Remove Video and Keep Audio in iMovie: Guide

Keep Audio in iMovieHowever, the iMovie app is too strong in order to allow you to make some interesting movies and videos. And whether you guys are working with a video similarly, which has both sound & visuals, so then there probably be a time when you like to separate the two. In this guide, we will explain to you the way to Remove Video and Keep Audio in iMovie.

Remove Video and Keep Audio in iMovie

Well, we have covered how you are able to remove sound from a video. But what whether you like to do the reverse? So guys in this tutorial we will display to you the way to remove the video & keep just the audio in iMovie on both Mac and iOS as well.

Way to Remove video & keep audio on Mac

You have to first of all head to the video that you like to use in iMovie on Mac & then must abide by these steps.

Disconnect the audio clip

  • You have to, first of all, choose the clip just in your movie Timeline which is containing the video and audio both.
  • Now Right-click or hold Control & tap the clip. So you are also able to choose the Modify > Detach Audio simply from the menu bar.
  • Select the Detach Audio in the shortcut menu.Keep Audio in iMovie

Alright guys you will view the audio simply from that clip visible as its own “clip” in green below the video. Though the small line on the left displays that the video & also the audio are still linked to each other. So this means that whether you remove the video, just the audio will go with it in the next step.

So, you will just have to either move the audio clip where you want in your movie. Or plop it into just the Background Music Well at the bottom of the Timeline.Keep Audio in iMovie

In order to move the green audio clip, you have to then just choose, drag, and drop where you like it. Whether you put it in the Background Music Well. So then it will be in the background of further sounds available in your movie.

Remove the video (Remove Video and Keep Audio in iMovie)

At a time when you separate the audio & unlink it from the video, so then you guys are also able to remove the video just by tapping it and also using one of these procedures.

  • First of all, you have to choose Edit > Delete just from the menu bar.
  • Then you must Right-click and select Delete from the shortcut menu.
  • Now hold Control and click and select Delete.

Delete video & keep audio on iOS

For doing this you have to head to your video for editing in iMovie on iPhone or iPad & then must perfrom the following.

Remove the audio

  • In order to remove the audio, you have to click the clip in your movie Timeline which is containing the video and audio as well.
  • Now you have to choose the Actions button (scissors icon) simply at the bottom and then click Detach.
  • However, the audio will now visible in blue below the video clip. But just as on Mac, they are still linked to each other.

Though just with the options which still open for using the Actions button at the bottom, click Background. Similarly, this will change the audio clip into green & once more, just like on Mac, you have to move this clip to the background of your movie.

Remove the video

  • Just after you separate the audio & then make it background sound, click the video clip simply in the Timeline.
  • Now choose the Actions button just at the bottom.
  • Click the Delete.

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Remove Video and Keep Audio in iMovie – Closing words

Whether you guys are having the sound, music, or voices simply in a video clip. Which you are desiring in order to keep, but for getting rid of the visuals. It is pretty straightforward in iMovie. Well, guys are you ready to remove the video but keep audio in one of your iMovie makings? So let us know in the comments! Or if you face any issue or have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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