Ways To Remove OS From Windows 7 Dual Boot _Guide

Windows 7 Dual Boot

If you want to install or uninstall the Windows 7 Dual Boot. Then you have probably should not install Windows 10 on your primary PC.  In case, if you are going to then you should at least install it in a dual-boot configuration. Then you can also then reboot in order to switch between that your installed versions of Windows.

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How To Enable Hibernate Windows 7 _Guide

Enable Hibernate Windows 7

Here is the complete guideline about Enable Hibernate Windows 7. So, Windows 7 does not have a Hibernate option that is out of the box. It is also possible that you might have noticed. Although, if you can also bring it out in order to get of hiding and then make it an option. This is for that you if

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How to Fix Windows 7 Update Error Code 0x80070422

Code 0x80070422

Out of the error codes users experience in Windows 7, the code 0x80070422 is moderately ordinary. However, this error happens when the startup service. Similarly, just for Windows Update is set to anything except automatic. So in this guide, we are going to learn the way to fix error code 0x80070422 with a few clicks of the mouse. Windows Update

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How to Add Programs Automatically to Windows 7 Startup Folder

Windows 7 Startup Folder

It’s great to have programs that you regularly use in Windows 7 present when Windows starts. Beginning with Windows 95, Microsoft made adding programs to the startup folder as simple as navigating to the folder in Windows Explorer. And dragging shortcuts or programs directly into it. Here we will mention how to add programs to the Startup folder in Windows

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How to Change Your Windows 7 Laptop Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot Windows 7

Are you desiring to change your Windows 7 Laptop into a Wi-fi Hotspot? If yes then read and follow this post. While now Wi-Fi is necessarily everywhere you look, sometimes while traveling, you will be in circumstances where you only have a mysterious Ethernet connection. So what would happens then if you require to connect your “Wi-Fi only” device to

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Tutorial on Changing the User Name On Windows 7

Change User Name Windows 7

Now anyone can wish to use a computer with a Windows operating system that will just require their own user account. Simply all settings will save locally to this account, like the background photo, the size of symbols and text, and also the programs to which the user has access. Thus this is a tutorial on Changing the User Name

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Disable Startup Programs In Windows 7 and Vista-Tutorial

Windows 7 Startup

Windows 7 Startup: With the passage of time as you install more and more software. So you may observe that it takes too much longer time for your computer to startup. More likely than not, this is maybe because lots of applications nowadays hook into your Windows 7 Startup method. And automatically load up each time you start your computer.

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Comparison Between Windows 7 Version

Windows 7 Version

Trying to decide which Windows 7 version you should get: Professional, Home Premium, or Ultimate? It basically depends on your requirements and what you are going to use Windows for. Besides the launch of just Windows 7, they decided to launch 6 different editions of Windows 7. Basically, it works like this: Windows 7 Home Premium provides you all the

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Windows 10 32 Bit vs 64 Bit – Which One is Best

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Windows 10 basically comes in two architectures: 32-bit and 64-bit actually. What’s the difference? In order to oversimplify it, you guys are making a choice between compatibility and performance. Windows 10 32-bit is actually more likely to work with older hardware and software. However, you’ll miss out on some of the performance and feature advantages that are only available in

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