Some of the Airpod Apps for Android devices

Airpod App for Android

The AirPod is mostly used with iPhone devices. But if you want to experience it on android then you can also use the Airpod apps for android. The Airpod is one of the best truly wireless earphones in the market right now. They can certainly help if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. You can even allow you to can connect the AirPod with an Android smartphone. So that you miss out on perks like the battery indicator and double-tap to switch tracks. You can also trigger the Assistant. It is just like everything else so that there is a workaround. In this article, you will learn about the best AirPod apps for Android to use the AirPod like a pro. Let’s started!

1. The Assistant Trigger: To Trigger Google Assistant Airpod apps for android

Airpod App for Android

The Assistant Trigger app is a simple app that lets you trigger the Google Assistant on your Android phone. By using this process with the same shortcut that is used to trigger Siri. So, that when you are connected to iOS then it is a quick double-tap. They can also work on either AirPod and even when the screen is locked. Now it can also display the battery level in the notification bar by the pro version. Also, you can do that for free with our next app.

2.The AirBattery: Get iOS style AirPod popup

Also, the Airpod works fine with Android then there is no easy way to check Airpods battery life. It is unlike to iPhone that gives you a sleek pop-up everything you open in the case near it. Although the AirBattery does just that. They can also show you the remaining battery life of both the AirPod app for android and the Case on your Android phone.

This process means that it can show you just the Battery level of the AirPod. So, that you can use the ear detection feature of AirPod as well. They can only work with a few apps like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube, and then pauses the audio. If you can take out one of the AirPod from your ear. Then the AirBattery does have a few limitations for use. The limitation is that you can check the battery level of the case accurately. They can have at least one AirPod should be in the case.

Then you can get the app for free on the Play Store. Also, there is an annoying ad below the pop that you can remove along with some extra features for $0.99.

3. The Podroid App: Get iOS-like double-tap gesture

In this app, the battery indicator is sorted but AirBattery still can’t recognize double-tap gestures. Due to this, they can work That’s where Podroid comes in. This app not only shows you battery level every time. They can also open the case but it also lets you set double-tap gestures on your Android. If you Like and double-tap to play/pause then skip track, volume, and calling the Assistant.

You can also use the only caveat with this method is that it doesn’t differentiate between the two AirPod. Also, you cannot map different actions to each AirPod app for android. Then You can get Podroid for Android on the Play Store.

Its alternative is that you can borrow an iPhone or Mac from your friend for a minute. You can now pair your iPods with it and then customize the double-tap gesture. After that, if you can connect your Airpod back to your Android, those gestures should carry over.

4. The Equalizer: Configure the sound for the AirPod apps

This is the Time for some music. The AirPod app will offer a flatter and balanced sound which is good for everyday use. In case, if you want some oomph out of your wireless buds. So, that it is your options are one of the hundreds of equalizer apps on the Play Store. Also, you can listen to music stored locally on your phone then any other music player with an equalizer would work. Although, if you want one app to set equalizer across the apps on your phone device. Now, Equalizer would be more suitable. The 9 presets like Normal, Classical, Folk, Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, etc. And if you want to create your own presets, you can purchase the full version of the app for $1.99.

Airpod App for Android

5. The Wunderkind android app: Find Your AirPod when lost

IOS provides the Find My app that lets you find AirPod. In case, if you lose it around the house by playing a loud tone. Same like this it is Wunderkind offers the same functionality of locating your AirPod on Android. Then you just need to make sure that the AirPod can connect to your smartphone. Then you can open the app. By using this app it would detect all the nearby Bluetooth devices. It will then give you an option to play audio.

The Wunderkind app also offers a Radar feature that approximates the location by estimating the distance. These features are based on the signal strength during our testing. And if it is failed to correctly estimate the AirPod distance. Then it did manage to play a loud sound so that it makes it easier to find the AirPod.

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The Airpod is one of the best truly wireless earphones in the market right now. They can certainly help if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. You can even allow you to can connect the AirPod with an Android smartphone.

Hope you liked this article!

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