a format playable on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Also, it can convert anything at all to any other format. Moreover, if the program allows you to edit the video. Then this is the output result. In case, if you are on a PC. You have to use it on its PC version. The Video Converter for Windows to convert .avi for iPad playback.

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Also, these features only work with iTunes-supported files. This means that you can only use stream videos or movies in formats. It is just like the MP4 and MOV. Most of the other video and codecs that notably AVI and are not playable by iTunes. Although, it is still possible to play AVI videos or movies on iPhone or iPad.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue. If You have any questions then let us know in the comments below.

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