Windows 10: Way to Enable the File Explorer Dark Mode

File Explorer Dark Mode

File Explorer Dark Mode on Windows 10: Dark themes are becoming more well-liked now than before. You are also able to enable the dark themes for the apps and online versions of Twitter, Outlook, and others. However, Microsoft introduces a dark theme for Windows 10 numerous versions back, and now, with Windows 10 1809 you are also able to launch a dark mode for File Explorer. Thus the new Dark theme was first introduced with Insider preview build 1766. It will be available to everyone when the next feature update is released this fall.

Turn on the Dark Mode for File Explorer

Although to turn on the File Explorer dark theme, you have to head to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Then you have to drop down in the right column to the More options section. At this point, you have to select the Dark for the “Choose your default app mode” option.

Hence that’s it. So here closeout of the Settings and then set up the File Explorer. So here you will view the new look.

Though the one thing that you can do to make it look more special is to change the Accent Colors. So in the Color section, there you will have a variety of different colors that you are able to select. Whether you just desire the Windows to pick it for you, so you just leave the “Automatically pick an accent color for my background” box checked.

Therefore if you are not pleased with the default color options, then you have another option that you can also go in and then use a custom color that provides you a lot more options.

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While it is the simple way in which you are able to turn on the Dark theme on Windows 10, unless you’re running 1809 or above, File Explorer does not change with it. Thus, this is a good start at obtaining a more unified color scheme throughout the OS. While it’s a good step, so it could be better. For instance, Apple does it’s the dark theme on macOS Mojave really well. With the flip of a switch, everything turns to that mode and you don’t then have to configure apps manually. And it has a more aesthetic look overall in my opinion. Still, this is a step in the right direction and Microsoft will undoubtedly continue to make tweaks and changes to it.

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