Way to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac with Smart Folders

Remove Duplicate FilesJust relying on your line of work you probably wrap up in a scenario though where you guys also have a variety of duplicate files on a Mac. Occasionally this goes unnoticed, but sometimes the Mac will also run low on storage space & you probably like to clear space by finding & clearing those duplicate files from the Mac. Thankfully, finding duplicate files on macOS is not almost as hard as you probably think. So guys in this guide you will also learn the way to Remove Duplicate Files on Mac with Smart Folders.

Whether you have been using the exact Mac for a while. It probably has assembled a large collection of files that could feasibly include duplicates that also use up beneficial storage space on your device. However, this can also be specifically true with large media files. After all, often users will duplicate a video file, project, or PSD file before adjusting it further. By deleting these unessential files, you guys are also able to gain back some of your storage space. That could also be used for other data or something more essential. Similarly, this is especially valid all in all the reality that SSDs in most new Macs are not user upgradeable.

However, finding these identical files is the hard part. But whether you could not figure that out, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will also be discussing how you guys are also able to use a smart folder. In order to find duplicate files that are saved on your Mac.

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Way to Find Duplicate Files on Mac

However, whether you guys own a MacBook or iMac, or Mac Pro, though then searching the duplicates is basically an easy & simple procedure on macOS. Just abide by the steps below to get begin.

  1. First of all, tap on “File” in the menu bar of your Mac desktop.
  2. Now, select “New Smart Folder” from the scroll-down menu.
  3. However, this will also head to a window on your screen. Tap on the “+” icon located next to the “Save” option as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Select the “Kind” scroll-down menu and choose a file type you like to narrow the search down by.
  5. Now, you guys will also be able to browse for all files saved on your Mac. Just based on the file type if they are documents, apps, music files, etc. Drop just via this grid see to find the duplicate files you guys also like to remove. It also supports ordering the file list by ‘name’ so that you guys are also able to easily specify duplicate files
  6. Now make sure the files are duplicates by opening them & comparing the documents in question. However, you can use “Get Info” on the files to confirm the documents are the same file size
  7. You are also able to right-click on any of the duplicate files & select “Move to Trash / Bin”. To permanently clear it from your system, you just have to right-click on the Trash Bin simply on your Mac desktop & empty the Trash bin.

Furthermore, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Now you have learned the way to find duplicate files on your Mac with comfort using the built-in smart folder feature. That simply uses search tools on the Mac to narrow a folder by file type.

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Third-Party Duplicate File Finders for Mac

However, the approach which we just covered is only one way in order to find & clear duplicate files on your macOS device. Multiple third-party applications are there though that are also available on the App Store which also makes this method easier & more seamless as they are specifically created for this cause. Similarly, these applications can also automatically search your system & show you duplicate files that can be cleared.

For instance, you are able to also try out apps such as the DupeGuru. Which we have discussed for this cause before, Gemini 2, or Duplicate File Finder Remover. Though they are totally free to use but provide paid upgrades for entire features. You probably find them to be too advantageous for tracking down data redundancy.Remove Duplicate Files

Whether you guys also have any specific encounters with third-party duplicate file finders for MacOS. Well, guys do share your thoughts about those in the comments definitely!

Clearing up storage? There’s more to try

Furthermore, other than removing duplicate files, you are also able to clear the space just by removing the “Other” data & also remove applications, documents, files, & backups that you no longer use. Confirm to check your Mac’s storage space regularly to view whether you guys also have ample space for new software, & also to perform best, as macOS wishes to have.

Whether you are subscribed to iCloud, also have a solid internet connection. And just like using cloud storage services, you are also able to move some of the files, photos, & documents to iCloud when you are also running low on storage space. For instance, you guys can also use iCloud Photos on the Mac to seamlessly share images b/w Macs (and iPhone & iPad). Whilst also not overwhelming local storage space. However, the iCloud files also get inevitably synced across all your Apple devices. Though which just adds suitable as you switch b/w devices.

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Occasionally this goes unnoticed, but sometimes the Mac will also run low on storage space & you probably like to clear space by finding & clearing those duplicate files from the Mac. Thankfully, finding duplicate files on macOS is not almost as hard as you probably think.

Furthermore, Were you able to find & clear the duplicate files that were saved on your Mac? Though have you guys also used a third-party app for the exact purpose? Which procedure is your preferred approach to finding the duplicate data on your PC? So share your thoughts & as well as experiences in the comments section below.

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