Why Wininit.exe Is Running On Your System?

Maybe you are here because you’ve seen Wininit.exe in Task Manager and you are searching why it is executing on your PC.  Don’t worry, typically this process is quite safe and Microsoft made the process. Also, the process is installed with Windows.  However, there is quite a bit of mystery circling around this executable and lots of websites will explain to you it is a virus.  Let’s take a look at this process with a little more detail.

Certainly, users find an unidentified process in the Task Manager about which they are curious or unsure. There are lots of other apps and services executing in the background of the Windows OS to keep the PC executing stable. Wininit.exe is the PC process that you can find in the Task Manager. Also, users know very little about this specific process. Some users want to know about the wininit.exe and it is an important process or you can erase or disable it.

What Is Wininit.exe & Where It Is Come From?


Winit.exe was designed by Microsoft and it is a core system process that comes from the Windows XP as it has been passed down to both Windows Vista and 7.  The file was created to enable uninstallers to execute and process commands stored in the file WinInit.ini. This enables programs to take action while the PC is still booting up. In Windows Vista or 7, it acts as a launcher for some background apps that are always executing.

The file is saved locally on your PC at:


If you find this executable file stored in any other location, it’s just like a virus that is disguising itself after using wininit.exe as its file name.

Is WinInit.ini a Virus?

What Is Wininit.exe

No, it is not. The wininit.exe file is a safe MS Windows system process, known as “Windows Start-Up Application”. However, malware program writers, like worms, viruses, and Trojans deliberately provide their processes the same file name to escape diagnosis. Viruses having the same file name are for instance Artemis!25C1C6B54E1D and Trojan.Agent.AYBI. If you want to make sure that no rogue wininit.exe is executing on your computer, tap here to run a Free Malware Scan.

How to check or diagnose suspicious variants?

  • If wininit.exe resides inside the C:\Windows folder, the security rating is 66% dangerous. The size of the file is 3,301,910 bytes, 3,299,862 bytes, and 4 more variants. Wininit.exe is not a Windows system file but a file with no information about its manufacturer. However, it is an unknown file in the Windows folder. It doesn’t contain any visible window. Wininit.exe can also record mouse or keyboard inputs and monitor apps.
  • If wininit.exe is present in a subfolder of C:\Windows, then the security rating is 85% dangerous. The file size is 3,559,424 bytes or 3,453,952 bytes with 8 more variants. The file is unknown in the Windows folder. The program doesn’t contain any visible window. Wininit.exe is not a Windows system file. There is no information about the author of the file. The app uses ports to connect to or from a LAN or the Internet.
  • If it is located in a subfolder of the user’s profile folder, then the security rating is 82% harmful. The size of file is 668,672 bytes, 4,072,960 bytes, 233,472 bytes, 264,192 bytes or 1,375,232 bytes.

Should I Remove wininit.exe?

No, wininit.exe is a complex system process the Windows needs just to function. After ending the process can result in a critical system bug in which you want to restart your PC.

Is wininit.exe Safe Or dangerous?

The genuine wininit.exe app poses no security issues and it is important for executing Windows. However, there can be some viruses that camouflage itself as a wininit.exe, which can be a security threat to the PC. Users can also view the file location to make sure about the file being legal. Users can also open the Task Manager and head over to the Details tab to find the process; by right-tapping, on the process, they can select the Open file location. When the wininit.exe file is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, then the file is legal and you don’t want to worry about. However, If the file is located in any other place in the system, then it is probably a Trojan virus. Users must execute a full system scan by installing the Malware bytes for Windows.


Wininit.exe is a completely safe Windows executable that can put in place by Microsoft.  By itself, the program is not harmful. The only issue is that the name that you can copy by other programs just to mask the original virus, however, as it can be said for all programs.

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