Way to View Animated GIF images on a Mac

Animated GIF Well, guys! Have you ever get an animated GIF image from somebody before and also then had an issue trying in order to see it on your Mac?

Way to View Animated GIF images on a Mac

That is probably because the Preview application, which is the default image viewer on macOS, is not built to accurately control animated GIFs. Rather, you will have to try another workaround.

Whether you have ever tried to double-tap on an animated GIF image before. Next, you have probably finished with something just like this:Animated GIF

Principally what is going on here is the Preview application is loading each respective frame in the animated GIF image just as a thumbnail. People who like to see an animated GIF do not want this; they like to view the animated GIF in action instead.

Through web browser

The straightforward solution is to organize this file with your dearest web browser. However, this is able to complete with Chrome, Firefox, or even Safari. But we will be utilizing Safari for this demonstration.

Simply you have to right click on the animated GIF file and then head to Open With… → Safari. Guys this will open the image file in the web browser in spite in the Preview application:

When it organizes, so your web browser should display you here the animated GIF image in action. Though in spite a frame-by-frame outline such as Preview will display you:Animated GIF

Through space bar

Alright guys there is another thing that you can also do in order to view a GIF is use the space bar procedure. In order to do this, you have to choose your GIF by tapping on it:

At a time when the file is selected, now you have to press and hold the space bar on your keyboard:

Here you guys will view the GIF pop-up in the peek & pop viewer & also the image will animate. The only caution is it will just animate for as long as you hold the space bar down. Relying on the length of the GIF, so than the web browser procedure probably be too suitable to stop thumb fatigue.

It’s too simple! Right

You are also able to try it yourself simply with the animated GIF image mentioned below:Animated GIF

This procedure also works with all animated GIFs. You are also able to open other sorts of image files with web browsers so you also have them on your Mac.

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Well, Guys, I hope that you like the guide in case of queries you can ask using the comments section below.

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