This Tweak will help you to Hide Apps from your Home Screen

This Tweak will help you to Hide Apps from your Home Screen

Well, here to help with this problem is a newly-released jailbreak tweak known as the HideYourApps by iOS enhancer Menushka Weeratunga. However, by using this tweak, you guys are also able to hide specified applications from your Home screen, ending the need simply to make an unwished folder to house them.
As you will also view the screenshot examples above, HideYourApps also include a preference pane to the Settings application where you are also able to select which applications will be hidden. After you guys enable them, so then they will no longer visible on the Home screen until they are disabled again or the tweak is uninstalled.
Primarily, whilst the applications won’t appear on your Home screen anymore, so then they are also still organizable through Siri & searchable through the Spotlight.
That said, hiding applications doesn’t importantly make them inaccessible. Though it just stops applications you do not use very often from accumulating on the Home screen.
However, HideYourApps is only compatible with jailbroken iOS 12 devices. And whether you are onboard simply with the idea. So then you guys are also able to download the tweak for free from Menushka’s repository in Cydia or Sileo. Whether you are not already utilizing this repository, so then you guys are also able to add it with the following URL:

Best Cydia Apps to Hide Apps

Well, Guys, The Apple products just like the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch come with a selection of built-in applications. A new iPhone or iPad will also have some default icons present on the home screen like Maps, Camera, HD Video Recording, Siri, FaceTime, Email, Safari, and furthermore. Though when a user begins in order to fill up their iDevices with more Cydia applications and as well as games. So then the home screen will also be packed with many icons. Similarly, some users like to keep all icons on the home screen but some guys also hate to view them. Luckily, there are some amazing ways in order to hide icons from the home screen.  Amazing right? Here are a few methods to do it.

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Hide Icons (SBSettings Tweak)

Well, Guys! The SBSettings is one of the five too perfect Cydia Apps. That has been mentioned before. However, it is not just an application that makes your device works faster. But it also permits you to hide any icons so you don’t like anyone to view them. SBSettings is one of the best free Cydia applications that are available from the Cydia App Store. However, you are also able to download it from Cydia for free. In order to use the hide icons function, you have to head to the “More” option underneath SBSettings & also look for “Hide Icons”.

Though at the Hide Icons page, you guys will view a list of applications. Select any app that you like to hide. Similarly, it is either On or Off. “On” specifies the icon is visible while “Off” indicates the icon is invisible. Your applications will not be eliminated, they will still stay on your iDevice. But you will not be able to view the icon on the home screen. Guess what? However, You guys are able to even hide the Cydia icon with this tweak.


However, the Poof is another Cydia app that is able to permit you to hide & also unhide icons on your springboard. Similarly, it is the most useful app among all others for the folks who like to make their home screen seems tidy. All you guys must have to do is to toggle to set to either “On” or “Off”. “On” indicates the icon is visible on the home screen whilst “Off” specifies the icon will be invisible. However, this application is too straightforward to be used & it is totally free. Though you should install it & also give a try without any further doubts. just because you are also able to uninstall it whether you are unsatisfied with the performance

Other ways to hide icons

Whether you like to display many icons on your home screen. But the space is not sufficient, you are able to also download Shrink. Shrink is an application with the capability in order to shrink all icons on your home screen. Type in “Shrink” in your Cydia search box & you guys will also get it within minutes. By using the Shrink app, you are also able to shrink the icon to permit more space for more icons.


Furthermore, all the above mentioned-methods are really cool, simple, & easy. So guys please share your thoughts or any encounters with these applications in the comment section below. You probably also voice out whether you found any other best ways to hide icons on the home screen. Well, I hope that you guys like the post “This Tweak will help you to Hide Apps from your Home Screen”. If you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comment section below.

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