Your Kodi Runs Slow? Some Of The Fixes To Speed Up!

Kodi Runs Slow

Most of the user’s complain that Kodi Runs Slow. On the other hand, most of the users have zero knowledge about what Kodi is? Read This Article completely. So, Kodi means streaming, if you are facing the dread buffer wheel that is available on an unresponsive UI. Also, if you are likely to have experienced frustration. Then rather than the bliss of a media binge.

A Kodi is one of the best things that is happened to movies since the VCR. This software will allow you to stream high-quality content on a wide range of devices. You can also access the videos and will also show you from all corners of the globe. Also, this will discover new films, and also catching up on old favorites is fun. Now the party will also come to a grinding halt if you experience frequent Kodi slowdown. So, read on to see some of the most effective ways to speed up Kodi.

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Kodi Runs Slow? How To Keep a VPN Active Every Time You Stream and Speed Up?

A NordVPN – Best VPN for Speed up If the Kodi Runs Slow:

So, a NordVPN that does everything right when it comes to Kodi. This is also natively available on all the most popular Kodi devices. This is just like the Amazon Firestick, Android tablets, iOS devices, and so much more. Now, these VPN apps are also lightweight and responsive. This is even available in an older device with limited processing power. A NordVPN won’t compete with your streaming apps.

Kodi Runs Slow

The NordVPN doesn’t stop at “no harm”. Also, this is not a fact one of the best ways to ensure your streams that are always fast and buffer-free. The ISPs are one of the most commonly to blame for slow Internet speeds. This will also make it a priority to track your Kodi traffic specifically. You can also throttle it back when they deem and you have had too much fun at their expense with bandwidth-heavy activities. This is just like streaming, gaming, and downloading. A NordVPN’s 256-bit AES encryption completely hides this traffic. This will also make it impossible to target throttling. Now, this is not to mention many types of cyber-attacks.


  • To optimize the servers for unblocking Netflix.
  • Most VPN servers with the different IP addresses.
  • To Allows up to 6 devices to be connected at once.
  • This will No logs and encrypted connections for total privacy
  • A 24/7 Live Chat.


  • A Very little.
  • So, Can’t specify the city or province in-app.

Some of the Common Slowdown Issues You Can Fix:

So, there are as many ways for a piece of software and also to slow to a crawl. Then there is also having software to install. A Kodi is extremely reliable. Then this is not immune to speed issues. Most importantly, having a niche piece of hardware. You can also check the list below to see if your problem is a quick fix. Also, you will read through the following suggestions to streamline Kodi once and for all.

To Crashing or freezing:

Most of the crashes are normal and others that are both inconvenient and downright annoying. The Issues are just like this and are generally related to your operating system and Kodi itself. This is not something that you have installed. You have to try updating the Kodi to a newer version or rebooting your device.

The Stuttering video:

Now, Most users confuse this for an internet issue. In case, if a video stops and starts rapidly. This is almost like someone just by hitting the pause/unpause button at hyper speed. Also, it means that you are having severe framerate issues.  Now, it is likely caused by low-powered hardware struggling. You have to keep up with the demands of an HD or 4K video. Also, Switch to a lower-quality stream, or try it on a stronger system.

Frequent video buffering:

In case, if a video will constantly pause to the buffer. Then your issue is likely related to your internet connection. This is not necessarily in Kodi itself.

Slow menu:

Also, if Kodi will also scroll through the icons at a snail’s pace. This will also try to load too many items for your hardware to keep up with. You can also switch to lightweight skin or clear your cache to speed things up.

You Kodi Runs Slow? Ways to Speed Up Kodi:

Kodi Runs Slow: The Streamline Kodi by Changing the Settings

A Kodi does just about everything as efficiently as possible right out of the box. Now, the vast majority of users never need to touch the settings menu. You have to get the fastest experience possible. So, there are a few visual niceties Kodi sticks to that don’t necessarily add anything to your media center activities. You can also follow the steps below. So, you have to disable them and then squeeze most or more speed out of your installation.

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  • You have to Go to Kodi’s main menu and then click on the gear icon.
  • Then you have to choose the “Interface Settings”.
  • This is also available at the bottom. You have to click on the gear text until it says “expert”.
  • It is also available at the top of the left menu. Then click on the “Skin”.
  • In case, if you aren’t using the Estuary, Kodi’s default skin, you might want to switch to it now. This will also follow the configuration settings that are also designed to take advantage of Estuary’s already zippy interface.
  • Tap on to the “Configure skin…”.
  • By using the skin settings under “General”. 
Use slide animations

Show weather info in the top bar 

Show media flags

Kodi Runs Slow

  • Now, go to the “Artwork” tab.
  • Then Turn the “Show media fanart as background” OFF.

To Use a Faster Skin for a Streamlined Kodi Experience:

A Kodi is also very easy to customize, this is why so many people have developed new themes and skins for the software. Most of these will also rearrange some of Kodi’s basic interface to provide easier access to the content you need. The Others you go a bit crazy and throw all sorts of animations and also the images in your face. This is also possible to look attractive. Then it can also turn Kodi into a slow then almost unusable piece of software.

It does not matter which skin you install. Also, you can always follow the configuration steps in the section above to get a little more speed. You can also Switch this off animations and background art are two of the best things. Then you can also do to streamline your Kodi experience. In case, if you will run this into issues, then you can always uninstall your builds and restore Kodi to get back to the basics.

  • To Install the Fire TV Guru build for a faster Kodi on any device.
  • Also, Use the Caz Lite build for useful but lightweight skin.

Kodi Runs slow: To Make Kodi Faster with the Ares Wizard Add-on

The Wizard is also a very powerful utility add-on for Kodi. So, this will also perform a lot of installation and uninstallation functions. Now, There will also have a tab or two oriented towards keeping Kodi clean and streamlined. When you begin the steps below, you have to head over to our Ares Wizard installation guide to get the add-on set up and ready to roll.

This is also one of the best places to start which is by adjusting the cache settings. Now, this can also help and then improve your video streams and also cut down on Kodi buffering issues.


  • You have to Go to the Kodi main menu.
  • Then click on the “Add-ons”.
  • Now, Go to “Program add-ons”.
  • So, Open on the Ares Wizard.
  • Tap on the “Tweaks”.
  • Then Choose the “Advanced Settings Wizard”.
  • Tap on the “Next” at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on the “Generate Settings”
  • Now, the wizard will set the sliders to optimal positions for your device. You can also adjust them manually.
  • Tap on “Apply Settings”
  • Then Restart Kodi for the changes to take effect.

The Ares Wizard also has a general maintenance section. So, that is also good for removing unnecessary clutter from your system. This is also very largely geared towards freeing up storage space. It is regular cleaning and can also produce a faster Kodi experience overall.

  • You have to Open the Ares Wizard from the Program Add-ons menu.
  • Then click on the “Maintenance”
  • It is available on the right, then choose the “delete cache/temp” button.
  • An Ares Wizard will immediately clear out your cache.

To Speed Up Kodi with a New Operating System:

If it comes down to it, then all of the tweaks and also tricks. Using the world that won’t add all that much speed to Kodi. You just have to be sure, and you will also notice a difference. Also, this will pales in comparison and also you have to upgrade your hardware or decreasing the load on your current device. So, This is where home theater PCs and operating systems. It is just like OpenELEC and LibreELEC come into play.

The OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) is one of the earlier operating systems. This will also help you to design and to run Kodi and practically nothing else. Also, this was released in 2009 and will quickly turn even basic hardware into a dedicated home theater system. This is with the Kodi and a handful of unofficial add-ons pre-installed.

Having most of the OpenELEC team left, forked the code, and also founded the LibreELEC. There are differences between the two are minimal, though LibreELEC gets updates. Also, a little more frequent and is dedicated to being a not-for-profit piece of software.

This does not matter which OS you choose and you will get just enough operating system to run Kodi. You can also be freeing up hardware resources for faster menus and better streams. Now, you can also install OpenELEC and LibreELEC on custom-built media center hardware. Also, on a Raspberry Pi or set-top TV device, you intend to make a dedicated streaming box. This is also the way, you will notice a significant performance boost when running Kodi.

How To Speed Up Kodi by Upgrading Hardware?

A Kodi also runs on practically every device on the market. This is just because you can install it on your five-year-old Android TV box. It does not mean that you will get good performance out of it, though. Having a lot of Raspberry Pi users report Kodi that is sluggish on their system. This will largely due to the platform’s underpowered hardware. Now you will also have prone to and then slow down while running Kodi on smartphones. Most importantly, if you are streaming HD content or casting your screen to another device.

When you are using lightweight skin or switching to a lower quality video can streamline Kodi a little. Then you are actually much better off simply installing the app on more powerful hardware. There is Nothing that will take place of a sturdy processor and a handful of RAM. On the other hand, devices like the ones listed above can often get the job done. This is for high-powered and fast Kodi performance. You have to go with a PC, laptop, or top-tier TV box like the NVidia Shield TV.

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So, Kodi means streaming, if you are facing the dread buffer wheel that is available on an unresponsive UI. Also, if you are likely to have experienced frustration. Then rather than the bliss of a media binge.

Hope you like this! If You have any questions ask freely!

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