Tutorial on Tips to Use the Voice Changer for Discord

Voice Changer for DiscordModding discord probably looks like a handy task, including a voice changer to your voice communication on the platform. However, it is very simpler than you probably think. All it takes is downloading a program. At a time when you have this program installed. And then all you have to do is to launch and utilize it. Similarly, all of this will be covered here. We will discuss in this guide the way to use a program known as the Voicemod. Similarly, this program seems very easiest in order to install and also use. However, not all the features are free to utilize. So let’s go over the way in order to install the program. Furthermore in this guide, you will learn the Tips to Use the Voice Changer for Discord.

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How to Install the Voicemod

Although the Voicemod is one of a lot of voice modification tools out there. However, that seems to be the cleanest. In order to start let’s visit the site to start the download.

You have to make a start by just clicking the Get Voicemod Here button. Simply when you will tap there then you will be asked to either login to your Discord, Google, or Tweeter account. We are using Voicemod for Discord I just logged into my Discord account (however I do not believe it matters that what account you use to login).

At the time when you are logged in, so then the .exe will download to your downloads folder. You are also able to either head to the file location. Simply where it is at, or double click the .exe where it appears in your browser.

Thus this will at last head to the install wizard. However, here you will just have to navigate via this wizard. In order to install the program. At the time when the install is complete, then the program will ask you to either restart your PC there automatically. Although or have you manually restart your PC later.

Therefore at times when you have restarted your PC, so then you should look up Voicemod and also find there the shortcut for starting it. Now there will be a desktop or taskbar shortcut that permits you to simply locate the program.

By Using the Voicemod

When you will once restart your PC, so then there should be an icon on your desktop for you. In order to tap, simply that will open the program. Whether there isn’t, only tap the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen. Also, you have to type in Voicemod. Then this program should display up there. However, for heading to the program, so have to just double click the icon. Simply when the program opens then you will just have to choose the input and output that it’ll be using. Now the output is so you are also able to hear what each filter sounds like with your voice.

Similarly, that’s now completed, you are also able to mess around with the filters! Every day you receive a new set of free filters, although, you are also able to unlock all of the filters. Simply by getting the pro version of Voicemod. The main version is the best whether you just like to mess around with your friends and also utilize some filters. Thus you are also able to unlock an extra free filter by sharing about Voicemod on social media.

“Voice & Video”

Now, in order to set voice mod up with discord, here you will like to first of all head to the discord and then locate your settings. However, that should be on the bottom left corner (it’ll look like a gear). At the time when you tap that, so then you will also like to locate where it says “Voice & Video”

In order to make the Voicemod program usable, so then you will have to just turn the input to be the Voicemod program. So then it should say “Microphone(Voicemod Virtual Audio)”.

Therefore at times when you have that set, so then you will also be able to turn your voice. Simply by using the program, and also the others can also hear the audio alteration. Similarly, with just the main program, you will just have the 7 free voice options. Thus that will change every 24 hours. With Pro, now you will have access to 80+ various voices. Whether you are viewing in order to use a voice changing program. Hence I would suggest you invest in this program. It is amazingly simple for use and also needs very little effort to set up.

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Use the Voice Changer for Discord-Conclusion

Lots of things are also there that you are also able to do with a voice changer program. Not only it is advantageous, but it is a fun, order to utilize as well. Similarly, it can be used in a YouTube video, or just to mess around with your friends. However many different causes are also there that, why you probably like to use a voice changer. Simply with this program, I’d highly suggest you invest in the pro version of the program. It is also inexpensive and it provides you access to a large library of various voices. I hope that you will like this guide. If you guys have any queries related to this guide so feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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