The Best Twitter App for Windows 10

Once upon a time, the web was awash along with third-party clients actually. That basically lets you use Twitter in a way that basically suited you – as a full-screen, feed-packed extravaganza along with multiple skins or a discreet sidebar alongside your web browser. Sadly, those days are over actually; Twitter actually decided to crack down hard on developers a few years back, imposing strict API restrictions. That broke most clients and also drove users back to Twitter’s standard web app as well. Let’s now discuss The Best Twitter App for Windows 10.

The third-party scene is nOt dead, ALthough; thanks to the dedicated developers. There are still some great alternatives for folks who want to go beyond the basics as well. Twitter has built some of the alternatives of its own too, so you can select a client that’s best suited to the way you tweet as well.

Here’s our pick of the best Twitter apps for Windows some of the free and some premium. Read on and then find out which one is right for you actually.

The Best Twitter App for Windows 10

Well, the official Twitter app for Windows used to be a stretched-out version of the mobile app. Although they recently changed the UI, it still does not utilize the extra space that a PC display offers. Apart from that, there are also other limitations. like you can’t reply directly from notifications, no multiple windows support, etc. Here are a few Twitter apps that not only use the desktop layout a lot better however, also add a few other useful features. Let’s start.

Fenice for Twitter


  • Ability to tweet whenever you are offline, app automatically posts your tween when you are back online.
  • Interactive notifications in order to reply without even opening the app.
  • Better usage of the desktop layout as well.
  • Predictive hashtag suggestions.
  • No need to refresh in order to check new tweets.
  • Can continue browsing from where you guys left in the last session.
  • Top-level design customization options.


  • Not the cleanest looking UI.
  • Costs around $2.29.

best twitter app for windows 10

Tweeting along with Fenice for Twitter (£1.49, US$1.99, AU$2.39) is a really pleasant experience. It also offers a level of customization that you’d expect from a premium app. Turning you on to adjust not only colors and feeds, however, also link shortening, spellcheck, and formatting for edited retweets as well.

Fenice’s interface is just like TweetDeck’s and is designed for large screens. So you will get a better experience on a desktop along with a good-sized monitor than a notebook actually. We particularly like the ability to drag and drop photos into tweets, and to queue, tweets to publish later. If you guys find yourself without an internet connection (though you can’t schedule them for a particular time). Fenice also gives customizable Live Tiles and notifications, so that you never miss an essential tweet.

Fenice basically offers a fully-functional 24-hour free trial, so that you can get a good feel for it before committing to the small cost of the full version actually.

Download – Fenice for Twitter



  • A design that efficiently utilizes the desktop layout as well.
  • Additional useful features such as the ability to schedule tweets, link shortening, filters, spell checking, etc.
  • Multiple account support.
  • Option to download videos and GIFs as well.


  • Unable to edit profile and bio natively inside the app. It will redirect to the official Twitter website.
  • Can see the followers and the following number, however, cannot look at the list of folks following.
  • no option to turn off autoplay within the app.

best twitter app for windows 10

Tweeten is a famous Twitter app for Windows 10 that’s based on TweetDeck. The app also allows you to download GIFs, pick emojis, and has the same beautiful column-based interface. From where you guys can track each and everything happening on Twitter actually.

The multi-column interface helps you monitor all of your accounts simultaneously, track your Twitter Lists, notifications, activity, and direct messages as well.

Additionally, you can also use the app’s powerful search feature in order to track a topic, search and save GIFs, switch between light or dark themes, and also even schedule your tweets. Tweeten only works along with Windows 10 Home and Pro.

Download Tweeeten (Free)



  • Ability to change font size and dark mode as well. As it stays on top of each and every app, this will be helpful.
  • Can assign any twitter app to it so that when you tap on any tweet or profile. It will then open that app for a better view.


  • Does not support GIFs, Emojis, etc.
  • Has some problems with trackpad gestures, lags a lot when faster scrolling.

Tweetz is a really easy-to-use Twitter app for Windows 10 that replicates the Twitter data onto the desktop client.  It’s really simple in that all it does is permit you to post and tag from your PC. So that you guys won’t find professional features like those of Buffer or Fenice for Twitter actually.

Download Tweetz (Free)



  • Best Layout as compare to any other Twitter app.
  • Full-functioning trial version for 7 days before even paying for premium.
  • Multiple windows functionality.


  • No extra features such as Fenice, even though it’s a paid app.


Well, tweetium has been around for a while and also it’s a solid third-party Twitter app. It is a universal Windows 10 app so that you can also install it on both Windows 10 PC and Mobile as well. It has a responsive design, so that it changes the app layout automatically whenever you change the window’s size. If you guys make the window narrow enough on Windows 10 PC, it will also show a layout that looks really similar to what you guys will see on Windows 10 Mobile. It supports important features such as quote retweets, thumbnail previews, and even lets you upload videos as well.

Even though Tweetium is packed along with features, we wish it looked better. The icons are not pretty and the interface needs a bit of extra oomph actually. On a positive note, many users will be glad that they can personalize the app through changing the theme colors as well.

Tweetium is $2.99 from the Windows Store, and you guys will have to subscribe to Pro for more features. The Pro subscription, that costs $7.99/year, adds support for push notifications, multiple accounts, integrated newsreader, and synchronized last read positions as well.

Download Tweetium



  • Can publish the post on multiple social media platforms all at once which is the key feature of this app.
  • Supports all of the major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and also even YouTube.


  • Can only add 3 accounts in the free version actually.
  • Can’t see the replies to tweets as well.

best twitter app for windows 10

Okay, not a Twitter client, however, even more than that. You can also use it as a planner, store drafts posts for Twitter, and to manage many other social media platforms. And you can also see tweets, your profile, and notifications right in the app as well. You can also Like, Retweet, and Reply from the Hootsuite app itself too.

Visit Hootsuite (Free more than 3 accounts )



  • Fast Updates for new features as well.


  • It only has a web version, however, there is a third-party app called TweetDeckr that basically lets you use TweetDeck through installing an app.


Well, owned by Twitter itself, the free web app TweetDeck puts all of the Twitter information that you could want at your fingertips. Along with feeds for your main feed, notifications, and activity all on one screen (instead of hidden in tabs, as they are on Each and every one of these columns is customizable, so if you are frustrated via seeing too many retweets, such as you guys can easily filter them out. You can also remove any columns that you like (activity, in particular, tends order to move too fast to follow). And then replace them with the search tool, likes, mentions, trending topics, lists, and also direct messages.

TweetDeck also lets you flick between multiple accounts (not possible along with and, perhaps most usefully, schedule Tweets to be published in the future. If you guys are serious about Twitter, TweetDeck is really hard to beat – it is just a shame that the desktop software has been discontinued. It’s available as a Chrome extension, however, we really miss the convenience of a real Windows app actually.

Open TweetDeck (Free)


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “best twitter app for windows 10′ article then let us know in the comments section below.

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