Tutorial on Steps to Fix Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile

Have you ever tried to access your MS Outlook inbox, and then it gets stuck on loading Profile? Well, this is a common error that most MS Outlook users experience. Thus in this post, I will show you how to fix this error. Occasionally, Outlook is able to get stuck on the loading profile screen. When you ever you are trying to organize it. And when this occurs, Outlook won’t get past that screen no matter what you have to do. So as a result, you are not able to access any of your emails with the app.

Enormous causes are there, why Outlook gets stuck on the loading profile screen. However, you are also able to fix the underlying problems on your PC to get rid of this Outlook error.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

Run Outlook With Administrator Advantages

Whilst Outlook functions just fine in the usual mode. So occasionally it helps to use it in administrative mode to solve many problems. However, admin mode permits Outlook to manage many admin-level tasks. That could fix the problem that you are having.

  • First of all, you have to find the Outlook shortcut on your desktop.
  • Then right-click on the Outlook shortcut. Select Run as administrator.

  • Here you have to tap on Yes in the prompt which is visible on your screen.

Organize the Outlook In Safe Mode (Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile)

Such as the Windows operating system, Outlook comes with a safe mode to help you to troubleshoot problems on your PC. However, the safe mode just loads the very important files to run Outlook. Similarly, this provides you a chance to turn off any suspicious Outlook add-ins. To start with proceeding you  have to first of all,

  • Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to head to the Run.
  • Then type the following command into Run and here you have to press Enter.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • Simply here you have to select your profile and tap on OK.

  • Now tap on the File menu at the top.
  • Similarly, now choose the Options from the left sidebar to access the Outlook settings menu.

  • Here you should select the Add-ins from the options visible in the left sidebar.
  • Similarly, now choose the COM Add-ins from the Manage scroll down menu and tap Go.
  • Now untick all the add-ins in the list and also tap OK.
  • Here you should close Outlook and then reset it.
  • Now turn on the add-ins one by one and this will help you to find the add-in that is causing the problem.

Eliminate All the Office Processes by Using the Task Manager

However, Microsoft suggests that you close all Office processes with Task Manager. In order to fix the Outlook stuck on loading profile problem. To confirm that you save your work in these Office apps before you close them.

  • So Right-click on the Windows taskbar. Select Task Manager.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • Simply her you have to tap on the Processes tab when the Task Manager opens.
  • Here you should find all the Office methods, then right-click on them one by one, and choose the End task.
  • Finally, organize the Outlook and it should work.

Utilize the Outlook In Airplane Mode

Although when you set-up the Outlook, so it connects to your email server to bring recent emails. Whether there is a problem with your network connection. It is able to cause connectivity problems with Outlook. Simply this can lead to problems for example Outlook getting stuck at the loading profile screen.

You are also able to try running Outlook in airplane mode to solve the problem.

  • Here firstly you should tap on the notifications icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the Airplane mode tile to turn on the mode.

  • Whilst the Airplane mode is turned on, you have to organize the Outlook app.

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Disable the Outlook Presence Options

Outlook recommends a couple of features to display your presence in the app. Whether you have these features turned on, on your machine. Although Microsoft offers you to disable them to view. Whether that fixes the Outlook stuck on loading profile problem.

Thus this method will just work whether you are able to somehow organize the Outlook app on your PC. Normally in the case where the error occurs sometimes, this method will work.

Turning off these presence features won’t affect much of your emailing encounter in Outlook.

  • First, set-up the Outlook app on your PC.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • Tap on the File menu at the top-left corner.
  • Numerous options are available in the left sidebar. So just tap on the one that says Options.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • Similarly, now you should choose the People from the left sidebar on the following screen.
  • Then find the section titled Online status and photographs on the right-hand side pane and untick the following options.●Show online status next to the name
    ●Display user photographs when present/visible (needs restarting Outlook)

    Next tap on OK at the bottom to save the conversions.

  • Finally, close the Outlook app and then re-open it.

How to Fix Corrupted Outlook Files (Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile)

Although outlook can get stuck on the loading profile screen. Whether one or further of its files are corrupt. So luckily Outlook comes with lots of a utility that allows you to fix these corrupted files.

However, there is not much manual input needed to fix the corrupt files. Similarly, the utility does everything it requires to fix your files. Also, helps you open Outlook without problems.

  • Right-click on the Outlook shortcut on your desktop and select Properties.
  • Now you have to tap on the Shortcut tab at the top.
  • Here you will find a button that says Open File Location. Similarly, here click on it to open the folder where the real Outlook app is adjusted.
  • Simply many files are there in the folder that opens. So you have to find the executable file named SCANPST.exe.Double-tap on the file to open it.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • The program will ask you to add the file. That you like to scan for problems. Simply now you have to tap on the Browse button to add your file.

  • Here you should navigate to one of the following locations. Then find the file that has .pst extension. Simply choose it to be added to the utility.



  • At this point, you have to tap on Start in the utility.
  • And in a simple manner here tick-mark the Make backup of scanned file before repairing option, and tap Repair.
  • Organize the Outlook when the file is repaired.

Make a recent Outlook Profile

Although a corrupt user profile is able to cause Outlook to be stuck on the loading profile screen. So that Outlook provides you the option to make and use recent profiles. Whether your existing ones have problems

Thus now you are able to make a new profile by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Organize the Control Panel on your PC.

Outlook stuck on loading profile

  • Find and tap on the Mail option.
  • Simply tap on Show Profiles on the following screen.
  • And then tap on the Add button to add a new profile.
  • Now here you have to enter a name for your new profile. Tap on OK.

  • Enter the email account configuration for your new profile.
  • When you are back to the Mail inbox. Choose your new profile from the Always use this profile scroll-down menu. Next tap on Apply followed by OK.

  • Now head to the Outlook app and it should no longer get stuck on the loading profile screen.

Moreover, at a time you are able to access Outlook. Thus it is good for clearing the Outlook cache files. In order to avoid any problems due to the cache in the future.

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 Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile-Conclusion

Furthermore, as unable to pass the Loading Profile screen on Outlook probably annoying. But luckily, the problem can be resolved in spite of a fast manner. Whether the cause is identified. Listed above are possible methods you can try to fix this error. Well, we hope that you will like this article the most. In case of any queries, you can ask us in the comments below.

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