Who Viewed My Profile On Facebook?

Who Viewed My Profile On Facebook? The most frequently or commonly asked for features by Facebook users is to view who viewed their Facebook profile. Rather than this desire from lots of users, Facebook can’t provide the feature.

It can’t stop countless third-party applications from promising to provide insight into this.

There are methods to get insights into who is following you and other friend-related activities, but you can view who specifically viewed your Facebook profile.

Come let’s take a quick look at what you can view and what you can’t around who viewed your Fb profile.

Can I Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Who Viewed My Profile On Facebook

The answer to whether you can view who viewed your Facebook profile comes from Fb itself. From the Help Center, Facebook reports:

No, Facebook doesn’t allow people track who check their profile. Third-party applications also can’t provide the functionality. If you come across an application that promise to offer this ability, then you should immediately report the app.

You can report any app that claims to do this by:

Step 1:

Choose the right drop-down icon from the Fb menu and choose Settings.

Step 2:

Choose Apps and Websites from the left menu. Then use the search bar to find the app by name.

Step 3:

Click View and edit located next to the app name.

Step 4:

Under the page choose the ‘Give Feedback’ tab.

Step 5:

Now choose the problem you would like to report the application for and choose Next.

Step 6:

Choose Done to finish.

Taking the time to report these apps can limit the number of these scams on Fb.

Apps That Promise To Let You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile


Unfortunately, because many of us trying to check who viewed their profile on Facebook, even lots of apps keep showing up.

Don’t need to install any application on your PC or mobile phone that promises to display you who check your Facebook profile. These are always applications that put your Facebook account’s security or privacy at risk. After you’ve signed into the application using your Facebook ID and password, the application makers can easily access everything in your Facebook account.

Why do app makers create these applications if they don’t actually work? There are lots of reasons.

  • If you want to access your confidential data such as your preferences or likes so they can sell that information to advertising enterprises or companies.
  • Some hackers use these applications to hack your Fb account, modify the password, and take it over to post their content
  • If you want to view your purchase settings just to steal your credit card information or other confidential data
  • Lots of these applications contain malware or viruses that might infect your browser, your PC, or your android device

After you installed one of these applications and you’re concerned it might have compromised your Facebook account, you should then modify your Facebook password. You can also revoke app permissions on Facebook.

What Can You View About Your Facebook Account

Facebook visitor checking

It doesn’t mean you’re fully out of luck. There is still lots of information you can learn about your loved ones through native tools that you’ve found inside Facebook.

Review all of your interactions with friends by moving to their profile page and choosing the 3 dots located to the right of the Message icon. Just choose See Friendship from the drop-down.

This timeline displays you all of the past activities you’ve had with your friend over time.

If you like to view your whole activity log including interactions you’ve had with groups, friends, and everywhere else on Fb, your Activity Log is the best place to check.

If you wish to view see this, just choose the same drop-down icon as before on the right side of the Facebook menu. Choose the Activity Log from the drop-down.

The Activity Log displays you everything. The main page display all of your reactions, likes, and posts all sorted by date.

Choosing Review Items in the Timeline Review box (or choosing Timeline Review in the left menu) just display your all posts where someone has tagged you. Choosing a Photo Review from the left menu displays you all of the images where a friend has tagged you.

Also, you can filter the Activity Log by choosing one of the filter options located in the left menu including:

  • Activity You’re Tagged In
  • Others’ Posts to Your Timeline
  • Comments
  • Photos and Videos
  • Likes and Reactions

If you choose More you’ll then view a list of 25 extra filters you can use to view your Facebook activity. You can also wipe all listings in your Activity Log if you wish to.

Check Who Viewed Your Pages On Facebook

While you can’t view any information about how many people viewed your confidential Facebook profile, there are different methods to get information about who viewed your Pages on Facebook that you run.

If you want to view this information, head over to your Facebook Page, and choose Insights on the top menu.

The Insights Overview page displays you interesting information such as the total number of page views, the total number of likes your page received, engagements, followers, and lots of other stuff.

Different choices in the left menu on this page display you some interesting information about how people are interacting using your page.

  • Likes: Total number of people have liked your page and where they occurred.
  • Reach: Total number of people who have seen posts on your page at least once.
  • Page Views: How many of us visited your page and check your content.
  • Page Previews: People who hovered their cursor over links to your page to view the page preview content.
  • Actions on Page: The total number of people who took an action on your page such as tapping on a website link.

You might not be able to view the names of people who’ve viewed your Fb page. But you can also view important demographics. You can also check this by choosing People on the left menu.

This page displays you a breakdown of your followers, fans, people you’ve reached, and people who engaged with your page.

The page also displays you all of the following about your followers or fans:

  • Gender
  • Country and City
  • Age
  • Native Language

This might not reveal the people’s names who check your page, but it still offers the best deal of insight.

Just make sure that it’s impossible to view who viewed your confidential Facebook profile, and any website or application that claims it can provide you with that information is lying.


That’s all about it! I hope this article is really helpful to you. If you want to ask any questions then let us know without hesitation in the comment section below!

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