What Is splwow64.exe & How To Fix It?

You might read this article because you’ve been moving through Task Manager, found splwow64.exe executing in the background. Also, you like to know what the deal is. Many thoughts circling around us “why is this process executing on my PC, I never gave it permission!” or “is it malware?” Well, don’t worry about it. It’s not malware.

What Is Splwow64.exe?

What is splwow64.exe

Splwow64.exe is a core file of Windows. The program executes in the background and is not visible normally. It is designed by Microsoft. Task Manager mentioned it as the “Printer driver host for 32-bit apps.” Alternatively, splwow64.exe enables 32-bit applications to attach with the 64-bit printer spooler service on x64 Windows builds.

Should You Erase It?

You should leave it running on your PC. It won’t harm your PC performance and it doesn’t use any extra memory over what your typical print spooler uses. The only time you would consider deleting this process is if you didn’t have any printer installed on your PC. In this case, you could turn off the process after doing the following steps:

  1. Initially, boot into your OS with full administrative rights.
  2. Then hit windows key + R, input Services.msc, and then tap on OK.
  3. When the Services loads up, double-tap on Print Spooler
  4. As it’ll bring the Print Spooler Properties applet, from here, choose Disabled for Startup type and tap on OK.

Splwow64.exe Errors

The splwow64.exe process is not without its problems as lots of users report encountering Splwow64.exe related system errors. After trying to print a document on their PCs. A relatively common problem occurs when the print process fails after printing on Windows 7 or 8 based PC. These errors occur commonly on Xerox printers but are not limited to them.

Errors Causes

If you want to elaborate further, these errors occur due to the splwow64.exe process remains in PC memory longer than proscribed. if you want to improve system performance, right after a print job has completed. This leads to the Splwow64.exe process not finishing when expected.

How To Resolve splwow64.exe


Well, there are lots of things that can be done to resolve this issue. I suggested that you try them all, in the order that they are organized. Some workarounds are harder than others, that is why I started with the simplest solutions first.

Update Printer Drivers

If you’re facing any issues using this process, the first thing you’ll do is update your drivers, as the issue is most likely caused due to driver corruption or incompatibility.

So, move ahead and install the up-to-date drivers from the official website of your printer. On the other hand, if you are can’t locate those drivers, you can then use the driver updater tool known as DriverFinder. This tool is developed to automatically search the internet for up-to-date drivers for not just your printer. You can use it very easily.

Anyway, you can download or install DriverFinder after clicking the link.

Turn Off Client-Side Rendering

An alternative method that lots of users have adopted to fix this splwow64.exe error is to turn off the client-side rendering feature using your printer. As it can be done, by moving the following:

  1. Initially, boot into your PC with full administrative rights.
  2. Then tap on Start -> Printers.
  3. When the Printers loads up, right tap on your printer icon and choose Properties.
  4. As it’ll load up <Your Printer> Properties applet, from here, tap on the Sharing Tab, then un-mark the box located next to Render print job on client computers and tap on OK.

Use Registry Fix

An alternative method that has proven quite effective at resolving splwow64.exe based errors entails modifying the time-out value for the process. This is a quite difficult task, as it needs you to edit the registry, so you should only try this.

WARNING: If you change the registry incorrectly, it can then render your PC inoperable. Thus, it’s important that you must follow all of the instructions mentioned below carefully. For extra protection, you might want to consider recovering the registry before making any modification to it, that way, if you face any issue if you can backup the registry back to its earlier state.

  1. Initially, make sure you have booted into your PC using a user profile that has full administrative rights.
  2. Then hit windows key + R, input regedit and tap on OK.
  3. When the Registry Editor loads up, head over to the following path:
  4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print
  5. Once there, right-tap on the right side and choose New -> DWORD Value.
  6. Then enter the following name SplWOW64TimeOutSeconds for the latest DWORD Value then hit Enter.
  7. Then double-tap on SplWOW64TimeOutSeconds, which opens an Edit DWORD Value applet, from here, input a value bigger than 0 inside the Value data box and tap on OK.


The value that you just add inside the Value data box, must be bigger than 0. As the value that you add after a few seconds that your PC will wait before it checks to view whether or not the splwow64.exe process should be unloaded.

Well, the process splwow64.exe will be unloaded when the few seconds specified in the SplWOW64TimeOutSeconds DWORD Value.

For instance, if you were input 10 into the Value data box, and the last print job takes a few minutes to complete. However, the printer service will be launched between 3 minutes and few seconds and 3 minutes or 20 seconds. If you can’t specify a time-out value, then the default time-out value will be set to 120 seconds automatically.


Having complete knowledge of computers is not enough for everyone. You must know which program and application are running on your PC or is it harmful or not. So, our guide focus on the complete overview of splwow64.exe. I hope you understand it very well. If you still have any queries and questions let us know below!

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