Some Of The Samsung Galaxy Buds Tips And Tricks:

Galaxy Buds Tips

In this article, you will learn about some of the galaxy Bud’s tips and tricks that will help you while using the Samsung galaxy buds. When the switch from Redmi Airdots to Samsung Galaxy Buds and so far this experience is amazing. Also, the battery life is not the most exciting part of it than the Galaxy Wear app which surely is. This will also let you set the quick gestures and then read out your notifications. You will also find the lost earbud and many others. Here is the list of Galaxy Buds tips and tricks for further you can enhance your experience and these are not limited to the Galaxy Wear app only.

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Some of the Galaxy Buds Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Buds Tips: The Read Messages and Calls

By using the Samsung Galaxy Buds that can also read out your notifications for you. From which it can come in handy when you are running or driving. If you want to do that then you can also use the Galaxy Wear app and then tap on Notifications. Using the Notifications menu you can click on the Manage Notifications.  Also, you would see all the apps that also allow you to send notifications to you. Then click on any one of them and then they can Manage notifications page that would slide in.  By this it has the only option is that is Read out notifications then click on it to turn the toggle on. After that, you can also set it to be either a summary or a full notification readout.

Galaxy Buds Tips

Galaxy Buds Tips: The SmartThings

If the Samsung SmartThings app can allow you to connect the multiple Samsung devices like Samsung Smart tv, Samsung Home, AC, and some others. This will also include that it also works with the Galaxy buds as well. Then your voice on your command using the Galaxy Earbuds to Bixby and then control the other devices. With the instances I also want you to turn on the TV to lower the volume. Now it can also ask Bixby directly with the commands like that can Turn on the TV or set the TV volume to 50. In this case, If you are not getting the Galaxy buds pop-up. Then you have to make sure that you can also install the Galaxy Wear app and also the Samsung SmartThings apps.

Galaxy Ticks: The Dolby Atmos

This contains the Dolby Atmos that can support most of the Samsung Galaxy flagship devices. And if we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and then the Dolby Atmos does wonders for stereo earphones. If you want to turn on the Dolby Atmos then you have to pull down the notification drawer. After that, you can swipe right to toggle the Dolby Atmos mode.

On the other hand, you can also find the Dolby Atmos menu under the Advanced Sound Settings. Also, you can set up the customize individual audio frequencies then choose the built-in equalizer presets. You just have a quick note so that the Galaxy Buds and your Samsung device have also separated the volume level.  If you want to sync them then keep the volume at the same level. Now move over to the Connections menu in the system settings.

Click on the Bluetooth and then next tap on the Advanced button. Below the advanced Bluetooth settings you can turn on the toggle for the Media volume sync. In this option, you can turn it on by default on other Android devices. If you want and can disable it under the Developer options by turning on Disable absolute volume.

Galaxy Buds Tips

The Ambient Sound Mode:

It has one of the best things that is all about the Galaxy Buds. That is the Ambient sound mode or as Apple likes to call Transparent mode. This also allows you to hear the surrounding sound using the microphone. Then it comes that in really handy if you want to talk to someone without removing the earbuds. This is while when I am on a trail running then I like to keep the ambient sound mode. But it is on and the volume low and I can also hear the vehicles passing by which and ensures safety.

Now the Ambient sound mode is only active then when you have both the earbuds plugged in. If the app is under the Ambient sound menu then you can even adjust the volume of Ambient sound suitably. Besides, there is a toggle called Voicefocus that makes the human voices that can also stand out and more clearly from ambient sounds

Galaxy Buds Tips

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By the Customize Gestures:

This can be done by using the Samsung Galaxy Buds that I have a touchpad. Now, this is the function that is based on taps. Also, it can play and pauses music on a single tap. Now you can double-tap on it and then it can also let you skip past a song. Then you can triple-tap on the moves to the previous song. During this, the downside can also help you and cannot customize these gestures and you can. Although, if the customize of the long press on both the earbuds individually.

This situation can have multiple voice assistants on your phone. So that if you can also prompt it to select the one that every time you do a long-press. With the custom action, the choice is quite limited. If you can either set up the quick ambient sound or Ambient sound. This also includes that the volume up or volume down, or instead summon the voice assistant. With the instance, we can have to set up, so that the Google Assistant on long-press on the left earbud.

When you toggle it then the Ambient mode on long-press on the right earbud. But the basic difference between them is the quick ambient mode and ambient mode. Due to this, it has a quick ambient mode that can stay as long as hold your finger on the touchpad.  During the latter that can, one stays until you turn it off.

Galaxy Buds Tips

The Lock touchpad:

If the Galaxy buds and the touchpad and others can truly wireless earbuds that have been a hit or miss. However, if the ones on the  Galaxy Buds are not perfect. Now they are also quite close due to the Stick out and smaller touch surface area. Although, if I still get unintentional touches on the buds then the working out. Also, this is for that particular moment then I like to lock the touchpad on the Galaxy Buds. If you want to do the same then move over to the Touchpad page and click on the Lock touchpad toggle. It will now disable that the touchpad on the earbuds can also allow you to toggle it off.

Galaxy Buds Tips

To Find the lost earbud

If you misplace the earbuds then your pet has dragged it out of your bed. Then the Galaxy Wear app has got you covered. Now it has a native Find my earbud functionality in which you can play a high-decibel chirping sound on the earbuds. Also, the sound is quite loud and then it can be heard across the room. Using the app it has smart enough and also mutes the sound of the earbud that is plugged in. According to the instance, if one of the earbuds is missing then you can plug the other one in your ear. And if in the charging case you have to avoid the unnecessary sound on the earbud.

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The Bixby Integration:

In this case, if you have a Samsung smartphone then the Galaxy buds also offer much more value. Using the recent firmware update the Galaxy Buds can also be controlled via Bixby. Now you can also ask the Bixby in order to turn on/off the ambient sound. Then you can even summon the Bixby in order to lock the touchpad or change the equalizer mode. With the instance, this is mostly to ask by the Bixby to Lock the touchpad that can do before I begin a workout.

In most cases, if you have the Galaxy Watch then the Bixby commands can also work on the Galaxy Watch as well. Besides this, if you have the buds that can connect to the phone then the answer is through the watch. This can call still passes through the earbuds.

By the Bluetooth Audio Codec:

These Samsung Galaxy Buds also support multiple Bluetooth codecs that are like by the SBC(default), AAC, and Scalable Codec. Then you must have to run them on AAC as it considerably brings down the audio latency. Now you can change the Bluetooth audio codec through the developer settings in Android.

But the most important step is that, if you have a Samsung device then this is to change the Bluetooth codec to the Scalable Codec. Now, this has the Samsung proprietary codec so that the Galaxy Buds that can work best with them. Now it can also bring down the latency than the furthermore and in my testing that can work better than AAC.

The Galaxy Buds Manager:

If the Samsung Galaxy Buds can customize then it does not work on Windows PC or Mac. Then you cannot turn on the Ambient sound mode when the buds are connected to your laptop. However, the customization can long-press then it does not work if you can connect to the PC. Although, if there is a small Samsung plugin that can also call the Samsung Galaxy Buds Manager. By which it can also carry and forward to the same customization to macOS and Windows.

So, this is all about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Tips and tricks.

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Now, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are a great piece of Bluetooth TWS. They have some issues like mediocre battery life and latency issues. Due to which it can also widespread and across all the Bluetooth audio devices. When the switch from Redmi Airdots to Samsung Galaxy Buds and so far this experience is amazing. Also, the battery life is not the most exciting part of it than the Galaxy Wear app which surely is. This will also let you set the quick gestures and then read out your notifications. You will also find the lost earbud and many others.

Hope this guide is helpful and understandable for you! Kindly share your reviews with us.


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