Tips and Tricks to Join a Team In Pokemon Go

Alright, Guys! Here I would like to tell you that I have been spending the past few days preoccupied with “Pokemon Go,” such as the rest of the U.S. population. After all the app rocketed to the No. 1 spot in the iTunes App Store. And became a too popular game of all time, and of this game users also have been spending their free hours figuring out the way to catch Pokemon, also the way to challenge other users to get control of Pokemon Gyms, & the way to join a team in “Pokemon Go.” But speaking of teams, that what do they each show, & what does joining them mean?

Just for the beginners, you are also unable to join a team until you hit Level 5. That you can also achieve by catching wild Pokémon, simply evolving the Pokemon that you already have, &/or hitting up Pokestops. At a time when you reach this baseline of familiarity with the game & also its mechanics, so then you can also select from Team Valor, Team Mystic, & Team Instinct. Though your chatty Pokefriend Professor Willow also explains to you that each one is led by a various Trainer & values different traits. Recently, no way is there to change your team at a time when you have selected one. So you better make confirm that you’ve selected correctly! Now come with his let’s start the Guide. Here you will learn the way to Join a Team In Pokemon Go.

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Tips and Tricks to Join a Team In Pokemon Go

Well, the Pokemon Go players also contain the option to join or become a member of its teams. Unless you guys join a team, so then you won’t be able to join a gym & train your Pokemon. Whether collecting them is all you like to do. However, you are also able to sit teams out. But you are missing out on more than half the fun of the game. Whether you are just started playing Pokemon Go, you are also able to see on your profile that the ‘Team’ section is empty & clicking it appears to perform nothing. However, there are no options in order to choose a team and no directions at that either. Here is a too-short walk-through on the way to select and join a team.

Step 1:

Level Up. In order to join a team, first of all, it is too important that you guys reach level 5 first. Players who are below level 5 are unable to join teams.Pokemon Go


Step 2:

Find a gym. It does not matter which team has control of a gym. It does not matter whether you have a Pokemon ready to train or fight. However, simply joining a team need none of that. Simply you have to find a gym & also get them near enough to it so that it opens up. Similarly, when it does, Professor Willow will also introduce you to his three assistants. Similarly, each of them leads their own teams. However, the teams all value definite qualities but at the end of the day, no team that also has any benefit over the other. At a time when you guys choose a team, you are also unable to change it (as far).


Pokemon GoStep 3:

Simply click the team it is you like to join and you are in.


Pokemon GoWhen Do Teams Matter?

Furthermore, The Teams matter when you guys like to join a gym. However, a gym that is handled by team Mystic unable to be joined by a player that belongs to team Valor. Whether you also like to join a gym but nothing is available with an open slot & also handled by the exact team that you are on. So then you guys will also have to battle for turf & then kick the other team out. Similarly, Gym ownership is the just place where teams matter. But because gyms are where you train your Pokemon, the teams are able to also hence be too essential.

Whether you are looking to join a gym right away & do not care much for the team you select. So then look at what color a gym is. Whether it is Yellow, so then it belongs to Instinct, whether it is blue, so it simply belongs to Mystic, & red belongs to Valor. Furthermore, Join a similar team as the gym & then you guys will also be able to join it whether there is a slot open.

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Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you guys face any issues or have any queries so you can ask us in the comments section below.

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