Seaport.exe :What is Seaport .exe and How To Disable IT?


Most of the user think that Seaport .exe It is a fish! No, no it is a whale No it is a boat. In case, if you found seaport.exe running. Then this is on your computer chances are it does not look familiar. Also, it can like it ad then this is even to belongs there. Then using the task manager and then the description reads. Now the Microsoft SeaPort Search Enhancement Broker. Also, remember that it is not a virus, and Microsoft is really the one who put it there.

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Explain The Seaport.exe?

So, the seaport.exe is also an executable file that is part of the Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack program. You can also develop it with the Microsoft Corporation. Now the software is usually about in size.

After that, the .exe extension of a file name can display an executable file. In most cases, the executable files can damage your computer. You have to please read the following in order to decide it for yourself. Then the whether the seaport.exe file on your computer. Also, this is a virus or trojan horse that you should delete. Then it is a valid Windows operating system file that is a more reliable application.

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The seaport.exe come from?

So, a few weeks ago Microsoft also launches the official version of Windows Live Essentials 2011. Then the Seaport.exe will also come that is in the pack form. So, that it is in with the Live Essentials suite. Which can automatically install it that is along with any of the single programs from the package.  In case, if you can pick it up with the official version of one of the later beta versions. After that, you will likely have to use the seaport.exe that is running on your computer. Now the process is also safe and then we will also look at the details below.

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Working of the seaport.exe do?

Now, this can also allow you the boats in order to dock and then unload their So, that the err and then the seaport we are talking about is a Search Enhancement process. Then that can automatically check for the updates and then you can also track the search history.  You can also see that is in the process of the explorer Microsoft that can describe this as:

In order to enable the detection, download and then install this. In order to get the up-to-date configuration files for the Microsoft Search Enhancement applications. You can also provide server communication for the customer experience improvement program. In this case, if this service can disable it. You just have to search for the enhancement features such as search history that may not work correctly.

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Does it slow down my computer?

This is a very short answer, no. If you can look at the system performance and then the seaport.exe has a very small footprint. Then this is even that which can do the running multiple Windows Live applications.  After that, for the most part, it is very unlikely that you would notice a difference in system performance. The reason is that seaport.exe is running.


Where it is located, or installed?

By using this, Windows 7, Vista, and then the XP that you will find seaport.exe in: Use the following path

  • C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftSearch Enhancement PackSeaPort

Then you can also use the manual process in order to delete the application that is from this location. After that, it should not cause any problems. Then if you want to get rid of it then there is another option a little less brutal.

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Ways To Disable seaport.exe

The reason is that the seaport.exe is not a virus and then that was made by Microsoft. You have to make sure in order to include it on the services list. Then that is what we can easily disable if we want to.

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First Step: 

First of all, you have to click on the Windows Start MenuOrb. After that, you have to Type in the services. msc and then click on the OK.

Second Step:

Then there is a local Services so that you can snap-in that this should appear. You just have to Scroll-Down on the page and then Right-Click on the SeaPort. At the end, you have to select the Properties.


Now you have to Press on the S that is available on your keyboard. In order to get this automatically and then you can Scroll Down in order to that section of the list.

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Third Step:

So, by using the SeaPort Properties and then the window General tab. Then click on the drop-list in order to Startup type and then Select the Disabled. You have to click on the Next Click Stop and then click on the OK in order to save changes and then you can exit.

Now, this should also disable and then this should no longer show up as a running process. The reason is that we can also set the startup and then type in order to Disable it. This will also stay stopped even if you reboot the computer.  In this case, and at any time that you want in order to re-enable seaport.exe. Then you just have to go back in and then change the Startup type to Automatic.


Some of the common error messages

Here are most of the common seaport.exe errors that can appear during use:

  • The seaport.exe Application Error.
  • The Faulting Application Path: seaport.exe.
  • A seaport.exe failed.
  • Can “seaport.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • Then the seaport.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  • Also, seaport.exe is not running.
  • A seaport.exe not found.
  • It Cannot find seaport.exe.
  • An Error starting program: seaport.exe.

So, these .exe error messages so that can occur during the installation of a program. Then during the execution of it can associate with the software program. Now Microsoft can also Search Enhancement Pack that is during the startup or shutdown of Windows. This is even done during the installation of the Windows operating system. You have to keep your record of when and then where your seaport.exe error occurs. This is also very important information when it comes to troubleshooting.

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So, the SeaPort windows service is not a virus, and then it was developed by Microsoft. It was automatically packaged with Windows Live Essentials. Then I have no idea why Microsoft decided in order to include this process. This is without telling us during install and then this is the reason that it can certainly do not hurt anything.  There is on the other hand so that it does not hurt anything in order to disable it either.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve your issue! Thank You For Reading this!

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