Tutorial On How To Add a Color Keyboard To iOS 7

 Add a Color KeyboardOccasionally you just like to change up the look & also feel of stuff. That is what Color Keyboard for iOS 7 also permits you to perform. Although as you probably have also imagined, the Color Keyboard is not new to the jailbreak scene. However, it is a tweak that is been present for supplementary firmware. But was just currently updated to cooperate with iOS 7. Here you will learn the way To Add a Color Keyboard To iOS 7.

Update: Just with the release of iOS 8, Apple also permits third-party keyboards in the App Store.

Whether in the past you guys also have used the Color Keyboard. So then you’ will be closely familiar with the contents of the iOS 7 version of the pinch. And whether you are liking in order to switch up the look of your keyboard. So then the Color Keyboard just for iOS 7 is also better to tweak that you are able to easily use. So guys have a look inside as we inquire into Color Keyboard just for iOS 7’s feature-set on video.

To Add a Color Keyboard To iOS 7

However, at a time when you install the tweak. So then you will have to head into its preferences found in the stock Settings app. Just after entering the preferences, you will then able to view lots of panels concerning the different facets of the Color Keyboard. So guys at the peak of the preferences lies a kill-switch. Though this also permits you to easily turn off or turn on the pinch. Here you have to beware, a respring is needed on all conversions.

Just below the kill-switch is a panel that is also able to allow you to choose themes & also a panel that permits its users to launch backgrounds. However, the themes panel also has decent support of pre-configured themes for your perusal. So guys you will then find keyboards just like Black-Original, Pink Nude, iMatte, & sometimes, different combinations of each. There are not lots of built-in themes. But there is more than sufficient in order to get a current user start.

Well, Each of the themes features a blue ‘i’ indicator which is also able to permit you to gather further information about the theme. However, the information section also allows you to view information about the creator & also see a preview of how the keyboard sees the theme applied.

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Beneath the themes panel

Beneath the themes panel also lies a part that allows the utilizers in order to launch the keyboard backgrounds. Just by default, you will here find just a few backgrounds present here, & I must confess that they are all pretty terrible looking. For instance, investigate the ugly pink thatch pattern that is mentioned above. That thing is repellent, and I just unable to wrap my head around why the enhancer would also add such a revolting piece of work just inside his tweak. Luckily, you are also able to set your own background whether you select to do so. But guys here I think that you’d be better off just leaving the custom backgrounds turned off altogether. Add a Color Keyboard

Color Keyboard’s main page

At a time you make any conversions or choose a new theme, so then you will have to go back to Color Keyboard’s main page. Click the save button which is located in the upper right-hand corner of its preferences. So guys you will then be prompted to liking your device. Just after respringing, must invoke the keyboard & then you should view your changes.

However, the last panel that you will also find inside of Color Keyboard’s preferences is also a theme gallery. So this gallery is also able to permit you to see some of the third-party themes that are also present for Color Keyboard. Occasionally you will be given a download link, & in further examples, you are also told where in order to find the theme on Cydia. So the gallery feature is an ok add-on. But it just feels a little thrown together & rushed as well.

Generally, I here think that Color Keyboard is also a solid jailbreak pinch. But guys it lacks the essential polish in order to make it shine. So it’ is the best way in order to launch your keyboard on iOS, so just you don’t expect anywhere near the level of polish which you will search for in elite tweaks such as Auxo or ProWidgets.

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Whether you like order to try ColorKeyboard, so then travel to Cydia’s BigBoss repo & download it now just for $1.99. So then after you do this, tell us in the comments section below with your thoughts & opinions as well. In case of queries, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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