QuickTime Screen Recording Window _Record Part Of Screen

QuickTime Screen Recording Window

So, the QuickTime Screen Recording Window helps you to record the part of your mac screen. This is app is also comes pre-installed. Then QuickTime is one of the apps that come pre-installed that is in the macOS operating system. Now, the power of every Mac. Then sadly, it can also despite that how powerful it is. Then it can also remain one of the under-used apps that people forget all about.

So, this is one of the useful features that the QuickTime app also offers. This also has the ability to record your Mac’s display. Then did you know that you can also use QuickTime to record just a cropped portion? You can also display rather than the entire screen?.

So, this article, is about that we will also show that you how to keep screen recording limited. In order to get a specific portion of your screen with QuickTime.

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Reasons to record only a portion of QuickTime Screen Recording Window:

In this case, if you are also trying in order to show that someone how to do something. So, that you also have to want in order to make a video file as small as possible. This is one of the things that you can also do in order to reduce the file size. It is also the reduced amount of pixels the QuickTime app also has to capture to record your display.

This is my only recording of a portion of your display. Then rather than the entire display, you will also help in order to reduce the file size. You have to make them sending and then receiving the video faster. This is also easier for yourself and the recipient.

Also, another reason for this feature is also useful is if you don’t want something you have on your screen appearing in your video. So, it can also work exceptionally that is well if you are also recording a certain window on your Mac. You don’t want the other apps that you are also using in order to appear in the recording. This is such as your messages, web browsing, and other activities that you might want to perform while mid-recording.

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Ways to record a cropped portion of your display:

So, that you are also here then let it get into the meat and potatoes. Then how to record just a cropped portion of your screen with QuickTime. So, rather than the recording of the entire display. In order to do it then you will just follow these steps:

1) First of all, you have to Launch the QuickTime app from your Applications folder. Then this is by searching for the app in Spotlight. This is with the QuickTime open you have to go to the Menu Bar and then navigate to File. Click on the New Screen Recording option.

QuickTime Screen Recording Window

2) So, that the following window will also now appear on your screen. Then click on the red recording button.

3) Now, you will also see the prompt below. So, that Rather than that you have to click in order to start a full-screen recording that is of your display. You have to click and then drag to select a cropped portion of your display to record.

4) When you select it, then QuickTime will also begin recording. So, that the specific portion of your screen only.

QuickTime Screen Recording Window

5) If this is satisfied with the length of the recording. Then click on the stop button in your Menu Bar in order to stop recording your screen.

6) Now you are also complete the video file that is only as wide as the portion of your screen. So, that if you can also choose to record then rather than the entire display.

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Then if you want in order to record a part of your screen. Then this is without having all of the rest of your screen that it is in the recording. Now you will also know-how in order to do it. So, the best part is about all this video magic is that you don’t need it. In order to have any fancy or expensive third-party software on your Mac. You have to make this desire come true and then it was not complicated at all.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue! If You have any questions then let us know in the comment section! Thank You For Reading this!

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