Tips & Tricks To Find My Kindle eReader

Find my Kindle eReader: Amazon’s Kindle is a portable or lightweight eReader. Due to it’s lightweight and portability, people often leave it places. Also, people can easily steal it. I know I have a headache many times searching where mine is. A little prep in advance, also an action plan when it happens, can provide you some peace of mind.

 Find My Kindle eReader:

Find My Kindle eReader

Create a Passcode

Well, it depends on the version you have, the steps might differ slightly. On my Kindle, I head over to Settings > Device Options > Device Passcode. But whenever you have Kindle Fire HD or Kindle PaperWhite make sure you have a passcode turned on.

Your Contact Details

It sounds weird, but put your mobile information on the device outside. Besides many other android devices or Kindle Fire tablets, there are no personal details on the Kindle itself. Also, there is no “Find my Kindle” and you never ever use Siri to ask who is the owner. I don’t want to put my physical address on a device. However, I can put a contact number or email on there so anyone can contact me.

If you don’t like to put stickers on your Kindle, that’s good. Place the information in the case if you use one. Just stick it on the empty space that goes behind the Kindle reader in your case. That way if anyone erases the Kindle they’ll view your information. It can’t stop a thief, but it will also help a Good Samaritan.

Also, I created a “book” known as This Kindle is owned by. Kindle enables you to add a pdf as a book to your account via email using the ‘Send to Kindle feature’. I created a pdf with the details on how to return the Kindle to me.

Amazon’s Contact Info

Amazon’s Contact Info

Program into your mobile right now Amazon’s info. Currently, it’s 1-888-280-4364. That’s the helpline. If you have a mobile, just store a copy of this guide. You can also program in the key links later in the guide. You don’t need to wait too long wondering for information. The first thing I did was to contact Amazon.

Your Serial Number

If you want to claim a found kindle or file a police report, then you want the serial number. Amazon tracks this info for you, but why not store yourself time and then record it now? I keep these details in both my contact management program or password management program.

In Which Situation You Can’t Find Your Reader

Suppose your Kindle is stolen. You can always reverse these changes later. Your major here is to ignore potential extra charges that add additional injury to your loss. Amazon will probably enable you to dispute those purchases.

Deregister Your Reader & Contact Amazon

All you need to do is to get that missing Kindle off your account. Move to Amazon’s Manage Your Content and Devices. Choose your missing Kindle and at the bottom of the Device Actions choose Deregister. That secures someone from making any modification to your account.

You should do that before you contact Amazon. If you contact Amazon, you have to wait in a long queue. You want to secure your Amazon account right away. When you call Amazon and file your report, they have the choice of blacklisting it to others who can’t register it.

Subscriptions Cancellation

You might also make sure that you cancel any active subscriptions via Amazon’s Subscription Center. Subscription canceling ensures that billing to your account stops. It always provides you the option of subscribing at a later date. You don’t need to keep paying a bill if you don’t have Kindle.

Modify Your Amazon Password

Well, you’ve already unregistered your Kindle so no one can find your password. I am tense about someone who can find some digital debris of my password on there. Now Amazon provides 2FA on accounts, I wouldn’t worry as much. Alternatively, daily modifying passwords isn’t a bad thing.

Report Your Stolen Kindle & How to Get it Back

Allowing police and other shops to know of your loss helps get the device back to you. That’s why you want the serial number. It could be months, weeks, or also years, but hope for the best your device might return to you. Also, you try to post on social media and online classifieds at a small price.


I hope you find all the above tips and tricks helpful. Have you ever face this issue? if you want to share any other helpful tips for our readers then let us know below!

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