Tumblr Apps For iOS & Android – Review

Are you looking for the best Tumblr apps for iOS and Android? The official Tumblr app is very smooth and works in an efficient way but it is not perfect. There are a few things you can’t do using the official app for obvious reasons. For instance, you can’t turn off ads, download or install videos to your mobile or use various accounts at once. Here I have made a list of apps that provide one or all of these functionalities. Come let’s take a look at the best Tumblr apps for iOS or Android.

Before We Start

Some people browse Tumblr on the web browsers of their mobiles and don’t have the official app. However, the common issues that people face are that they use their browsers for Tumblr and get irritated with the ads.

If you want to get rid of Tumblr ads. Then simply install or download a browser that natively blocks ads. There are lots of browsers to select from Samsung Internet Browser, Firefox, Edge browser, etc. However, these web browsers work well. Well, I use Edge browser as it’s snappy and offers an inbuilt adblocker that works really well with many websites.

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List Of Tumblr Apps:

FastFeed- Tumblr Downloader for iOS


Fastfeed is the best and top-rated Tumblr client for iOS devices. It not only allows you to browse Tumblr without logging in but also enables you to download images or videos from Tumblr.

You can also look at the most trending posts, search or share post links to many other social media outlets. Also, it provides an option to slideshow the posts to offer a clean interface. In case you have various Tumblr account, it even lets you operate various Tumblr accounts from the same app.

3D touch is an Apple feature that works well on this app and you can then use 3D touch to reblog/ like posts on this application.

Although the download or install button is behind a paywall. Well, I wouldn’t mind paying $5 a year to install infinite media from Tumblr. However, using the premium features unlocked, you can also get rid of ads, unlock downloads, or Feedset limit. You also get to add various accounts on the app with the premium account.

Check Out: FastFeed t2

Hermit- Best App To Run Tumblr Apps Without Ads

Hermit lets various instances of the single app, you can also create various Tumblr apps and then use them separately.

It is one of the best described as an app wrapper that offers all the functionality without actually installing the app. As we all know that the official Tumblr app shows ads and that can be irritating sometimes. Hermit creates an app instance on your mobile and uses the lite variant similar to the native app.

You can also reblog, login, like posts with the added benefits of blocked ads. Hermit also offers all the privacy-related features and you can block ads, safeguard apps from monitoring your activity, block popups, and turn off javascript.

There are lots of customization options available. For instance, you can also adjust the behavior, notifications, theme, and integration of the app individually.

Hermit is free to use the app and the premium variant of the app offers access to the upcoming features. If you want to use it for Tumblr then the free variant work just fine.

Check Out: Hermit App for Android

Feedly- Subscribe to Tumblr Blogs

You can also browser Tumblr with Feedly.


Feedly is just a news aggregator and you can then subscribe to Tumblr blog’s RSS feeds. All you need to do is to copy the URL or link of your favorite Tumblr blog(s). Then move to the Feedly app, click on Add Content, or paste the link to subscribe to your Feedly account.

All the content display up as the regular content you browse on the web. It is essential if you are already using the Feedly app.

Well, the Feedly service is totally free to use the premium variant offers unlocked features like Evernote integration, advanced search, HTTPS capabilities, etc for $5/month, but the free variant would do just fine.

Check Out Feedly for your AndroidiOS

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Downloader for Tumblr- Download Various files

There are lots of third-party apps that allow you to download media and images from Tumblr. But, Downloader for Tumbler besides many other apps, allows you to download various media files at the same time. Although you still want the official app to install the media on your mobile.

If you like to invoke the downloader, click the share button on the original post with various files and choose Downloader for Tumblr. However, it automatically detects the pictures and stores them on your mobile. Also, it works for both Instagram or Tumblr.

The app is free to download the media without any limit. But it contains ads that annoy some users. So we recommend you can to purchase the premium version initiating at $1.99 for 6 months or $9.99 for a lifetime. The version is ads-free and unlocks all upcoming features.

Check Out: Tumblr For Android

Tumbletail- Keeping Various Tumblr Accounts


Tumbletail is another third-party Tumblr app that offers too much functionality than the official app. However, it is available for both iOS or Android. Also, both of its free or paid versions are also available. You can also get features such as reblog, slideshow, like buttons, follow/ unfollow, and an option to view liked posts separately.

Using the multi-account support, you can also log in with various accounts and keep your activities, exclusive to the accounts. You can also get a passcode option that is an added privacy feature that offers you the best security. If you have your Twitter account and it is linked with the Tumblr account. You can then post your submissions to Twitter too. Though you can’t store the media on your mobile in the iOS variant, you can still save to the cloud easily. Android offers a one-tap save option, simply long-press a post and store it directly to the gallery. However, it’s Premium variant on iOS or Android costs $1.99 and offers the same features.

Check Out: Tumbletail for Android and iOS.

Tumbviewer- Simpler Tumblr Experience

Tumbviewer is another tumbler client and downloader and it doesn’t contain any ads.

It offers all the features you will ever want in a third-party Tumblr app. Also, it includes download media on your mobile, you can also reblog, such as posts, and maintain various accounts. It offers a tab to view the downloaded files and you can also view images or videos separately. The app is quite minimal and you can turn more features off to get a smoother interface.

The app is totally based on the official API. Also, it offers a clean experience without any ads. Organizing various accounts is quite easy and offers the best control over the content you browse.

Download Tumbviewer for Android


If you write blogs on Tumblr, then you can use Feedly to consume content. Hermit also offers a lighter variant of apps and the downloader is one of the best if you download various files at once. On the other hand, Tumbviewer offers a simpler or clean interface and Tumbletail is good for privacy and various accounts. Let us know which Tumblr app is your favorite.

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