Samsung Galaxy: What Are The Best Galaxy Watch Apps?

 Best Galaxy Watch Apps

In this article, you will learn about some of the Best Galaxy Watch Apps. Using the new Samsung Galaxy Watch app that looks like a real watch. This watch is packed with a lot of features that are under the hood. Now you can play music and can track your heart rate and steps. Then you can run games, show notifications, and tell the time. Although, if unlike the Android Wear OS app or Apple’s watchOS, Samsung’s Tizen OS doesn’t have many apps in order, to begin with. This was also very hard to find quality apps for Samsung Gear S3. Now the Galaxy Watch and it can still is the case with the Galaxy Watch Active. This can also fret not and we did the heavy lifting for you and then found out some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps that you should try. So, let’s begin it.

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Ways to Add The Apps to Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch apps are not available on the Google Play Store. You can only download it either directly through the Watch or the Galaxy Apps store. Now you can also visit the Galaxy Apps Store on your Watch as well as the smartphone by using the Samsung Wearable app.

Some of the Best Galaxy Watch Apps:

1. Best Galaxy Watch Apps: The Facer App

 Best Galaxy Watch Apps

If you are using the facer app it one of the best Watch Face app for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S2 / S3. The settings of a Watchface are easy and you can just install the Facer app. Now, you can also link the below works on a mobile browser and then long-press. On the home screen in order to open the list of installed watch faces. Also, it will bring up many watch faces that you can choose by swiping left or right. But when you can find that one you like then tap on it to set it. Then you can range from the Star Trek to Garfield Navigator, you can find ’em all here.

Download: Facer App

2. Best Galaxy Watch Apps: The Colorful Explosion

 Best Galaxy Watch Apps

Using the colorful Explosion that is a minimal Watch Face with colorful backgrounds. Now the particle explosion can theme and the background blends. So, that it can really well with the white minute and the hour hands. After that, you can also change the background by tapping the Watch Face once.

3. Best Galaxy Watch Apps: The Pujie Black

 Best Galaxy Watch Apps

This app is just like the WatchMaker and the Facer app. The Pujie Black is a custom watch face maker app. This app allows you to set and then create the most unique watch faces for your Galaxy Watch. Besides the features it is just like the watch face editor, custom presets user-submitted library, and moreover. Now you can also add the custom animations on your watch face, integrate Tasker, add calendar, import weather, and some others. Although, if most of the interesting features of this app are that you can have different animation styles. This is for the interactive and the default state. If this app is a free app then you will have to shell out $0.99 for the Android Watch.

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4. Best Galaxy Watch Apps: To Sleep as Android

If the Galaxy Watch also has the native sleep tracking ability. Then this can still lack a few features so that it can Sleep as Android offers. Now, this does a pretty good job of tacking your sleep effortlessly. Now you can also sleep as Android offers smart alarms where you can set online radio. In order to Spotify playlist, and then custom songs as your alarm. Then you can get a CAPTCHA to solve when you can wake up if you’re a snooze sleeper. Now you have to make this one of the best Galaxy Watch app that is automatic snoring detection and also records the feature. After that, you will listen to it in the morning and then analyze the situation.

5. Best Galaxy Watch Apps: To Camera Remote

Now you have to install the same app on your smartphone for this work. But when you do it then you can control your smartphone camera and then record videos without anyone knowing. Also, it is different from the selfie camera apps so that it can allow you to take photos. Then we are talking about spying and recording videos. You just have to turn your smartphone into a CCTV with the live feeds on your wristwatch.

6. The Gear voice Memo App:

You have to type it on the Galaxy Watch app so that it is not very user-friendly. Then this would also be counter-intuitive in order to use a traditional note-taking app. You can Gear Voice Memo app so that you can take advantage of the in-built mic on the Galaxy Watch and record notes for you. Now you can record an audio file of up to six minutes per note and then transfer the recordings to the phone later on. After that, the Text-to-Speech feature works but is not as polished as full-fledged transcription apps. Then i won’t rely on it too much.

7. The Spotify app:

 Best Galaxy Watch Apps

Using the Spotify app for the Galaxy Watch makes your music streaming experience extremely fluid. And you can use it either as a remote control for your Spotify mobile app or as a standalone app. Now the remote mode can also transform your Galaxy Watch into a remote control. Also, it will the standalone mode and can thank the Galaxy Watch that is the internal Wi-Fi. That can work flawlessly and then you can access all your playlists. You just have to tap a button. Then you can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones and then use the Watch as a music player. This will definitely worth making the best Galaxy Watch apps list.

But some features are locked behind a subscription such as remote play on different devices. The offline storage, and text controls.

8. The Uber Watch app:

Almost every user, can book rides on the Uber with just your Galaxy Watch. Now the app can also work like a companion app to your smartphone. If you have to authenticate it with your Watch once with the Uber to use it to autonomously call a cab.

If you want to do this then open the Uber app on the Galaxy Watch. You just have to set a pickup and drop location. Now this will also prepare the route and then give you the relevant info such as estimated time and the route.

9. The Flipboard:

This Flipboard app is a news aggregator that is also available on the Galaxy Watch. This is most importantly optimize it for the Watch and then you can offer and polish a layout and a smooth interface. Also, it doesn’t omit any data that is thanks to the round screen of the watch. Then you can scroll it and is made easy with the rotating bezel.

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10. By NPR One:

To start as the Radio app the NPR One also become a more personalized app that can be curated with news stories. Along with podcasts, and public radio. If the Galaxy Watch version can also bring all of the features so that your wrist. You can also discover and then listen to most important then shows it with just a tap of a button.

In order to get the app up and to run it, if you have to authenticate it by logging in on the NPR website. Now it is using your smartphone. Also, this app can run independently after that you can also enjoy news stories even without the phone

11. With the Camera Remote Control:

The Camera Remote control app is a paid app that allows you to take a picture or record a video from your Galaxy Watch. By using your smartphone’s camera. Now the watch can also act as a viewfinder and then the remote control for your smartphone’s camera. Also, you can set a timer, record a video, take a snapshot, zoom, and then switch between the camera front and rear. The Camera Remote Control is particular that are effective when you need to take a group photo and the camera that is on a stand.

12. The SmartThings:

The SmartThings app is an IoT Internet of Things that can feature and enable by Samsung. By using this app if you can control all the SmartThings devices in your House with the Galaxy Watch. Now you can check the status of the washing machine and then set the temperature of the AC. You can switch on the TV and some other features. This can also offer a seamless interface for the SmartThings. It is compatible with the devices in your home and then you can use it to simplify your life.

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13. The Samsung Internet Browser:

If it makes a little sense to browse the internet on a watch then in this case if you need it. Then try the Samsung Internet browser. This will also work only if you have a Samsung Internet Browser that can install on your smartphone. Now can also search for the web pages by using the Google Voice Assistant. Then you can select one of the bookmarks. This would not say that this experience is bad but if you cannot really do much surfing. This is on the tiny screen anyway. Now, this is ideal, and if you want to quickly read up on a topic or watch a video.

14. The Stopwatch:

This stopwatch app is an official app from Samsung so that it can allow you to use it as a, well, Stopwatch. This will also consider that the Galaxy Watch has so many features and the missing stopwatch was a surprise. Now you can download it from the Samsung Galaxy app store for free. This will also include a basic lap timer and then an elapsed timer. If you can record up to 99 elapsed times with it.

15. The Timer App:

This is just like the Stopwatch then there is no timer app that is preinstalled on the Galaxy Watch either. Also, the official Timer app by Samsung that is rather minimal. Now it shows the hours, minutes, and seconds on the display and then you can adjust the time by rotating the bezel. When you can start the timer then it keeps on running in the background. Then even if you can press the home button. Also, you can pause the timer by opening the app and it will buzz when the time is up. Also, the Timer app is free and then you can get it on the Galaxy Apps Store. Although,  you may want the custom timer apps for the Galaxy Watch.

16. Spirit Level Pro:

By the Galaxy Watch, it comes with a built-in accelerometer in order to track your movements. The Spirit Level can also use it as a digital leveler. With this app, it can simply collect the sensor data, and then you can map the air bubble on the scale. With this, you can use it to check the alignment of your DIY projects. Then you can also measure it with all three degrees of freedom that can ensure your project that is perfectly level.

17. To Map My Run:

The Map My Run app is useful when you workout outdoors. Then you can pre-plan your routes when you are going for a run. Then it uses the built-in GPS in order to track the duration, distance, pace, speed, and heart rate. Now your data is automatically synced into the companion app on the phone. Then you cannot need to carry it everywhere. This will also allow you to edit your workouts, view detailed information, plot the run on the map, and create a chart. Using the Map My Run app that is not only one of the best Galaxy Watch apps so that it can also win points for the Android platform overall.

18. The Speedometer:

The speedometer app for the Galaxy Watch can use to inbuilt GPS of the watch in order to calculate the speed. Then you can use it to calculate your speed while riding a bicycle, skateboard, or motorcycle. This can also save the speed, duration, and distance of the journey.

19. Calculator App:

Now the calculator app is the most important utility app of any smart device with a screen. Using the Calculator app can also take care of your math problems by offering a basic calculator. Now you can also use it to quickly calculate the tip or split the bill between friends. This is without having to take out your phone. Now it can probably one of the simplest and best Galaxy Watch apps

20. The PPT Controller:

The PPT controller app can allow you to lets you control a presentation with the Galaxy Watch. This will also offer the various tools that can help you with the same. Then you can connect it using Bluetooth to your computer and you can start a slideshow. You can also move forward and back. Then check the duration of the presentation and then control the cursor with the Watch. Moreover, you can use the bezel in order to control the flow of the presentation and set then there is a time of interval for vibrational feedback.

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Using most of these apps that are the best in their category and then they can deserve a position in this list because of their usability. The Camera Control can also offer a wireless trigger with which it previews the option. This will also get the maps that can offer offline maps. Also, the ppt controller allows you the seamlessly connect and deliver your presentations.

Hope this guide will help you!



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