Rotate Mac Screen: Ways To Rotate Screen Up To 90 Degrees

Rotate Mac Screen

You can easily Rotate Mac Screen up to 90, 180, 270 degrees. This may also sound odd in order to get some of it. So, let’s get started! Then if you will also work with app development, design, or something. This is also similar to where it would also beneficial in order to rotate your Mac screen. It can then get and then we have a trick that is for you. Now, it is a very hidden gem that can also let you rotate your Mac screen 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

In this case, if you can also rotate it left, right, or completely upside down. This is with just a few clicks. So, that this is here and then how you can rotate your Mac screen.

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You just have to be aware that it is not all monitors that can rotate. This is also in our experience that it can also work for the better. Also, it has external monitors than this is for the built-in display of a laptop. Now, again there are not a lot of situations in which you would also want to. This is For those who are also desperate in order to rotate a MacBook’s built-in screen. Then we also have to found a workaround that works then it also has side effects. Most of the time, it can also cause a persistent minor problem. This is for which we can also have a fix and then this is on at least one occasion. Now, that we are aware of that is a much more serious problem for which we do not have a fix.

How To Rotate Mac screen in System Preferences

In order to use the button that is in your Dock or you also have to click on the Apple icon. Then click on the System Preferences that is from the menu bar. In this case, if you already have this in your System Preferences then open it. You have to close and then reopen the window in order to start fresh. You have to follow these steps.

1) Now, hold down your Command + Option keys.

2) Then click on the Displays that it is in the System Preferences window.

3) You have to select the Display and then you should also now see an additional option that it is for Rotation.

4) After that, click that drop-down menu and then you have to select the 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Rotate Mac Screen

In this case, if your screen also goes black. Then this should only be momentarily and then you will also see your new screen orientation.

You just have to keep in mind that it does not just look different. Then your mouse or the trackpad will work differently too. In that part, it can also take some of the getting used to. This is because the cursor will also move according to your screen orientation.

If you also finish working or playing around in the new view. Then move ahead back in order to get the System Preferences. Now, click on the Displays and then you have to select the Standard option that is in the Rotation drop-down box. Now, your Mac will also then be back to its normal orientation.

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During this, it is not something that you would also do every day. This is by knowing how to rotate your Mac screen that can come in handy for many situations. So, that are you going in order to give it a try? Then let us know in the comments section below.

Hope this guide will help you to solve this issue!

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