The Best OneNote Add Ins You Can Use

Microsoft OneNote can do just about anything in order to help you stay organized and productive. That utility does not end with the core features in the desktop and also mobile apps, either. OneNote also hooks into a ton of different services, so it is really easy to save each and everything from meeting notes. To recipes and even emails to your digital notebook as well. And along with Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy, OneNote is also available on each and every platform. Let’s now discuss The Best OneNote Add Ins You Can Use. Let’s begin!

However, Microsoft OneNote is designed for note-taking, you guys can extend its functionality further along with OneNote add-ins. These extensions basically bring the best features and services from other apps. That includes some of Microsoft’s own.

In order to help supercharge your productivity, here are some of the best Microsoft OneNote add-ins and tools for you guys to try actually.

Using OneNote Add-Ins

If you want to add OneNote add-ins, then you will need to use OneNote 2016 or earlier. The OneNote 2019 UWP app does not currently support most add-ins. However, you should be able to download OneNote 2016 for free of cost.

The installation procedure for each and every OneNote add-in will vary. Major add-ins will actually come along with an installer file that will install and configure OneNote automatically. If you guys want to see a list of installed add-ins in OneNote 2016, then you have to tap File Options Add-Ins.

Add Notes From the Web along With Clipper

If you guys find your inspiration comes most when you are using the internet. Then the OneNote Web Clipper extension for Google Chrome should help as well.

This extension basically lets you take screenshots of web pages, that saves them into your OneNote notebooks. From there, you guys can also remove any excess elements. That leaves you with only the information or pictures you want to keep.

You will need to download and install the OneNote Web Clipper extension for this to work actually. When you install it and signed in, tap on the OneNote Web Clipper extension icon (next to the address bar) in order to begin the clipping process.

Use OneNote Macros with Onetastic

You guys might not know what features you need, however, there will likely be something useful for you included along with Onetastic for OneNote. Onetastic is actually multi-purpose, adding support for image editing, custom text styles, and also a built-in calendar to OneNote actually.

The biggest (and possibly best) Onetastic feature is support for macros actually. If you guys have used macros in Office before, then you will know that macro support makes it really easy to repeat repetitive tasks. Well, onetastic adds macro support, along with hundreds of community-created macros available for you to use actually.

onenote add ins

However, the Onetastic installer automatically installs and also configures itself in OneNote 2016 and below. If you want to install an Onetastic macro. Then tap on a macro listing on the Onetastic website and press the Download button, then click Open in the Chrome pop-up that appears as well.

Support for Automation along with Zapier and IFTTT

Macro support can also help you along with basic, repetitive tasks. However, adding true automation to OneNote is only possible with platforms such as Zapier and IFTTT. Both of the services allow you to create triggers that, when met, will perform an action for you automatically.

Using automation services like these will actually let you link other services to OneNote, too. If you want to copy your notes to other services such as Evernote, for instance, Zapier and IFTTT can both allow you to do this as well.

Well, no add-ins needed—both IFTTT and Zapier will connect to your OneNote account. That makes changes to your notes automatically.

More than 500 New Features along with Gem for OneNote

Well, it is not free, the Gem for OneNote add-in adds more than 500 new features and tools to OneNote. A smaller add-in is also available for OneNote UWP, although this offers fewer features actually.

Most of the additional features are designed in order to improve your productivity. Along with notebook protection, section sorting, page formatting tools, shortcuts, and much more. From the Gem tab in the ribbon bar, you guys can instantly access features in order to help you format your notes. As well as export them to other programs such as PowerPoint.

onenote add ins

The Gem for OneNote add-in basically comes with a 30-day trial. That costs $33 for a full license. While this might seem excessive for an otherwise free app actually. However, the extensive number of additional features on offer can make Gem the productivity toolkit you are looking for.

The Best OneNote Add Ins You Can Use


Feedly has plunged into the RSS reader market that follows the announcement that Google Reader would not exist beyond July 1st, 2013. And has quickly become to be the best among all readers available in the RSS world actually. Cutting a brilliant figure along with elegant design, rapid performance, and integration along with a lot of attractive services, Feedly actually offers a near-perfect reader experience.

As a Feedly Pro subscriber, you guys can also make use of Feedly’s capability. In order to save articles or any other information that you would like to read up on later or keep track of right to OneNote without even having to search for them again. If you happen to have a Microsoft Surface device (or any other touch-friendly notebook), then just mark up the articles that you save directly inside of OneNote. The features that come in quite handy whenever you need to organize your thoughts and ideas as well.

OneNote Clipper

OneNote Clipper is a handy way to instantly grab and save anything from the web to OneNote. However, clearing away the annoying clutter. At the bottom, think of OneNote Clipper as a camera snapshotting any interesting webpage that you see directly into your digital notebook for future use and reference as well.

Clipping articles make them easily searchable in OneNote, and if, in case you use a Microsoft Surface device, that you can mark up, edit, annotate or also share your clipped articles in a snap. OneNote Clipper basically works with Microsoft Edge, which builds OneNote’s clipping functionality directly into the browser as well, Chrome or one of the third-party options available for Firefox as well.

Office Lens

OneNote is actually a great place to save everything for later so that you do not have to worry about digging through your file system. In order to track down the picture of that whiteboard brainstorming session. Along with Office Lens, you can snap the image and save it directly into one of your OneNote notebooks. There’s also an app for Windows as well as Android and iOS so that you can snap the image with any of your devices.


Most modern web apps offer an API that third-party developers can use in order to interact with it. They can upload information, download data or hook into the app as well. Microsoft has worked hard in order to make OneNote extendable for businesses that want to connect OneNote’s functionality to other services as well. The web automation app Zapier is a sterling example actually.

At the bottom, Zapier basically takes two services and acts as a go-between for their APIs, that links all the different apps you use. It allows you to create a series of “zaps,” which are blueprints for tasks that you would like to automate as well. Whenever it comes to OneNote, then you can use Zapier to automatically tag particular emails to appear in OneNote. Such as, or simply zap in relevant data from other programs and applications as well.


Along with its mission being set on revolutionizing user experience for work email. CloudMagic from Newton is actually second to none among the cross-platform email apps for mobile devices. They are currently available to you. However, CloudMagic handles Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and just about anything else, the service also happens in order to put forward a nifty integration along with OneNote. That allows you to save relevant emails right to your digital notebook along with just a couple of taps. All it takes is connecting your OneNote account to CloudMagic actually.

OneNote Publisher for WordPress

With OneNote Publisher for WordPress, you guys can transfer any of your OneNote pages over to WordPress in a jiffy actually. In case, if you guys maintain a blog and do most of your writing in OneNote, then this plugin will definitely be right down your alley.

As OneNote documents are automatically synced to the cloud, you guys can conveniently jot blog posts on any platform. That is actually supported by OneNote and then simply slide them over to WordPress as well. Just tap on the OneNote button in the WordPress editor (the plugin will insert it automatically into the editor) in order to search for the specific OneNote page(s) that you intend to publish.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this article then let us know in the comments section below.

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