Ways To Send Voice Text Messages On Android

Voice Text Messages

Sending the Voice Text Messages will help you to reply to urgent messages without typing. Typing messages during driving is very risky. So, it is also never easy and safe most importantly it is not legal to reply to a text message during driver. Then this is on the Android devices that you can write the text messages by using the Speech-to-text. So, that voice recognition is surprisingly accurate.

In order to get some of these features that might seem basic. Then this has to be a first-time Android. So, that it can also take that is about a week before. Now, I can found it on my phone so that it has a quick guide. Then this should also take the guess-work that is out.

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Now, this is so far that I have also tested these features with Google Voice, Google Talk. So, that it can use the built-in Messaging app so that it can come in stock with the Android phones. Now you can also use this whichever you prefer.

You have to remember that this article was written using a very early version of Android. So, the mobile OS has also come a long way and then your modern versions will also vary.

Ways To Send Voice Text Messages On Android Hands-Free:

Option 1: To Open your Messaging App To Send Voice Text Messages

So, that by using your messaging app you just have to Tap on the compose field. Now you can use the SWYPE keyboard that should appear on the screen. After that, the bottom right corner of the keyboard and then Tap on the Microphone icon

Then this also has to works in order to the same way for the filling in the contact field!

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Option 2: To Speak In order To Send Voice Text Messages

By using a new little box that it should appear as the label that is Speak now. Then That is all you have to do! You just have to say that what you want in order to be typed and then the Android will also get to work.

After that, you have to note that if you want in order to type punctuation. Then you will have to literally say about each of the punctuation marks. So, that this is in most of a period that can say Period and then so on.

In order To type the space needle, Seattle Washington you have to literally say that the space needle comma Seattle Washington on the screen.

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Option 3: To Confirm and Send

You just have to make sure that your message was also entered correctly. Now and then you have to Tap on the Send button.

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You just have to send the hands-free messages is a very good feature So, that it can also include this for free on the Android operating system. Then this is Of course that why you can stop with text messages? After that, these features will also work in nearly that any of the fields where you can input text. Then this is as long as the Microphone button appears on the keyboard then you should be good to go.

Hope this guide will help you to understand this topic! If you have any questions ask in the comment section below! Thank You For Reading This!


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