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iOS 10.2 Tweaks

In this article, you will learn some of the Best iOS 10.2 Tweaks. So, Anyone who is rocking the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2 also knows. This has been a bevy of jailbreak tweaks that release specifically for iOS 10. From the jailbreak that initially releases this. This one is one the best and worth installing on your device?

Also, In the roundup, we will talk about all of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10. So, this has been released so far then there is a chance that you will stumble upon something you like too.

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Some Of The best jailbreak iOS 10.2 tweaks:

The App Center iOS 10.2 Tweaks:


The App Center is one of the great tweaks that is for iOS 10 devices. So, this will also let you take your app management to Control Center. Then this will make also make it so you can also run the apps that are in ‘pages’ windows in Control Center. This will also allow you to dynamically swipe between them and then interact with them in windowed views.

iOS 10.2 Tweaks

So, The tweak also takes your recently-used apps to do this. This is very light on system resources that can despite and allow lots of apps to run in the background.

Having a tweak that can also help and then increase productivity. So, this is something worth trying if you have not already given it a download. This is also available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.49.

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The Unify Best iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

By waking up every morning to a bevy of notifications on the Lock screen. This can also very annoying, especially from iOS. So, this will also get only sorts them by time and then received. This will also make it harder to discern them apart from one another.

Now, with a tweak that can call as Unify, your notifications are all merged based on an app. This will also help you to organize them better for your viewing pleasure. Having a new sort of thing that you can more easily discern important notifications. This is from the non-important ones. Most importantly, if there are a lot of notifications pending your attention.

This is also available for $1.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The Unify is certainly one of the must-have jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 right now.

The last time Unlocked Best iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

So, this is for those of you who suspect someone else that is by using your device. If you are not looking then you are just curious when the last time you unlocked your device. Then the Last Time Unlocked just might be the tweak of the century for you.

Now, this tweak will also display the last time your device was unlocked right. This is where “press home to unlock” text would normally appear. Now, by giving you an idea if your device was last used. But the given fact is that this can also consider as useful as information in several scenarios. Then this is also well worth the free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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The Horseshoe Best iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

Also, the Horseshoe is definitely one of the coolest iOS 10-specific jailbreak tweaks. So, I have also seen so far then it take the multi-page Control Center. Then this will also come in stock with iOS 10 and then consolidates into a single-page interface.

This is by doing so, not only in the UI that looks better. So, this means you can also access some of the most important music settings. Now, with just a single tap, rather than having to swipe over first.

After that, I am also particularly a fan of that new slider. This can also toggle between the brightness and volume mode on demand. So, this is by having two separate sliders eating up space individually. Now, this is also the same and can say for the buttons for AirPlay/AirDrop/Night Shift mode. There is are all now consolidated into a single bar, rather than eating up two separate rows of space.

The Horseshoe is a $1.99 tweak, but a lot of time and also in the development goes into its creation. Also, you have to make Control Center that looks sleek. So, this would also expect it to, all while keeping all of the functionality there at the same time.

The MessageFilter Tweak:

So, there is nothing that is just like sending a message to the wrong person. If you are also trying to send your significant other a really mushy text message. Most of them are especially in the case if it goes to an employer or a family member instead (how embarrassing).

Alternatively, a tweak called MessageFilter lets you configure a blacklist and whitelist for specific words. So, you can also filter them on a per-contact basis. The effectively preventing you from sending messages containing certain words to certain people.

Then within it, you can also prevent yourself from calling your boss “baby” or your mom “sweetheart” by accident. It is also available for free that is from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The MessageFilter also seems like an obvious must-have for me, since I’m clumsy and have so many contacts. Then perhaps you could make use of it too.

The CCDataMore:

A CCDataMore is also a wonderful addition to the Control Center. This is because it also adds a toggle for cellular data to the far right of the interface. It is not only a quick and easy way to toggle your cellular radio(s) on and off. Then you can also use a 3D Touch gesture to turn off individual cellular radios than all of them at once. The reason is that it is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, this is a great tweak for anyone.

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The HideMeX:

A HideMeX is also a SpringBoard-customization tweak that is also reminiscent of monster all-in-one tweaks like Springtomize. Having been Armed with numerous settings for changing the way your iOS 10 device looks and feels. Then you can also customize your device beyond recognition from a stock device. This is by hiding things that you don’t want and making adjustments to your UI.

It is Just like the Springtomize, then the tweak is also dividing into settings categories. Also, for the various things, such as Home screen, Notification Center, Status Bar, App Switcher, etc. Also, the tweak is available from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $2.99.

The ColorBanners 2:

So, the ColorBanners 2 is a fun tweak that will also let you colorize your notification banners. This is on a system-wide basis based on the most dominant color of the app icon that the notification comes from. The reason is that it is system-wide that also changes the look of banners on the Lock screen. Also, on the Home screen, in apps, and even in Notification Center.


Now, Even if you don’t want the tweak going by the dominant color of your app icons. Then you can also choose to colorize your banners. Then they are all having the same color and different colors. Also, this can be chosen and depends on where in iOS the banners appear.

The reason is that it is just a $0.99 download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Those will offer incredibly cost-efficient customization.

To Don’t Stop the Party!:

So, I’m a jailbreak tweak reviewer. There is one of my pet peeves that if I’m listening to my jam. Then I also install countless tweaks and my jams also get interrupted. By forcing this I have to restart my song.

Now, this is not as common as of problem for most people. Then it also goes without saying that respringing your device creates an unpleasant pause for your media. So, if you are installing tweaks or just respringing your device to save changes for a tweak.

Then Don’t Stop the Party! this is the solution. So, that this will also allow your music to continue playing throughout the full duration of the respring. This is without even the slightest hiccup. Then the Best of all, it can be had for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

An Eclipse 4:

An Eclipse is just all about one of the jailbreak communities. Then most of the sought-after jailbreak tweaks. If it was finally updated this is with full support for iOS 10. Then no doubt would make this list.

Now with this tweak, you can also get a system-wide night mode that is across all of your iPhone or iPad’s apps. It is also possible that night mode can also toggle on or off at any time with Activator or Flipswitch.

Then most importantly, you can also control the colors that can also use. Now, you can even control what apps and interfaces get colorized. Now, With this high level of customization and uniformity. So, this tweak is also having a step above any night mode jailbreak tweak ever produced, hands-down.

This will also Combine with the other tweaks. There is one that we are about to show you below that you can have one wicked-looking jailbroken iPhone. Now, the tweak can also bad for just $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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A Falcon:

However, Apple is also opening things up a little bit on the Lock screen and in Notification Center. This is by bringing the Spotlight widget interface to them. So, there can still get a lot left to be desired by jailbreakers.

The Falcon also helps to fill your desires with more functionality. By which you can also pick and then choose. Besides this, the things that you can also enable as new pages on the Lock screen and in the Notification Center are the following:

  • Having A page dedicated to a bevy of toggles and controls.
  • A page dedicated to jotting down quick notes for later on.
  • Then a page dedicated to browsing the web quickly and easily

Now, all of these features are well-designed and then look so good. Then you would almost think Apple themselves created the pages, so for the fair asking price of just $1.49 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. So, I really don’t see how you could be disappointed with a gem like this.

The HUDPlayer:

The HUDPlayer is perhaps one of the cleanest volume HUD replacement jailbreak tweaks that I have seen this year. You can also get rid of that clunky interface and then by replacing it with a banner notification-styled HUD. So, this can also display the information about the song that you are also playing that is absolutely ingenious.

You can also Add the rapport to the tweak’s clean implementation. This is how the developer created modes for both media and ringer. It does not matter that what volume you are adjusting, things look great. Now, you can also get this tweak for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

A Noctis:

This is for those who always want a kind of ‘dark mode’ for iOS. It is just like the one that has been available on Mac OS for some time, Noctis is the tweak for you. So, this tweak also darkens the interface that is just like Control Center. Also, the application dock, application folders, the volume HUD, and even Control Center.


This does not darken the app interfaces. Now, this can also use this is injunction with tweaks like Eclipse or Nightmode9 to make a fuller effect. This version of Noctis, which is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $2.00.

StatusPeek 2 iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

So, the Notification Center grabber has always left me with somewhat of a disappointed feeling in my gut. Also, this will intent of the good grabber. So, this will practically useless until you pull on it. That is why StatusPeek 2 is a major upgrade for jailbroken iPhones everywhere. Now, This tweak will also replace the Notification Center grabber with the Status Bar (and still acts like a grabber). It will also allow you to see important information at a glance without having to fully launch Notification Center. Now, you will normally see the other things like battery level, signal strength, time, etc…

Also, this tweak can download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. This is as well as worth every penny.

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A CCRecord:

Having a CCRecord that is really simple and the free jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 devices. This will also add a shortcut to Control Center for recording your iPhone’s screen.

So, there is already code in iOS 10 for doing this. Then there is even a toggle for Control Center for it. Now, the jailbreak developer also found a way to enable this native feature for jailbreakers.

When you tap on the button, then Apple’s native screen-recording process begins. This will also continue until you re-open Control Center. Now, tap on the button again. After that, this point having a. MOV file that can also get and save this to your Camera Roll. So, this will also show you everything that you just did on your iPhone.

The Onizuka iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

So, You can make the Control Center more useful with a jailbreak tweak called Onizuka. Then this tweak will also add a new page to Control Center. Now, this will also show you additional information about your device. This even lets you the theme Control Center so it looks different than it would on a stock device.

Now, the information page also shows you a ton of stuff. It includes the data information, Wi-Fi network information. The battery level, storage space left, and memory usage among other things. Moreover, you can also choose the app shortcuts that dynamically change depending on the time of day it is. The Onizuka tweak is a $0.99 and download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

An AppCon iOS 10.2 Tweaks:

This is not everyone that likes the way their Home screen app icons look. Also, the Yalu app icon is probably no exception to this rule of thumb. You can also consider the face that appears on it. Now, with a tweak called AppCon, which can also from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99. Then you can change individual app icons with the images from your Photo library. This will also come with the ability to customize all of your app icons. If this is with one image from your photo library, such that all your Home screen app icons. You can also get as a grid to create one single image.


A Springtomize 4:

It is also very hard to have the best jailbreak tweaks list. This is without mentioning Springtomize. Luckily, the tweak was not available during the first iterations of this post; but now it is!

A Springotmize 4 enables limitless customization over your iPhone’s SpringBoard. It includes countless options for things like the Home screen. The Notification Center, Lock screen, Folders, Dock, Status Bar, and much more.

Now, the ultimate app all-in-one jailbreak tweaks that can also sure to be worth your money ($4.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository to be exact). This is for that reason, we recommend grabbing it.

The CCLowPower:

A CCLowPower is yet another free Control Center tweak. This will also be aimed at iOS 10 devices, which enables a hidden Low Power Mode. This can also toggle the button in Control Center. Now, it will also appear Apple that is experimenting with this feature and has hidden code in iOS 10 already. Then this tweak can simply enable the feature prematurely for jailbreakers. Also, The button, when tapped, enables Low Power Mode. If this will tap again, then disables it. Now, the button also glows green when it’s turned on, and dims out again when you turn it back off.

An Evanesco:

The Evanesco is another great tweak that can also have for free that was designed with iOS 10 in mind. So, this also means to give your iPhone a cool aesthetic whenever it is left to sit idle for a few seconds.

If you don’t touch your iPhone for a while then it will dim the objects on your Home screen. You have to make your wallpaper easier to see then these objects also include the app icons, dock, and the Status Bar. If you touch your device’s screen again then everything will return to normal.

This is for the most part that you are not going to be sitting and gawking at your Home screen all day long. Also, it is still a pretty cool aesthetic that you can add to your jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone.

To Make Resprings Great Again:

You can also Start this with iOS 10. Then the respring process does not show the iconic Apple logo anymore. Apart from this, you can also see a black screen with nothing but a spinner in the center. Then you can also install Make Resprings Great Again. So, you will once again see that Apple logo that has many of the feelings that are nostalgic over. So, this tweak is free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Details you need to know:

The Jailbreak tweaks are being released almost every day. Then this is not easy to keep up with them in a single roundup. You can also continue to go over every single one of the classics that have existed for years. So, this will also say this, if there are some of the things you want to know about from the past. Then this is not on this list, then we will redirect you to the iOS 10 compatibility spreadsheet. Also, this has a full list of compatibility statuses for most jailbreak tweaks in existence today.

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This has been a bevy of jailbreak tweaks that release specifically for iOS 10. From the jailbreak that initially releases this. In the end, remember to be careful when installing tweaks on iOS 10. This is not in all of the jailbreak tweaks that are compatible or completely stable. Now, you can also try and jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak your iOS 10 device at your own risk. This is with no warranty implied that has been the story since the first jailbreak was conceived.

So, this is all about iOS 10.2 Tweaks. Hope you like this! If you have any query let us know in the comments below.

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