Way to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Hardly ever, an iPhone touch screen NOT working or it also becomes unresponsive to touch. It is clear that when this happens, you will simply touch the screen & then nothing will happen, swipes will also be ignored, clicks do not do anything. Other touch on the screen does not register any behavior. However, it’s obviously annoying whether the iPhone

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How To Let You Spoof Fake Call Log On iPhone?

Fake Call Log On iPhone

Most people demand such a kind of tweak that helps you to spoof Fake Call Log On iPhone devices. Also, people may choose to forget or overlook it. This is one of the main functionality of the iPhone. So, has the ability to make and then receive calls. You have to make sure, that the iPhone may have advanced media

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Benefits Of Jailbreaking iPhone _10 Reasons To Jailbreak

Benefits Of Jailbreaking iPhone

Do you guys know why we jailbreak and what are the benefits of jailbreaking iPhone? If No, then here are some of the guidelines. This has been having a great weekend for the jailbreak community. Most importantly, there are two of the most popular jailbreak tools. The checkra1n and unc0ver. This also picked up the support for Apple’s latest and the greatest

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iPhone SE 2020 Color Comparison White vs Black _Unboxing

iPhone SE 2020 Color

This article is about iPhone SE 2020 Color Comparison between black and white color and unboxing. So, read this article completely. So, Apple’s new $399 iPhone SE smartphone also landed last Friday. This is also the most powerful inexpensive handset that is for reviewers and reports from early adopters suggesting that the Cupertino tech giant potentially has a massive hit

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Play AVI On iPhone: Ways To Play Videos/Movies On iPhone

Play AVI On iPhone

In this guide, you will learn that how to Play AVI On iPhone devices. Also, these features only work with iTunes-supported files. This means that you can only use stream videos or movies in formats. It is just like the MP4 and MOV. Most of the other video and codecs that notably AVI and are not playable by iTunes. Although,

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To Adjust The iPhone Alarm Volume Of Your Alarm Clock

iPhone Alarm Volume

Are you guys facing this issue of very low iPhone alarm volume? If yes, then here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you! Personally, I am using my iPhone alarm app function a lot. Then you are probably too. Also, the Apple Clock app is an alarm clock. Most of the users have complained that the

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Handwritten Text Messages _Send Messages On iPhone/iPad

Handwritten Text Messages

iPhone allows you to send Handwritten Text Messages on iPhone and iPad devices. In case. if you are having a new iPhone user. You can simply don’t use the Messages app as much as others. This is also possible to not realizing all of the cool things. So, you can do this with your texts. Now, you can also use

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Word Count On Mac _ Ways To Display On Mac/iPhone/iPad

Word Count On Mac

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to display Word Count On Mac iPhone, iPad device. But How? Let’s have a look! In this case, if you can also use the Pages on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You have to create your documents then you may need to see some statistics. It includes the word count, character count,

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Ways To Show Calendar With Week Numbers On Mac/iPhone

calendar with week numbers

So, On the iPhone/ Mac both provide the Calendar with week numbers on the app. This feature is for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, this also helps in organizing your schedule and making you more productive. There are just many of the other people that also like to browse my calendars with week numbers. You can also enable that

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Lock Screen: How To Customize Your iPhone With Finger Lock

Lock Screen

In this article, you will learn that how to customize iPhone Lock Screen. In case if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad at your disposal. So, it is also possible to come and enjoy a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed FingerLock by iOS developer MTAC. Then this did not get until technology shrunk down sufficiently. So, the mobile phone makers could

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