The WinX MediaTrans Review: Speedy iTunes & iOS Video

WinX MediaTrans

So, the WinX MediaTrans is a new iPhone/iPad manager for Windows 10/8/7. This can also be made by the fine folks who brought you WinX. Also, the WinX DVD Ripper and then Digiarty. Then the iTunes has the alternative and then the WinX MediaTrans that can also promise this as a faster. Also, the more it is intuitive and then the more convenient way. In order to manage your music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, ringtones, and then photos on your iPhone or iPad. So, that it can also comes with a pretty snazzy.

Then the video converter is that so it makes it very easy in order to watch it virtually. So, this is having in any of the video file types on your phone or tablet. This is also true that it is much affordable ($35.95 for a lifetime license). Also, it does not have a few things that iTunes that won’t let you do. Then I also thought it was worth a shot then this is so that I also gave you it a whirl. So, that you can let me show this.

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Some Of The Features Overview Winx MediaTrans:

WinX MediaTrans

So, the WinX MediaTrans has also a very straightforward and then the fast-loading interface. This is a very few bells and then the whistles you just have a menu with the seven options on it:

  • To Photo Transfer
  • The Music Manager
  • Having a Video
  • The Book
  • A Voice & Ringtone
  • The Flash Drive
  • A Settings

Then you can also get a little bit of info that is about the connected device, too. So, you can also compare it to iTunes. Then the Winx MediaTrans also feels very lightweight and fast. Also, this is whenever I launch iTunes, and then I feel like I the punching on to the wall. This is as it struggles through this by loading all of the extra crap and then that of the Apple thinks you want to see. The MediaTrans is relatively painless.

To Photo Transfer On Winx MediaTrans:

WinX MediaTrans

You can also perform the Photo Transfer feature that is in the Winx MediaTrans. Also, this will have a bit unusual. So, that it can compare it to the other features. The reason is that it can also appear to be one-way. We can also understand that. So, the file/folder/database structure on the iPhone. That it can also don this intimidatingly Byzantine and then if you try in order to tinker with it. So, if you are liable to corrupt your entire photo library. This is even that if you could find a third-party application. So, that it can also modify it in your iOS Camera Roll or Photos library from Windows. Then I don’t know if I’d recommend using it.

So, that this has the anyway, exporting from your iPhone. This is as that you would expect it to be. Then your photos also show up and then you can select them and then you hit Export. You can also show up in a MediaTrans folder in your Pictures library. In this case, you can also change the save location in the Settings screen. So, that overall it is pretty quick.

The Music Manager and Ringtones in Winx MediaTrans:

Then here is the thing where the WinX MediaTrans also start flexing its muscle. Now, the MediaTrans also let you copy music in order to and from your phone.

WinX MediaTrans

Also, this is for transferring it to your iOS device and then the WinX MediaTrans supports. It can support the mp3, aac, m4a, FLAC, ape, wav, WMA, Ogg, and oga. You Just have to browse in order to get your file that is on the hard drive and then click on the Sync.

Now, the songs will also show up in the Music app that is on your iOS device. It is just like that it would be that if you would have to use it in iTunes in order to sync it. Then this is by the way and then have you heard.

You can also get the music off on your iOS device that is equally easy. Then you can also browse the music on your phone. Now, you have to select the ones that you want and then click on the Export. Also, it can work for the files that you can transfer using via a computer as well as songs that you download from the iOS music app. This is for the instance so that this album that you can see below is something. So, that I bought it from iTunes on my phone. Then the WinX MediaTrans also let me transfer the .m4a files that have the straight in order to get my computer. This is all that is without bellyaching about that being logged in or authorizing my computer.

Music Manager:

Now, the Music Manager on the screen also lets you create ringtones. In order to do that you have to select a song and then click on the Make Ringtone icon.

In the next step, you can also get in order to pick a 40-second chunk. You just have to make into a ringtone. Then the WinX MediaTrans so will also save the clip and then you can convert it to the .m4r extension.

You can also know that there are ways to make your own ringtones on iTunes. Also, if it has so cumbersome then I never bother doing it. Then the WinX MediaTrans is just simple enough. In order to inspire me and then you can make a slew of the ringtones from my music collection.

The Videos WinX MediaTrans: 

WinX MediaTrans

Now, the video conversion software is WinX’s claim-to-fame. That it is a big product that is the WinX DVD Ripper. The reason is that they have also port into some of that functionality that is over to the MediaTrans, too. By using the MediaTrans so that you can also convert practically any video file to an iOS-compatible video. Then this is the pre-rotated and then this is ready in order to watch on your iPhone or iPad. You just have to select the Add Video, browse to your file and then you have to click on the Convert.

Also, these can get saved into the Home Video folder that is on your phone or tablet. It is just like with music and then you can also copy videos and movies. This is off of your phone with ease. Now, this is also great if you have also purchased it directly on your phone. So, if you want it a quick way in order to back it up. This is without going through all the iTunes hoopla.

They can also support the video file types that can include: mp4, Rmvb, WMV, Avi, Mkv, MOV, m4v, Flv, asf, 3gp, ts, Ogg, 3g2, and f4v.

The Books, Audiobooks, ePub, and PDF:

So, this has theSame story as the audiobooks and then the PDFs in a different medium. This can also transfer and then this is to and from your phone or iPad that is a breeze. Also, it can get the audiobooks off your phone that can work as well. This can also support the formats that are epub, pdf, and mp3. Then you can also export the m4b then you will still have to open it in iTunes in order to handle the DRM.

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The Voice & Ringtone & Podcasts:

So, that the Voice & Ringtone & then the Podcasts screen is a little extraneous. From this, the Music Manager that has already handle the Ringtones and then that is honestly. The podcatchers also work best that can directly on the device. This is that which I had a little trouble trying in order to transfer podcasts that is from my phone to my computer. Also, if I cannot think of many circumstances if that would be necessary.

 Speedy iTunes & iOS Video

Then you can also transfer podcasts from your PC in order to get your phone with the WinX MediaTrans. So, there is not a feed manager in MediaTrans. It cannot see this in myself that are using it for this very often. Also, it can essentially use the same that is as transferring songs. Then they can also show up in the Podcasts app on your phone.

Now, this is also the screen that you can use for transferring the voice memos. It is just like with photos and then this is a one-way transfer from your iOS device to your computer.

A Flash Drive:

 Speedy iTunes & iOS Video

So, the flash drive feature of WinX MediaTrans also uses your iOS device’s internal storage. In order to store any file type. Then these files cannot be accessed directly on your phone. I also have not figured out a way in order to access the files without using WinX MediaTrans. Now, the feature is also touted as a way in order to keep files secret and then safe. So, I also have my misgivings about that than whether or not iOS would also respect that space. Then during that, it can also update or some other routine maintenance. In this case, the best is that it can just get yourself a thumb drive and encrypt it.

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Now, the summary is the WinX MediaTrans does what it sets out to do quite well. This is also having a faster way in order to transfer music, movies, audiobooks, and then ringtones. In order to get and then this is from your iOS device and then the photos that are from your iOS device. You can also compare this in order to get the ever-increasing bloat of iTunes. Then the WinX MediaTrans is a dream come true.

Also, it will be said and then I think that I would classify this as the utility as a convenience. Then rather that it has than a necessity. After that it would now that I have a license and then I will totally use this application all the time. Then this is for my needs and then I could probably find a free. The albeit slower and more complicated in the alternative.

In this case, if there is one feature that is going in order to make you buy this software. Then it has the video transfer feature. Now, I am supposedly some kind of tech expert then this is that even I can occasionally struggle with Handbrake. Then the WinX MediaTrans makes it very stupidly simple in order to get videos onto your phone. Also, the WinX MediaTrans does not rip videos from DVDs. When you can also do get in your videos onto your Windows PC in any format. Then this is from that it can also get them onto your iOS device that is a breeze. In this case, if you want in order to give it a try then you can also grab a free trial and then take it for a spin.

Some of the quirks, Errors, Etc.

If it was running in the application that is through its paces. Then it also came across in a couple of things that have the worth sharing. This has the very first thing that is this warning. If you can first launch the application. Then in order To prevent iTunes from automatically erasing the data on your device. So,  please follow the steps below to set iTunes correctly. Now, it is good advice then this can also use a buyer beware statement. Then the iTunes and also the iOS gets updated a lot.

 Speedy iTunes & iOS Video

Having Apple’s default behavior when something does not seem right in order to wipe it clean and then start over. In case, if the WinX MediaTrans can ever conflict with iOS. Then you could also lose your data. So that it has been said that I did not encounter any corruption or confusion on my device. Then this is that by using all of the WinX MediaTrans’ features.

So, that here is the option that the WinX MediaTrans that you want to check: To Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

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Another thing

Then the other thing that can make the ringtones is a little touch and then go. Most of the ringtones can fail in order to save. I just told myself to log out of my Apple ID then I was not sure if that meant on iTunes. This is on my phone or what. You just have to either way that I did not want in order to log out on my phone. The reason is that it can also delete a bunch of iCloud content when you do that. So, that I can decide in order to give up and then open up a tech support ticket in order to find out more info.

Also, most of the songs that you just would not load correctly. Then I thought that it is also possible that this has an issue with songs downloaded from Apple Music. Also, some of those worked just fine for me.

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Also, the WinX DVD Ripper and then Digiarty. Then the iTunes has the alternative and then the WinX MediaTrans that can also promise this as a faster. Also, the more it is intuitive and then the more convenient way. In order to manage your music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, ringtones, and then photos on your iPhone or iPad. So, that it can also comes with a pretty snazzy. Then the video converter is that so it makes it very easy in order to watch it virtually.

Hope this guide will help you to understand the Winx MediaTrans! Thank you For Reading this!

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