What is SearchFilterHost.exe Windows and Reason of it’s Running

Windows SearchFilterHost

When you open up task manager and see a Windows SearchFilterHost.exe running at that time you desire to know that what it is? So you are maybe in the clear as this method is not normally a virus. In reality, it is added with every copy of Windows since XP but it was not heard of much until Vista. Similarly, this is a little workable system service that is made by Microsoft that helps the Windows Search functions.

If you are desiring to know more? So then let’s dive into it.

However, if you take a look at Process Explorer, it does not show much about SearchFilterHost. If for some reason you want to turn off the service It can be completed by following those tips. SearchFilterHost.exe normally does not use much memory. Or CPU power and is generally light on system resources. Although there have been a few complaints here we will talk about below.

Therefore a look at netmon discloses that this method has some network activity. Where it contacts Microsoft and downloads data. Similarly, the data transmitted is not very private. It is just related to questions for the topics of help within the Windows built-in help system. It goes directly to Microsoft. Moreover, this network activity is able to turn off by opening the Help Topics box in Windows. And then into Options > Settings and unchecking the “Improve my search results by using online Help.”


Simply affecting registry keys SearchFilterHost is located at:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Diagnostics\Performance\Resolvers

(Reg_Expand_SZ: SystemBinariesList)

  • Also a few entries regarding network access through the firewall at:


Although the procedure itself is located at

  • C:\Windows\System32


Similarly, most users have reported that SearchFilterHost uses a high amount of CPU usage. Like up to 100%, every now and then. So if you are also experiencing this problem so there is not essentially a tough fix. So one of the users recommends setting up an image redirect for the service’s setup that will autokill it. Similarly, another one suggested that disabling XML indexing. Some suggest disabling Windows search, and others have had to reformat the operating system in order to fix it.

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Windows SearchFilterHost-Conclusion

Furthermore, SearchFilterHost.exe is a secure procedure “Microsoft” has made it. Similarly, it is very important for some functions of Windows Search to work in a better way. Although a search has the ability to work (less fully) without it. Hence the method does not normally have a noticeable influence on system functioning. And should not be turned off on a whim.

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