Ways To Connect PS4 Controller Driver _Windows 10

PS4 Controller Driver

In this article, you will learn to connect PS4 Controller Driver. Also, Gaming on a PC does not means that you are forced to use a keyboard. Then Windows 10 system supports and the game controllers that you will find most users prefer an Xbox controller. From this compatibility, it is not a problem. Also, this will said that there

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Make sure If Your Computer Can Run Windows 10

Computer Can Run Windows

In order to make sure that your computer can run Windows 10 so you must follow the guide in which we are trying to explain to you the way. However, Windows 10 also pushed out the Windows 10 upgrade app to all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This utility permits you to reserve your Windows 10 upgrade. But first,

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How To Find The Windows Accessories Folder in Windows 10?

windows accessories

So, the Windows Accessories folder also contains the traditional apps just like Paint, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Steps Recorder, Snipping Tool. And some of the other things in Windows 10. This also has a new look and then it can take a lot of new features. So, that it is with more on the way. Although, if you have recently upgraded from Windows 7

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Ways To Turn Off Or Change Windows 10 Notification Sound

Windows 10 Notification Sound

Most of the users irritated by the notification sounds of the device but you can now turn it off on windows 10 notification sound. So, that it can then apply to Windows 10 it also has a feature. Then it can also provide you a notification that is for different apps that can call as the Toast Notifications. In this

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How You Can Adding & Removing Windows 10 icon _ Guide

Removing Windows 10 icon

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Add and Removing the Windows 10 icon on the screen. So, let’s get started! This is for several years so that the users that can have liked this in order to change the system desktop icons that are on the Windows desktop. So, that it can also provide you

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Bing Images: How To Set Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

Bing Images

So, Microsoft also provides Bing Images to changes its homepage image daily. This is with having amazing photography. Let’s get started! It is from Getty Images and then the other top photographers that are around the globe. Then Microsoft also allows you in order to download the Bing images. This is for the free and then this is as well

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Ways To Change OneDrive Location In Windows 10

Change OneDrive Location

Here is the complete guide about how to change the OneDrive location. So, Microsoft’s OneDrive service has come a long way. From these days of the SkyDrive and then the Live Mesh. Then this also comes in the built into Windows 10. So, that it can also provide a liberal amount of storage space. In order to save your Office

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Windows 10 No Hibernate Option _Fix It!

Windows 10 No Hibernate Option

Are you facing the issue of Windows 10 No Hibernate Option available? Then this is by using the Start menu that can return to Windows 10. This can also contain a power button that is in clear view. It is unlike Windows 8  in which this had the power button and then this having the other features that are hidden.

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Ways To Reinstall Windows 10 Without Disc _ Steps

Reinstall Windows 10 Without Disc

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to reinstall windows 10 without a disc. So, there is an advanced recovery environment. Then in Windows 10, it is also used in order to diagnose and then fix the issues with your Windows installation. After that, this can also include performing a clean Windows 10 install, too. Now, there

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Ways To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 _Guide

Encrypt USB Drive Windows

To Encrypt USB Drive Windows 10 or the Flash drives and SD cards help you to protect your data. This is a convenient tool. You can easily transfer data by using these tools. Although, this is with the convenience and then the portability. It can also come with a security risk. So, that is where you can encrypt and then

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