Tutorial On How Do I Fix the issue “SD Card Won’t Read”?

SD Card Won't read

Facing a problem with your SD memory card? SD cards can fail for many causes. Luckily, steps are there that you are able to take to solve the problem. So here are some of the things you are able to easily do to obtain your SD card back in working condition. Well, in this tutorial we are going to mention this: How Do I Fix the issue “SD Card Won’t Read”?

You have been putting the criticize your SD card. But what whether the problem is with the card reader?

1: Inspect the Card Reader (SD Card Won’t read)

SD Card Won't read

However, whether the card just fails on one specific device. It could very well be a card reader issue. At times incorporated card readers in PCs have to be repaired or replaced. To determine it and view whether there is any physical damage or injury. Simply use a spare SD card to test whether the card reader can not examine any card that is plugged in.

If you are using an external card reader, you are able to try replacing the cables with a compatible substitute. Damaged cables can cause card readers to stop functioning accurately.

2: Use a Various USB Port (SD Card Won’t read)

Although some PCs contain more than one USB port. So you have to determine your PC’s I/O. Whether USB ports are there on both front and back panels, so keep trying to make the switch.

Similarly, whether the card reader functions on one port but not the other. So then you could be having a USB port problem and not an SD card issue as you originally thought.

Hence you probably also like to look into swapping the USB cable with another one.

3: Restart Your PC

An old but an endowment, rebooting the PC is a time-tested solution. That surprisingly resolves most problems that users face or experience. So disconnects the card reader then reconnects after restarting. View whether the issue persists.

4: Update the Drivers

Spontaneously most USB card readers install drivers when you plug them in for the first time. Although manufacturers would often update their drivers to fix ditches. Or create improvements to their products. Thus these updates are made publicly present for download but would often go unnoticed.

Now determine with your card reader’s manufacturer. Whether updates are available there and install if there are any. Then view whether that will get rid of the issue.

5: Inspect My PC

If the USB drive is not recognized and no drive letter is shown in My Computer, it’s possible that your computer is low on memory. Try closing all programs and have it run idle for a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can use Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to force stop memory-intensive applications.

However, if no recent drive letter is displaying when plugging in a USB card reader. So you probably have to manually provide the drive a letter by using Disk Management.

SD Card Won't read

6: Disable the Write Protection

Although whether your memory card is recognized. But you are having a tough time modifying files. Simply you probably have read-write protection enable. Now the SD Cards have a physical toggle adjusted on their side. So you probably have Impulsively enabled during the controlling process.

Hence now turn off read-write protection and you have to view if that fixes the SD card issue.

7: Format for the Right Device

However, formatting a memory card or micro SD card will delete all its contents. Somewhat restore it to its real condition. Although such format settings are there that are able to affect what devices can read the memory card. It is now impossible so you probably have formatted the memory card to work on PCs and not on smartphones, for instance.

In order to make a card readable on your preferred device. You are going to have to reformat it again. Although now you have to remember that it would remove all the files that are currently on your memory card. Similarly, the formatting should just be completed. Whether you are comfortable or reliable with losing all your data. On the other hand, you will force to use data recovery software.

Confidently, we hope that one of the abovementioned tips gets you access to the data on your SD/memory card. However, whether none of the above procedures works for you. So then to means that there could be an issue with the SD card itself.

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SD Card Won’t read-Conclusion

So here are some of the things you are able to easily do to obtain your SD card back in working condition. Well, in this tutorial we have just mentioned this: How Do I Fix the issue “SD Card Won’t Read”? And we are also optimistic that this post will help you a lot. If you want to ask any questions so we are always here for you, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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