Tutorial on How to Block Adult Content on Android

As the internet is becoming more convenient, fast, and inexpensive or competitive, so then teenagers (and even adults) are getting the easiest approach to the web. However, they are using this opportunity to browse all types of content as well as the best, worse, and adult. As a parent, you are fretted, and that’s right. So the question then becomes how do you block adult content on Android. Also, stop children from receiving the wrong idea and thoughts?

Exposure to pornography

Although the studies have to make sure a positive connection b/w teenagers exposure to pornography and rude behavior. So then the websites do not enforce handy rules to block such content for children. So, it all comes down to parents. However, you are not even able to prevent them from using a smartphone. You are able to take some specific measures in order to block adult content on their Android smartphone and tablet.

We do not encourage spying on your children. That’s not cool. But, if your child is not old enough to have a mature conversation, then it’s better to block all adult content on their phone.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

1. Install the Focus me App On Android

Focus me is the simplest app that is able to block any website with a predefined standard such as, the location, wifi, number of times you open the website, etc. So, it is unlike other ways where you easily block a website. In this way, you are also able to make habits in check, especially Adult ones that lavish your valuable time.

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However, in order to block a website, firstly you must have to download the app and head to it from the main menu. We will here create a profile that is basically a criterion that you set for blocking a website. So on the home page(dashboard) click on creating a new profile. Now from the create new profile tab, you must have to tap on the + select option to select when/where you like to block the website. Block Adult Content

Therefore you have lots of options that you are also able to select from like time, location, Wi-Fi. usage limit and launch count. Here you have to click on the option that you like to choose.

Webs option

Now click on the second option, blocked apps, and websites, for entering the webpage you like to block. It will display your apps in a list view, so don’t be amazed. Similarly, on the same page you must have to click on the Webs option at the top to enter a webpage, then tap on save. Block Adult Content

This app provides you just three options in terms of blocking. You are also able to block the app itself, all the notifications, or a particular website. For instance, you are also able to either block Chrome altogether or a specified website of your choice. We will choose a website from this option and give this profile a specific name. So when you are completed, then you have to hit save. Similarly, the app has a PIN feature along with a tough mode that turns off the uninstallation of the app


Keep in mind that you are also able to make multiple profiles. That will be displayed in the profile window as you can view in the picture that is mentioned below.Block Adult Content

Now the website is blocked, this is how it looks when you try to head to it in the picture below.

Overall you are also able to add up to three profiles in the free version. So then you have the option to remove a specified profile till the count is up to three. However, not intruding, the app displays banner ads, that you are also able to delete in the premium version and that comes at $1.5/month. So this also provides you the unlimited profiles, websites, launch count, and further

Install Focus me: Android

2. Play Store Settings

You have to take such measures to confirm that the kids do not fortuitously discover adult content whilst browsing the Play Store. Fortunately, Google has an option to launch up parental controls there.

Thus for doing this, you have to, head to the Play Store, click on the menu icon. Now choose the Parental controls under Settings. Here you must have to make a PIN in order to stop your children from accessing apps that have adult content in nature.Block Adult Content

Although at a time you have organized a PIN, so then you will there view the three various categories Apps & Games, Movies, and Music. Now click each one to restrict content based on the age and maturity of your kids.

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3. Now Block Adult Content in Your Chrome

You are also able to turn on the safe search in the Chrome browser app for Android. And this will block clear images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. Safe Search is also present in other Chromium browsers such as the Brave and non-Chromium browsers instance the Opera and Firefox. You should head to the Settings for finding it.

4. Use OpenDNS to Block Adult Content

Adult content not just adds porn but also vicious content, swearing, bullying, annoying images with dead bodies and blood. And even content that is politically and religiously wrong. We know that you do not desire your children to grow up hating one religion or sector of society.

However, one of the procedures for blocking adult content on Android is by using OpenDNS. Though you have to remember that, Open DNS settings are not able to work. Whether the data saver option is turned on in the Android phone settings. OpenDNS is an open-source and free app with a list of IP addresses and also the sites that will block adult content and ads across the phone.


Similarly, by default, we use our ISP’s DNS Server. But whether we replace it with OpenDNS servers, so then every request has to pass via the OpenDNS server. And whether it is found improper. Although the OpenDNS will block the request and also your kid won’t be able to head to the specified website.

“Network and Internet”

If you want to set OpenDNS as your default DNS server. So for doing this you just have to go to Android Settings. Then click on “Network and Internet”. Next, click on WiFi and then on the gear icon beside your home’s WiFi. You will now view an edit button at the top-right corner just click on it. To set the DNS IP Address, we would have to turn the IP settings from DHCP to Static. Post that, you must have to enter the IP Address and DNS 1, DNS 2 address as follows.

IP Address:
DNS 1: 
DNS 2:

Moreover, you also able to use the WiFi Setting app to directly turn the DNS Server address.Block Adult Content

Benefits of OpenDNS

  • This service is continued by a large organization that regularly keeps on updating the OpenDNS filter list. Furthermore, you are also able to make a free account in OpenDNS and select your filter level from low to high.
  • You are also able to add OpenDNS Server to your router and also block the adult content on every device connected to your WiFi.

Weaknesses of the OpenDNS

  • OpenDNS can be easily bypassed BY using a VPN app. So whether you think that your kid is smart enough to perform that. So then you have to confirm that you block access to Play Store and your device settings (more on that later).

The warning is that the phone is not all connected to the home WiFi. For example, when your children are out and about, then they probably use some other WiFi or access the internet through mobile data. However, in this type of case, OpenDNS is not useful.

5. Use the BlockSite app

Whether the OpenDNS does not suit your requirements or you need an easy process to apply DNS blocking, then you should try BlockSite. It works on the same basis as using a DNS server to block adult content throughout. The app is quite intuitive and also easy/simple to use.

Although to get started, you have to install the app and reboot your WiFi or phone to flush out old DNS. Then head to the app and move to the Adult Block tab and turn on the block option.


  • This is easy to launch with a dedicated app
  • It works on both data and WiFi
  • Compatible with every Android browser
  • Works also with proxy apps and VPN

Download BlockSite: Android

6. Blokada

Whether you are not excited with openDNS and also the other IP solutions that are mentioned above, easily obtain the Blokada. It is an open-source app that uses custom or pre-set DNS IPs to block ads, websites, and adult content on Android phones. The better thing is that you do not have to mess around with settings a lot. Install and also sideload the app by using the link that is mentioned below. It is not present on the Play Store but safe to use. However, Blokada is a better way to block adult content on Android smartphones.Block Adult Content

Although there is a list of hosts that you are also able to use to block specified the kinds of content such as spam, ads, porn, crypto mining scripts, and further. Just click on a host list to read what it does blocks and turn it on. You are also able to turn on more than one host list but don’t overdo it. Whether you think that the block is too aggressive/hostile, select a different list.

IP Addresses

Thus you are also able to add your own sites and IP Addresses to a list or whitelist certain websites. And that you believe was blocked by fault. However, this provides you complete control over the block. That works across the smartphone and all apps installed.

Similarly, you are also able to configure DNS automatically. There are, again, a number of options to select from. I am using Google Public DNS but you are also able to select any adding openDNS we explained above. Just turn on an option and you are now completed. It will defend you against spam, adult content, and also defend your data.

At last, there is a paid feature known as the VPN. You are also able to use it to more safeguard your data and defend your children from harm. Check it out.

Another app that functions similarly to how Blokada works is DNS66.

Download Blokada: Android

7. Google Family Link

Google currently organized the Family Link, a parental control app that acts like Apple’s screentime. You are also able to control the apps kids have access to. For how long, and what occurs when their time is up. You are also able to lock certain apps that you do not like the kids. To access and other apps will have a timer for the day.

You are also able to make a new Google account for your children. Prevent them to access a curated list of apps from the teachers and also top institutes. At a time everything is organized, then you will get daily reports on your kids’ activities. And what they were up to during the day. You are also able to restrict new app downloads and in-app buys. So you know that they are not downloading and then removing the adult content themed apps without your knowledge.

Download Google Family Link: Android

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8. Norton Family parental control

Presently the Google offered its own custom solution, there was Norton. Now you are also able to block sites based on 40+ filters such as pornography, gambling, social networking, violence, etc. There is also an option to receive a detailed report of your children’s internet activity straight to your mailbox.Block Adult Content

Download NortonParental Control: Android

9. PornAway (Root only)

PornAway is a modified version of the famous Adaway app (the app that blocks ads on your Android). Although the PornAway is customized to block adult sites rather than the ads. Unlike other apps that block adult content on Android in this list. PornAway blocks adult content via your entire Andriod. No matter that app or browser you use, PornAway will block adult websites everywhere. However, you will have a rooted Android device to use PornAway. And here is how it works.

Steps to Block Adult Content on Android

  1. Confirm the installation from unknown sources is permitted on your Android
  2. Install the PornAway APK and download it
  3. Grant it ROOT access
  4. Click on the “Enable porn blocking”

At the time the app updates your host file, you are also able to go ahead and also uninstall PornAway or even unroot your Android. Then the block will still work. But, whether you like to turn porn block in the future. So then you will have to use the same app and require root access.

Benefits of PornAway

  • It is Free
  • Works with every app
  • Blocks all kind of porn

Weakness of PornAway

  • Need Root access

Download PornAway: Android

10. Cover

Although the cover will support you hide NSFW and also adult content on your phone. Similarly, this app uses AI to impulsively filter out installed content on your phone. You are also able to hide the images, GIFs, and videos in your gallery with this app. Although the app is centered around people who receive themselves in mortifying conditions by not removing clear the content and handing their phone to their kids. Simply swipe up after seeing the cute dog picture you are trying to display.

However, at a time your gallery is clear, you are also able to activate a service that regularly monitors and hides any NSFW content that you probably “accidentally” install.

Block Adult ContentHowever, Cover does the fairest job of examining the NSFW content impulsively. Thus it misses out on a few scarcely NSFW content. But, you are also able to still hide those images and videos manually by clicking the share button.

Benefits of Cover

  • Automatically sweeps your gallery for any potential NSFW content
  • Constantly monitors and hides NSFW content from the gallery
  • Mutes saved videos automatically on the phone

Weaknesses of Cover

  • The purifying technique is not refined and does not work for hardly NSFW content
  • Then the service running in the background exhausts many resources resulting in battery drain

Download Cover

Block Adult Content on Android

However, I would suggest Blokada for your Android phone if you are utilizing mobile data or WiFi. And I would also suggest the Google Family Link for everyone in order to monitor phone usage. Whether you are an adult and also like to get rid of this habit, then you have to just check out this subreddit. Thus this is the best community for sharing your thoughts and get moral support/help.

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Block Adult Content on Android-Conclusion

Although the studies have to make sure a positive connection b/w teenagers exposure to pornography and rude behavior. So then the websites do not enforce handy rules to block such content for children. So, it all comes down to parents. However, you are not even able to prevent them from using a smartphone. You are able to take some specific measures in order to block adult content on their Android smartphone and tablet. 

Well! Guys, we are hopeful that this tutorial about “How to Block Adult Content on Android”, will help you a lot. In case of any trouble, you will like this post.

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