Tips to Use the Angry IP Scanner-Beginners

Whether you are a network administrator or someone who is into Ethical Hacking. So many times are also there when you have to receive the IPs from the network. Once, you have to look for active ports, apportioned IPs in the network. And the best tool to perform all these things is the Angry IP Scanner.

Even whether you are not a network admin, so then you are also able to still use Angry IP Scanner to scan quickly your network, and also find the IP address of your devices, assign static IPs, solve network problems, etc. So without further agitation, here is we are going to explain the beginner’s guide on how to use Angry IP Scanner.

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What is Angry IP Scanner

However, Angry IP Scanner is a free, lightweight, cross-platform, and open-source tool for scanning the networks. Similarly, it supports you in order to scan a range of IP addresses for finding the live hosts, open ports, and other related information of each and every IP address.

Here I’m using the Windows 10 variant of Angry IP Scanner. Although, the procedure is exact for the Mac and also the Linux variants.

Note: You need to have Java installed on your system for the angry IP scanner to run.

Use the Angry IP Scanner to Scan Hosts

Although for using the Angry IP Scanner you have to first of all scan the IP addresses and hosts are too simple. In order to start off, download Angry IP Scanner and also install it like any other Windows software.Angry IP Scanner

At times it is installed, you have to head to the application by searching for it in the Start Menu. You are also able to view, the home screen of the application is too simple and also uncomplicated. However, by default, the Angry IP scanner will enter your local IP address range and your PC name as the hostname.

However, the best thing about the Angry IP Scanner is that it allows you to scan the IP addresses in three various methods. Similarly, they are, the range that you identified, a random IP address, or a list of IP addresses from a text file. You are also able to simply choose the scan mode from the scroll-down menu next to the IP address field.


As you are also able to view from the above-given image. Although the Angry IP Scanner will just add the default fetchers forexample Ping, Hostname, and Ports. Although you are also able to add more fetchers. In order to obtain and view more information about an IP address. For doing that, you have to choose the “Tools > Fetchers.”

However, you will view all the current fetchers on the left pane, in this window and all the present fetchers in the right pane. If you want to add a fetcher, choose the fetcher on the right pane. And next, you have to tap on the button that seems like the “Less than” sign. Similarly, in my case, I have added new fetchers such as MAC address, NetBIOS info, Filtered ports, and the Web detects.Angry IP Scanner

Furthermore, Angry IP Scanner will just tell if the ports are disclosed or not. So it will not list them in separate ports that are open. So, whether you like to perform a port scan. Next, you have to configure the application. For doing this, you have to simply navigate to “Tools” and then choose the option “Preferences.Angry IP Scanner

Now at this point, you have to navigate to the “Ports” tab and then enter the ports that you like to scan in the “Ports Selection” field. As you are able to view, that I’m scanning for port 80 and port 443. Whether you like to scan a range of ports, so then you just have to enter the port range such as “1-1000.” And after entering the port number, you must tap on OK in order to save the conversions.Angry IP Scanner

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Enter the IP address

At times when you are completed configuring the Angry IP Scanner. So at that time, you are also able to continue to scan. In order to start off, you must have to set the scan mode to “IP Range,”. Then enter the IP address range in the “IP address” fields and also tap on the button “Start.” For example, I have entered an IP range that is known to have live devices connected to it.Angry IP Scanner

Similarly, relying on the number of addresses in the range. It probably takes a bit of time to finish. And at times completed, so then the application will display you a summary of the scan at that time. The summary adds the number of hosts that are alive and the number of hosts that have open ports. Here you have to tap on the button “Close” to continue.

However, at times when you will close the summary window. Then you will view the list of all the IP addresses. You are also able to view the additional details in various “fetcher” columns. If you are surprised, so then here’s what the colored dots next to each IP address mean.


Red: If you will view red color so then it means that the IP address is inactive, dead or there is no device connected to this IP address.

Blue: If blue so it means that the IP address is either active or busy and not responding to the requests/ appeals sent by Angry IP Scanner. This normally will be your own IP Address.

Green: Thus if you will see the green so then it means that the IP address is active, and the device connected to it is responding to the requests made by Angry IP Scanner. There probably also open ports.Angry IP Scanner

Moreover, by double-clicking on any IP address, then the Angry IP Scanner will even display you all the details that it has joined in a simple summary window. You are also able to even include your own comments in the blank field at the bottom of the window.

Choose the IP and press Ctrl + C.

Well, the guy’s you are also able to easily copy all the details of an IP address. For doing this you have to, right-click on the IP address and choose the option “Copy details.” Similarly, this action will copy the information from all the fetchers. On the other hand, you are also able to choose the IP and press Ctrl + C.

Aside from copying the details of an IP address, you are also able to even do a range of various activities on the entries. You are also able to head to an IP address in the web browser, perform an FTP, trace routing, etc. For example, whether you like to traceroute an IP address. So then you must simply right-click on the target IP address. Then choose the option Open and tap on Traceroute.

Therefore at a time when you are completed scanning an IP address or the IP address range, you can save the scan results. For doing this you have to choose the option Scan from the menu bar. Now from the scroll-down must tap on “Export All”.

Now enter the name of the file, choose the landing place. Next, you must have to tap on the button “Save.” This action will save the file as a text file.

Scan this IP address

Whether you want to scan this IP address or range in the future, so then you are able to add it to your favorites. So then this abolishes the need to re-enter the IP addresses each and every time. However, for performing this you have to, just navigate to “Favorites” and then choose the option “Add current.”

Now you have to name the favorite and tap on the button “Ok” to save the conversions.

That’s all. Whether you like to scan the same IP address or range, then all you have to do is choose the saved IP Lists from the “Favorites” menu.

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Angry IP Scanner is too easy so far that is a very useful utility. And when you like to quickly scan a wide range of IP addresses and ports. Similarly, it does not have any complex settings and is very beginner friendly. At times you get comfortable with the application. You are also able to easily begin other network tasks such as assigning static IPs. To your devices or block people out of your Wi-Fi.

We hope that this guide helps you and comments on us below. Also share your thoughts and experiences about using the Angry IP Scanner.

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