iOS 7.1 Jailbreaks: To Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Pangu On Windows

iOS 7.1 Jailbreaks

In this article, you will learn how iOS 7.1 Jailbreaks help you to jailbreak. Now, the Pangu iOS jailbreak seemingly came out of nowhere. Then we will also confirm that this 100% works. Also, we test the jailbreak on our device that is also running in iOS 7.1.1. Now, this will also work just as advertised and then burning two exploits in the process.

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Ways To Quickly Mac Switch Between Windows _Tutorial

mac switch between windows

So, this tutorial is about how quickly Mac Switch Between Windows Of the same Applications. If you are also working on your Mac. Then you know that how the simplest shortcuts can help you to do things faster and also easier. So, it is also having the gestures or keyboard shortcuts that there are also the plenty of ways. In

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How You Can Adding & Removing Windows 10 icon _ Guide

Removing Windows 10 icon

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Add and Removing the Windows 10 icon on the screen. So, let’s get started! This is for several years so that the users that can have liked this in order to change the system desktop icons that are on the Windows desktop. So, that it can also provide you

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In Windows 10: What is $Windows~BT Folder

$Windows~BT Folder

However, when you organize Windows 10 on your PC, however, it is a complicated method, if you are upgrading from an old version or performing a clean install. Luckily, most of the complex aspects of a Windows 10 setup occur automatically just behind the scenes. Similarly, this adds the creation of the $Windows~BT folder. Although the $Windows~BT folder stores just

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How To Find Your Wi-Fi Network Password Windows 10?

Wi-Fi Network Password

Did you want to find your Wi-Fi Network password? Then you just have to read this article completely. Also, follow the guidelines. In case, if you are running Windows 10 on your laptop. Then this is sometimes that you might need to connect to another device or also to give a colleague the password so that you can also get

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Split Screen Windows 10: How You Can Use It?

Split Screen Windows 10

The Split Screen Windows 10 basically means that Two different tasks on a single screen at the same time. So, here is a complete guideline! You can also split your screen into two screens or three screens or the. Moreover,  if you have got the screen real estate then you don’t really need to worry about how many windows that

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Windows Is Not Activated: To Fix Product Key Not Working

Windows Is Not Activated

Most of the users face the issue of Windows Is Not Activated. They don’t have any idea that what to do in this situation? By using Product Activation was the first that can be introduced into the Windows family. After the release of Windows XP in 2001. Now the Activation pairs of your product key with your computer. This is

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What To Do If “Windows Hello Fingerprint Not Working”?

Windows Hello Fingerprint Not Working

Are you facing the issue of “Windows hello fingerprint not working“?. Most of the users don’t know about Windows Hello features. This is a more secure way of logging into your Windows 10 device. You do not need to struggle to remember your password. By using the futuristic login technology they can also use biometric authentication. So, that is faster,

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Add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows

add google drive to file explorer

If you guys have used Google, I am sure you’d have heard about Google drive. In the rare chance that if you have not – Google Drive is actually a cloud-based data storage service. That helps to backup and sync your files and folders as well. We can also use Google Drive for editing documents online, taking a backup, and

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Com Surrogate has Stopped Working in Windows

com surrogate has stopped working

Well, a ‘COM Surrogate has stopped working’ or ‘DLL host not responding’ error is basically a weird and frustrating one to come across. COM Surrogate errors aren’t catastrophic, however, if these errors occur often enough, then it can be disruptive. Let’s now discuss Com Surrogate has Stopped Working in Windows. Let’s start! The odd thing was that the error only

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