Ways To Block YouTube Channels _Tutorial

Block YouTube Channels

If you feel irritated with any of the YouTube videos then you can block youTube channels. After that, you are unable to view that channel. Now the video of YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world that is after Google itself.

This is surprising at first that when you think about the sheer number of videos. So, that you can upload it on each day that is from fast-paced gaming content. In order to calm the ASMR videos and then you can also soon realize the amount of traffic that can end up going that way.

Luckily your YouTube recommendations are not always the best. Then the channels that you are that who don’t like in it. This can be sometimes that you can filter into your search results. Now you can block YouTube channels then you don’t like seeing pretty easily. In this case, if you want to block YouTube channels on your account. Then here is what you will need to do.

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Some of the Ways To Block:

How To Block YouTube Channels From Commenting on Your Videos?

In this case, if you are a YouTuber with an audience. Then you have probably encountered the scourge of YouTube trolls. Also, the Bad comments on your videos can be problematic. Then you can block other YouTube channels and then the accounts that you can leave comments on your videos.

In this case, you can then carry on watching your videos but they would not be able to leave their negative comments. After that, you can block channels on both desktop and mobile versions of YouTube.

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To Block in Your Web Browser:

In order to block the user in your web browser, you can then search for the user you want to block in the top search bar. After that, you have to click on their profile image if you can see them elsewhere on the site. Then this will also take you to their channel homepage.

Block YouTube Channels

  • You just have to make sure that the About tab is now select by it. Then you have to click on the flag icon to begin the process.
  • Using the popup menu and then click on the Block user. 
  • Then the warning message will also appear they can also inform that you can that blocking them. It will also prevent them from commenting on any videos that you can upload. Tap on the Submit button in order to confirm your choice.

Block YouTube Channels

  • Now is the user that will now be blocked on it and then from commenting on your videos. In order to unblock them again and then repeat the process and then choose on the Unblock user instead.

To Blocking it on the Mobile Devices:

  • In this case, if you are using an Android, iPhone, or iPad device. Then you can block users using the YouTube app.
  • In order to do this then search for the channel and then click on their profile. By this use the top right-hand corner of the screen and tap on the three dots menu icon.
  • Click on the Block user option in order to block that user from your channel.
  • Now the channel is now blocked from commenting on your videos. Then you can repeat these steps in order to unblock the user then you should you wish to.

Block YouTube Channels

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To Block a YouTube Channel From Appearing in Your Feed:

By using your YouTube viewers then you may also be looking in to stop YouTube channels that are from appearing in your feed and it is the recommendations and more.

In this case, if you have lost interest in a channel and then they had no interest at all in it. Then you can stop it from appearing by following these steps.

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Blocking in Your Web Browser

In order to do this on a desktop PC or laptop, you just have to navigate to the YouTube home page. So that this is where you will find a curated list of recommended videos. Then you can search it through the recommendations for any videos that you don’t like. Now the underneath any of the videos of the thumbnail then click on the three dots menu icon.

By using the popup menu you just have to choose either Not interested or Don’t recommend channel. Then the not interested that won’t block a specific channel from your recommendations. Apart from this, it will also block videos that are similar in content to the one you’re saying you’re not interested in.

In this case, if you want to block the channel completely and then you need to select the Don’t recommend channel option instead. When you have done this and that channel they should disappear from your recommendations.

With this, if you have click on this by mistake. Then you can immediately undo this action but once you have navigated it away from the page. Also, there is no going back and then this will so be sure that you want to block a channel from your suggestions before you do so.

To Block it on Mobile Devices:

  • In this case, if you want to do this on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device. Then you have to follow the steps that are quite similar.
  • You have to the YouTube app and then find the channel or video that suggests that. If you don’t like it. When you have found it then tap on the three dots icon below it.
  • By using the menu that you can select it by either the Not interested or Don’t recommend channel options.
  • You just have to type the content or the entire channel. So, that it can depend on the option that you can choose and it will no longer appear in your suggestions.

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To Blocking a YouTube Channel From Search Results

By this, if you want to block a YouTube channel that is from appearing in your search results. Then this is not possible that you are using any direct YouTube methods. Now the good news is that there are Google Chrome extensions that you can do this for you. Then the extensions that can come and then go also, it can then appropriately-named Channel Blocker extension. This should also help you to block channels that you don’t like from your search results.

On the other hand, they are available and then you just search for Channel Blockers in the Chrome Web Store. This is for the similar extensions that you can install. Now you just have the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. Also, you can install these extensions in Edge too.

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So, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can learn to make your YouTube experience a little better. You can also block the channels is one such example so that there are a few others that you can try and if you are looking to get the most out of the platform.

In this case, you have found a video or playlist that you love and then you may want to. You can also check out the how-to loop YouTube video in order to keep it on repeat. Also, you could then cast YouTube videos to your other devices. In this case, if you are spending too much time on the platform. Then you can also find out how much time you’ve wasted on YouTube so you don’t lose track.

Hope you understand that how to block YouTube channels


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