Way to Loop YouTube Videos on Mac & iOS

Loop VideosWell, guys when you find a video on the app which is known as YouTube that you just are unable to get enough of, you probably like to play it over & over again. But, here arises a question that why take the time to keep hitting the replay button though at a time when you do not have to? Here is the way to loop YouTube videos on Mac or iOS. You have to just follow the following guide.

How to Loop videos on Mac

However, guys simply playing videos in a loop on your Mac is pretty straightforward. You have to just follow these few steps. Or In order to loop videos on Mac, you have to just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you have to head to YouTube in your favorite browser. And play the video that you like.
  • Then you have to right-click or hit the Control key and click.
  • So guys when the context menu appears, you have to click Loop.Loop Videos


How to Loop videos on iPhone or iPad

Well, playing a video simply from YouTube in a loop is not quite as simple on iPhone or iPad. But, it is also able be completed when it is in a playlist. And here is the way.

  • First of all, you have to head to the YouTube application on your iOS device. And there you have to play the video that you like to loop.
  • Simply you have to tap the plus icon in order to save the video. You guys are also able to do this on the video itself. Whether you are in full screen or on the toolbar right just below the video.
  • Now when the Save video screen shows on your screen, at that time to have to click to add a New Playlist.
  • Now you have to name your list, choose who can easily view it. And click the checkmark on the top right simply when you guys finish.
  • Now at this point, you have to close the video. Here simply go to your Library by clicking the button on the bottom.
  • Choose the playlist that you just made and then click the video to play it.
  • Well, here beneath the video, just within the playlist screen, click the Loop button.


However, you must remember that whether you add more videos simply to this playlist. Here you have to click the Loop button, so then it will loop via all of the videos saved (as we have shown above). Whether you just like one video in order to play over and over, so you should put it in its own playlist.

Closing words

Alright guys there are all kinds of causes & types of videos that you may like to play in a loop. Maybe it is your dearest song, a hilarious comedy clip, or an unforgettable commercial. So guys! whatever it is, you are also able to easily hear it & also see it over and over. And what types of YouTube videos do you guys plan to play in loops?

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